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▷ bicycle gloves test 2017: the best in comparison

Mountain bike gloves test 2017: comparison on

the bicycle test: what cycling gloves are the right ones for me? Bicycle gloves protect, conserve and provide security. There is it in different ways and for different purposes. The bicycle gloves test closer look at cycling gloves and helps you to find the right mountain bike gloves. Because body weight heavily during the cycling resting on hands and wrists, bicycle gloves recommended especially for long distances, to relieve the hands. Bike gloves transmitted shock and vibration dampened, so that the hands are no longer so strongly claimed. Pain and numbness in the hands can be way prevented or restricted. Mountain bike gloves also protect Palm and fingers down. As are cyclists in the fall reflexively crash on the hands and floors often made of gravel, gravel, pointed stone and asphalt, it is advisable especially for long trips, cycling gloves. The bicycle gloves test 2017 the following is a compilation of various models and clarify open questions.

The best mountain bike gloves at a glance:

Bicycle gloves in the test: what you should keep in mind

For lovers of cycling, bicycle gloves belong to the irreplaceable bike clothing. The bicycle gloves test shows that you should consider a lot when the choice of cycling gloves. Cyclists should be careful that the bicycle gloves have the right size to ensure a good grip on the handlebars. Also you should a good workmanship and padding and verify that the fingers have sufficient freedom of movement. Table of contents:

  • the best mountain bike gloves at a glance:
    • bicycle gloves in the test: what you should keep in mind
    • cycling gloves for use
    • bicycle gloves in the test: long finger gloves vs. short finger gloves
    • upholstery
    • materials for bike gloves used

cycling gloves for every use

many cyclists swear on her mountain bike gloves.

Mountain bike gloves

Many mountain bikers swear by their mountain bike gloves. To prevent pain in the hand and numb fingers on a MTB tour. On the top, there are often protectors that guarantee additional protection. Another feature of the mountain bike gloves is to protect against abrasions. Rubber materials on the inner palm of the hand and fingers also bring support and avoid losing the handlebars out of your hands. The bike gloves are essential especially in extreme downhill rides.

Bike gloves for children

There are often in colorful designs bike gloves for children. They are small, differ but generally not by bike gloves for adults.

Bike gloves for the winter in the test

Thick gloves protect against wet and cold. Gel pads and sturdy, waterproof material, ensure that your hands are not too cold and wet during the cycling. Some manufacturers also offer bike winter gloves as mittens with three fingers. Bike winter gloves often also have a thermal insulation.

Bike summer gloves

Especially short finger glove or light long finger gloves are suitable for the summer. In warm temperatures, cyclists often carry bicycle gloves with breezy materials, which absorb the sweat.

Functions of bike gloves

  • Dampen shock and vibration and protect wrists
  • falling from injury protect
  • protection against coldness, wetness and dirt
  • cushion pressure points

Bicycle gloves in the test: long finger gloves vs. short finger gloves

Mountain bike gloves differ in gloves with fingertips cut off and cycling gloves with fingers. Short gloves are used especially in warm weather and safe journeys, but even on road trips. Long gloves are, however, especially for the winter and give improved protection against dangerous bike tours on mountain bike or cross bike. test: bicycle gloves – what to look for when purchasing the function of fingertips cut off is egg a to ensure maximum sweat evaporation. It is important that the gloves are stretchy and closely at hand, to prevent wrinkling, wrinkles often lead to skin irritation.

Bicycle gloves in what size to buy?

There are bicycle gloves in various sizes and depending on the manufacturer in different sizes. We therefore recommend: try on the gloves before you buy! The gloves should sit like a second skin on the hand. You can also determine your size by measuring the circumference of the hand and the hand length. Place a tape measure directly below the fingers around the hand and run once you for the hand, the thumb thereby. The value for molded thumb devoted is the extent of the glove. The length is the distance from fingertip of the middle finger to the end of the Palm of the hand. Roeckl, Giro, Ziener and Gore are among the best known manufacturers of bicycle gloves. Most manufacturers produce unisex models and are of the opinion that not between women’s and men’s bicycle gloves must be distinguished. Roeckl offers special bicycle gloves but for ladies.

The materials used for mountain bike gloves

The top is mostly made of thin materials and serves the ventilation and exhaust. Network substances provide for good ventilation of the hands on the surface. Non-slip materials on Palm ensures good grip, so slip your hands from the handlebars. A kind of mini towel Terry fabric that can be used to wipe the sweat, high-quality bicycle gloves, located on the thumb. Cheap processing noticeable as a result, that seams tear or stretch on the hands. Partial reflectors are attached to the gloves, which serve safe driving in the dark. bicycle gloves made from leather are very high quality.

Mountain bike gloves leather

The highest quality mountain bike gloves are made of leather. It is robust, but also gives and is not too stiff. Leather absorbs no moisture and is thus very weather resistant.

Bicycle gloves made of synthetic leather

The slightly cheaper variant consists of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather in turn consists of polyamide or polyester. They are very resistant to tearing. Because polyester quickly absorbs sweat, you should regularly wash these gloves.

Mountain bike gloves made of polyurethane

Another material, bicycle gloves can consist of which is polyurethane. The cycling gloves test shows that such gloves are not very high quality. The material leads to sweaty hands through a lack of breathability.


The padding of the bicycle gloves protects the inside of the hand from pressures, bring to bear with long runs on the hands. They also protect against surges on the connective tissue, as well as on the joints and also counteract the blistering. The upholstery covers at least the lower joint of the finger. It is fastened to the ball of the hand and in the inner palm of the hand. The padding of the bicycle gloves consists of gel, rubber or foam inserts. Gel inserts are very solid and stable. The padding should be not too thick and not too thin. To thick padding are not good because they reduce the feel in the hands. Above all mountain bikers prefer mountain bike gloves with a few upholstery to better feel the handlebar and the ground.

Of cycling gloves test shows: bike gloves with good quality are padded at the following locations:

  • In the inner palm of the hand
  • on the Palm
  • on the thumb
  • at the first finger joints

Pull-out assistance

Easy check-bike gloves and partial loops on the wrist to pull out, are attached. Cyclists can close the gloves with velcro on the wrist. Thus, it can not slip or slide and stuck to the hand. Also, the Velcro ensures an optimal freedom of movement.


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