Bike helmets / ▷ bicycle helmet for men test 2017: the best bike helmets for men

▷ bicycle helmet for men test 2017: the best bike helmets for men

Bicycle helmet for men in the test of 2017: comparison on

For more safety when riding a bike

the bicycle helmet for men in the test – a criterion is the type of construction. A bicycle helmet to prevent head injuries in a fall or mitigate. Therefore he is regarded as a part of so-called passive safety, as well as the seat belt in a car. The bicycle helmet is to protect the carrier among other things from a fracture of the skull bone. To this end, the head protection in a collision acts as a crumple zone. Other injuries such as bruises, lacerations or abrasions to the head can be reduced by a helmet. Wearing a helmet is recommended especially people who use the bike as sports equipment (such as in a race), but also those who are walking in the city on a bike. This is true of course for children and young people. For a helmet can really develop its protective function, must be properly adjusted and securely fastened to the head shape. We help you to find the right bike helmet for men from the test, we explain the most important aspects that you should consider when buying. Finally, we present the bicycle helmet for men, which has comparison winner.

The best bicycle helmets for men from the test at a glance:

Differences between helmets for men and bicycle helmets for women

A bicycle helmet for men has not many differences among women. Often, there are the models for men for a larger head circumference because it fails in General slightly larger in men. The design may allow conclusions on whether a helmet for men or for women is intended. Table of contents:

  • for more safety when riding a bike
  • the best bicycle helmets for men from the test at a glance:
    • differences between helmets for men and bicycle helmets for women
    • what types of bicycle helmets are offered?
    • The buying guides to bicycle helmets for men in the test
    • The conclusion to the bicycle helmet for men in the test: who is comparison winner?
    • There is a helmet compulsory?

What types of bicycle helmets are offered?

The bicycle helmet for men in the test can be divided into three different types – the E-bike helmet, the city helmet, and the allround helmet. Which is the relevant type of bicycle helmet for men in the test?

  • E-bike helmet: This variant of head protection is designed for use at high speeds. As an E-bike has a motor, the user can go tend to be faster than with a normal bicycle. Therefore, the helmet also with smaller vents is equipped. By the fact that the driver is supported by the electric drive in the event, he sweats in General namely less.
  • City helmet: The helmet for use in the city has especially large and numerous vents. This is very handy if you ride the bike to work, because this reduces the perspiration under the helmet.
  • Allround helmet: As the name implies, this type of helmet for use in other sports sections, such as for driving with the BMX or skateboard is. He is more stable than the city-helmet and protects the entire back of head thanks to its special construction. However, all-round helmets are often not very well ventilated.

The buying guides to bicycle helmets for men in the test

In bicycle helmet test for men find various criteria which are important for the evaluation of a helmet. In the following, we explain the individual aspects. the bicycle helmet-men’s test has a comparison champion and a prize winner.

  • Helmet type: For which you decide on one depends on which wheel drive, on the other hand of where you want to insert the helmet. E-bike riders are well advised with the appropriate E-bike helmet. If you are moving on a conventional bike in the city, usually a city helmet is sufficient. A variety of ways, however, offers an all-round helmet.
  • Construction: virtually any bike helmet for men in the test is based on a special type of construction built, namely the in-mold technology. You distinguished, that the outer plastic tray is firmly connected with the internal foam. Mikroshell – as well as Hardshell helmet are after this Established principle. However latter have a thicker and harder outer shell.
  • Sizes: the most helmets are available in different sizes. These are based on the circumference of the head. This is determined best with a tape measure, which is just above the ears to the head. It should be about 2.5 cm above the eyebrows. A helmet to fulfil its protective function, it must match the size of the head.
  • Adjustability: many helmets offer the possibility, including use of adjustable chin strap, to adapt them more precisely to the respective institution in addition to individual sizes. This means an increase of security.
  • Carrying comfort: ventilation and upholstery are decisive factors for the comfort. Just work up a sweat while wearing a helmet is perceived by many riders as particularly unpleasant. A good upholstery offers not only comfort, but is also an important part of the safety mechanism.
  • Weight: this aspect affects the comfort. Ever more the helmet more comfortable is he for the cyclists.

The conclusion to the bicycle helmet for men in the test: who is comparison winner?

The model wins the men’s bicycle helmet test ABUS Pedelec (Note 1.4). This is an E-bike helmet that is ideal for driving at high speed. The comparison winner offers a high quality finish. A rear light ensures that there is the visibility of the driver in the dark, and when visibility is poor. The ventilation channels also have an insect NET. A rain cover is used when wet weather protection. In addition to two sizes of helmet can be individually adjusted. The wearing comfort of the ABUS Pedelec is well pronounced. Also is available in different colour combinations. The price for this helmet amounted to 135,21 euros. The award winner Uvex I-VO CC (Note 1.6) the test is much cheaper with 72,75 Euro. Its elegant, aesthetically appealing appearance betrays the city helmet. A practical advantage is the possibility to open the helmet slightly or close. Also the award winner convinces with an individually adjustable size and a good level of comfort. The weight of the Uvex I-VO CC in addition to more than 100 grams is lighter than that of the comparison winner. In the category of city helmet worth also looking on a specific bike helmet for men in the test, namely on the Alpina Myth 2.0 (Note 1.5). Its antibacterial pads reduces body odor. Like when the winner of the comparison, insect mesh in the ventilation ducts are integrated. Also the high-quality workmanship speaks for the Alpina Myth 2.0. He weighs also only little more than the price winner by Uvex with 250 grams. The costs for this model are 83 euro.

There is a helmet compulsory?

the test to the bicycle helmet for men checks different helmet types. There exists no legal helmet for cyclists in Germany. In some other countries, however, such a requirement was – for all drivers or only for a certain age group – set. In Spain and Slovakia, for example, wearing a helmet when driving outside built-up areas is compulsory. In Finland and New Zealand, on the other hand, the helmet is generally when you’re on the bike. More often, however, the use of helmets for children and young people is mandatory. This rule applies for example in Iceland (children under 15 years of age), Czech Republic (children and adolescents under 18 years of age), Sweden (children under 15 years of age) and Austria (children under 12 years of age). After an accident in the course of which the helmet has intercepted an impact, it should be replaced by the way. Also if externally no damage, the protective function of the headgear is not more fully available or are no longer good enough. Also a fatigue leads to the loss of driving safety. Therefore, it is advisable to replace helmets every five years through – regardless of whether they have served as protection in a collision.


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