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▷ bicycle Dynamo test 2017: the best bike Dynamo

Bicycle Dynamo test 2017: comparison on

the bicycle Dynamo: current models in the test. In the summer, many fresh air fanatics are also still late in the evening with the bike. Then it darkens while late, but if a cyclist is not careful, he is surprised but quickly by the sunset. At this moment, the lights on the bike must be ready to go. Many bicycles today use battery or battery-powered lighting systems. Who don’t want to change batteries, has a real alternative with a Dynamo. In the test, current models were compared. In the Guide to do this we not only explain how different dynamos qualitatively different, but also offer an intensive buying advice.

The best bicycle dynamos from the test at a glance:

The bicycle Dynamo: the test of the time

Although bicycle dynamos coming slowly back in fashion, but above all the battery systems that drive LEDs, are widely used in modern wheels. One thinks today of dynamos and brought the old wheel of the grandmother in mind. But the bicycle dynamos of today are long not so frumpy as many may think. Different models with different features and functionalities have conquered the market. The following test reveals the secret of today’s bicycle dynamos. Table of contents:

  • the best bicycle dynamos from the test at a glance:
    • the bicycle Dynamo: In the test of time
    • the construction of the bicycle Dynamo
    • the buying criteria
    • of

    • the different types of
    • the bicycle Dynamo: the winner of comparison and the conclusion

the construction of the bicycle Dynamo

the dynamo for the bicycle: reflected In the test, how important he is for the lighting system. The test shows: A bicycle Dynamo is basically a miniature version of a generator. Specifically, an AC generator is here, which drives the lighting system by AC voltage. So, the Interior with a Dynamo is partially made of an iron lattice. There is a magnet, which generates a magnetic field about four North and South Poles in this grid. Is entered on the bicycle pedal, also the magnet is activated by the drive and creates the AC voltage in the coil. The individual components of the bicycle lighting are reached via the cable and they begin to shine. These include among others the headlight and taillight.

The advantages of the Dynamo

  • Usually they are very cheap.
  • The costs for batteries totally.
  • Different mounting options provide a flexible application.
  • In the unexpected dark the lights won’t go out a bicycle Dynamo.

Usually not a bicycle Dynamo has serious drawbacks. Also the test shows only small factors. So more power must be taken up when the friction losses and it can happen that the light beam of the LED lamp by not even pedal movement radiates something irregular or even flickers.

The buying criteria

Who wants to replace the old bicycle Dynamo, or assemble a bike new parts, must decide in the miniature Builder between different providers. On certain criteria of all manufacturers care must be taken however in models.

Conformity with the European

the bicycle and the Dynamo: the test shows that unexpected sight deterioration that is reliable. Until mid-2013, the legislature provided that a Dynamo must be part of every bicycle lighting system. But the law was changed and allowed since battery – and battery-powered bicycle lights. But anyone who operates the lighting system over a bicycle Dynamo, need to make sure that the power of the generator at 6 volts and the voltage are at three Watts.

The quality of surge protection

It can happen even with a bicycle Dynamo from the test: while driving a high voltage is generated as a result, the lamps burn out. If a part of the lighting system does not work properly or only Dim lights, that may be the result of a high voltage. A surge protector offers effective protection against this scenario. Each bicycle Dynamo in the test, which therefore comes with a surge that was rewarded appropriately in the standings. Note: When a page running Dynamo you should worry in advance to do so, on which page of the bike it should be attached. Because usually this type of Dynamo on a certain page is laid out.

The different types of

Each bicycle Dynamo in the test belongs to a certain type of Dynamo. So that you maintain an overview, followed by an explanation of the different types in detail:

  • the page running Dynamo: as mentioned above, the page running Dynamo is mounted sideways on the bike, more specifically on the tires,. Just when the wheels of the older generation, this type of Dynamo was widespread. Today he is used mainly on cheaper bikes. The energy is here rather low and even in bad weather conditions, a Dynamo of this type has some disadvantages. The role and the rim Dynamo provide a similar mode of operation.
  • The spokes Dynamo: A model of this type is attached directly to the wheel hub. Both front and rear are the choice. A quick upgrade and removal is here, done quickly as well as the page running Dynamo. The spoke dynamos advantage is it that they make a good service even in bad weather. But also here rather low energy is produced and the price can be quite high for performance.
  • The hub Dynamo: A city bike or even a touring bike is often equipped with a hub Dynamo. The efficiency is highest for this type, even the weather has no effect on the performance achieved the lighting system. The price is set at a hub Dynamo often very high and the mount not as flexible as the other Dynamo types.

Of efficiency in physics is a so-called “dimensionless quantity” and describes the ratio between the useful energy and to energy, even with the bicycle Dynamo. A high degree of efficiency means that a large amount of energy for the lighting system is compared with low power output.

The bicycle Dynamo: the winner of comparison and the conclusion

each bicycle Dynamo from the test is a real help when visibility is poor. The bicycle Dynamo test 2017 has chosen a spoke Dynamo as the winner of comparison: the Tigra BikeCharge V3. 0 convinced despite missing surge through its processing and valuable additional features. So, the Dynamo has a light built in and also allows to connect your Smartphone and to recharge. The price is however: the extravagant bicycle Dynamo almost 92 euros. Just make it into the top 4 of the best bicycle dynamos three models from the manufacturer AXA: the AXA-Basta HR Traction power control, the AXA-Basta 8201 and the AXA-Basta duo. All three models offer as robust page run dynamos and appealing performance for a very reasonable price. Basta 8201 offers even at low speeds much energy. The test shows that this is exceptional for a bicycle Dynamo of this kind. For questions regarding the topic of bicycle Dynamo it is advisable always to ask more in the shop. Expert advice increases the chances to buy the right thumbnail generator for your bike.


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