Bicycle handles / ▷ bicycle handles test 2017: the best bike handles in the test

▷ bicycle handles test 2017: the best bike handles in the test

Bicycle handles test 2017: comparison on

A safe grip when riding a bike

presents the bike handles test the best bicycle handles. The bike handle is one of the components of the bike, about that the driver has contact to his wheel. This contact will be lost, driving is dangerous quickly. Good bike handles should be particularly stable and offer a secure grip. Sweaty hands don’t slip, the handles must be such as non-slip. If they are equipped with a profile, they satisfy this requirement. Trips by mountain bike on uneven terrain, it is also important that bicycle handles can catch also the force of impact. Therefore, a special type of handle exists for this type of bike the bike for the mountains: the so-called MTB grips in the test are specifically for the mountain bike handles. Such grips for MTB in the test are handles for other types of bicycles. What handles are recommended are not traveling with a bike on extreme tracks, but in the city, such as on a city bike for cyclists? What should those interested in buying pay attention? Which handle has become in the bike handles test comparison winner? All of this information in the following test report on the bicycle handles test.

The best bike handles in the overview:

How do trekking bike grips mountain bike handles?

The mountain bike handles in the test are characterized especially by skid resistance and robustness. As good MTB grips, they are also hard because it should hold mainly tremors. Models, which are suitable for mountain biking, can pass the test as a downhill grips. „ downhill “ literally means „ the Hill down “ and means downhill. In contrast, handles should provide city bikes and trekking bikes comfort and protect the hands on long journeys. Therefore such handles are that they are soft and ergonomic shape. Table of contents:

  • a secure grip when riding a bike
  • the best bicycle grips at a glance:
    • which differ from mountain bike handles touring bike handles?
    • Information about the test of the bike handles
    • The purchase advice on the bicycle handles test
    • The conclusion to the bike handles test: what distinguishes the comparison winner?

Information about the test of the bike handles

the handlebar grips in the test is suitable particularly well for a specific type of bike. The handlebar grips-test may raises questions, since working with terminology here. So that you can refer to the handlebar grips-test key for the bike for buying, here are some details are explained. What are bar ends? The comparison winner at the bike handles test shows a kind semicircular extension of the handle at one end. It is a so-called Barend. Another name for this is bar ends. In the test, it is mentioned that this is used to change the hand position. But what exactly are bar ends? You are attached to the tube end of handlebar. Not unnecessarily burden the bike, they are usually very easy (a few less than 100 grams). The fact that the position of the hand on the handle can be changed, wrist and muscles are conserved. Especially for mountain travel and long distances, this can be beneficial. What are ergonomic bike handles? In the test, there is a category for the material under the term „ ergonomic “. Ergonomics is a science. This has been to make products as user friendly as possible. These include a certain level of comfort when using the handles for bicycle handles, that have an ergonomic shape, – soft – as well as a protection of the hands – they are adapted to the hand.

The purchase advice on the bicycle handles test

There are several points that deserve attention in the purchase of bicycle handles. These include among other things the material next to the type of bicycle. The essential categories should be discussed closer in the test report and some tips for buying.

    • Bike type: Who’s pulling the MTB grips shown in the test into consideration, because he drives a mountain bike, is probably also in rough terrain. Therefore, such handles are the right choice. For daily driving on a normal bike, such as to work and back, the standard handles are more suitable. This means however ni cycles that someone is forced to buy the handles recommended for its bicycle type. If the grip the handlebar diameter fits, theoretically any handle on each arm can be attached. Special circuits which run across the handle an exception. Ensure appropriate bicycle handles are required.
    • Material: most handles for the bike today consist of rubber, plastic or gel. Materials such as wood or Cork are very rare. The mountain bike handles in the test included all rubber, the MTB comparison winner in the bike handles test with a score of 1.6 has also yet to gel. While rubber has the advantage to be impervious to water and slip-resistant, speaks for gel, it is stable, but easy. Handles in the test that have rubber shows also the comparison winner by Ergon.
    • Grip safety and grip comfort: these two decisive criteria are equally well pronounced in the case of the comparison winner – this is best bike handles. All other candidates smears reveal the bike handles test in one or the other category. In these cases, the driver must decide what he places more value. It can be helpful to do your own driving in mind. The routes that are dealt with are rather uneven and require fast reactions, should rather be the grip in the focus. There are no handles with ergonomic grip for the MTB in the test therefore. The handles should offer mainly security for the MTB in the test. Is, however, ways that are long, but less demanding, more on the comfort of the handles can be taken.

in the test of the bike handles, there are models that are attached to the handlebars using an Allen key.

  • Mounting on the handlebars: there are different ways, handles are mounted on the handlebars. Three of the handles in the bike handles test can be easily pulled onto the handlebar. Tool is not usually necessary for installation. But the old bicycle handles must be deducted of course previously. Tips: This operation a screwdriver is helpful under certain circumstances. With this you can gently lift the handle. If you spray water with a spray bottle in the gap, the handles can be easier to pull off. But Ergon comparison winner as well as the models of CONTEC has so-called screw grips bicycle comfort bike grips test tour Deluxe and Profex bicycle grip. These must by using the tool, usually an Allen key, be attached.
  • Handle length: the length of the bike handles touches both the category of grip grip comfort. From a short grip, the hand can slide off theoretically easier. But this is balanced by material and profile. At bar ends, the driver has the security that it can slip off definitely not to the page.

The conclusion to the bike handles test: what distinguishes the comparison winner?

The Ergon GP3 model with a touch of 1.3 has won. This grip is that he possesses bar ends as accessories, which allow a relief from hand and wrist. To highlight the good cushioning, which contributes to the comfort of handle is also. The material provides good grip even in rainy weather. In addition a stable mounting on the handlebar. Achieved the Ergon GP3 also peaks in the category „ grip “. Ergotec AK-06/2, however, the winner of the prize in particular boasts an extremely low price of €7,90. A different argument is the easier Assembly of the handles. Best MTB grips?: who cares about the MTB handlebar grips in the test, is well advised with the MTB model Profex bicycle grip bike comfort. These grips have performed best under the MTB grips in the test.


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