Bike helmets / ▷ bicycle helmet test 2017: best bike helmets compared

▷ bicycle helmet test 2017: best bike helmets compared

Bicycle helmet test 2017: comparison on

the bicycle helmet test whether for the commute to work or for a trip into the countryside – the bicycle is the cheap alternative to the car and still keeps. To be safe in traffic, cyclists do without the helmet. In Germany there is no helmet requirement, it is very advisable to wear a cycling helmet regularly. Above all cyclists are constantly exposed to a tremendous risk in road traffic, and often it is not the blame. By speak motorist they fall often in hot situations. Despite the number of accidents and the extremely high risk, which are constantly exposed to cyclists, many among them still without the helmet. The head is located during the cycling often, especially for racing cyclists, at the forefront, the risk is large, sensitive body in a collision to suffer severe consequences. About a quarter of all bicycle accidents, the skull is affected. In contrast to car drivers, cyclists are, provided they wear a helmet, protected only at the head. A bicycle helmet provides protection for cyclists by he protects the skull with possible accidents and minimize injuries. In extreme cases, it saves lives. The helmets, which consist of high-quality material and have a good processing provide maximum protection. It’s also the right size and shape, which must be adapted to the cyclists. In the Guide to the bicycle helmet test 2017 dealing with models, shapes and materials of the headgear for a safe cycling. The overview of to help you find the right bike helmet. The bicycle helmet test is relevant for each cyclist, because such head protection can prevent head injuries or defuse.

The best bicycle helmets at a glance:

Bicycle helmets in the test: what is what?

There are bicycle helmets in different sizes, colors, and prices. 2017 read the bicycle helmet test and learn what you should consider when buying. Should I buy a bicycle helmet for my baby? What I watch, if I buy a bicycle helmet for my child? Is there a difference between a bicycle helmet for ladies and a bicycle helmet for men? What helmet do I need if I occasionally use the bike? Questions about issues on which there are answers for you in this compilation. Table of contents:

  • the best bicycle helmets at a glance:
    • bicycle helmets in the test: what is what?
    • The bicycle helmet test shows the effects of a helmet
    • Test: bicycle helmets – how to find the right size
    • Out what materials the head coverings are?
    • The different helmet types are there?
    • Bicycle helmet accessories for cold, Sun or rain

The bicycle helmet test shows the effects of a helmet

On impact of the helmet, the foam protective layer acts as a crumple zone, which reduces the acceleration that is exerted on the brain by taking up energy. It keeps away the energy from the head and works against skull fractures on. In the covered area, abrasions and lacerations are prevented or restricted. A helmet is outside impact resistant and shock-absorbent inside. Features of a helmet

  • protection down
  • protection from falling objects
  • protection during collision with others

In the test: bicycle helmets – how to find the right size

the bicycle helmet test shows that the correct size of the bike helmet is crucial for its effectiveness. The size of the helmet is crucial for its effect. To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure. If you don’t have any on hand, use a thread and then place it on a ruler. The tape measure put on the forehead, the best 1 cm above the eyebrows, and run it around the head. It would adopt along little further down on the back of the head. Select the helmet size according to the measured head circumference. Many manufacturers refer to be the head circumference in sizes. It is imperative to try on the helmet, because the right size and the right attitude is essential, so that unfolds down the maximum effect. The helmet is not placed correctly on the head, it can be even about the cause of the accident when he slipped and cyclists find it annoying. If the helmet fits, you can try out, by shaking the head to open belt side. Shaking and he slips the helmet does not fit to the shape of your head. The most helmets have a dial in the neck, can be used for vary approximately 4-5 cm the head ring. The Headring is the part of the helmet, attached him to the head. More expensive copies also have shipping job opportunities that can adjust not only the scope but also the height of the helmet and to better adapt to the respective head. Inner pads can be adjusted depending on the shape of the head are mounted inside the helmet. You should attach the cushion there, where your head hits the helmet so that it will not be an unpleasant press on the head. However, should he head down to sit and sit still too deep in the forehead neither too deep in the neck. He should stand not too far upwards, but also affect not the view. Tip: The bicycle helmet must be not strip off with closed Chin straps. After you have set the size using the Rotary wheel on the head ring, you should now adjust the strap system. The fastening strips consist of two individual belts, which execute at an angle in the back of the head and on the temple below, so that they meet under the ears. Merge the belts of both sides and connect the ends under the Chin with the clamping mechanism. Matching the helmet strap is very important for a pleasant wearing comfort. Do not rub the ear or press. The connected ends on the Chin, a finger should have under the chin strap easily place. Check the fit on your bike helmet regularly because they can adjust during regular use.

Out what materials the head coverings are?

The core of the helmet often consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a type of styrofoam. This plastic is very easy and makes the inner shell when helmets. Over it is usually a polycarbonate shell (ABS), which provides additional protection. This material is very hard and resistant. the bicycle helmet test shows, that on good helmets vents and insect protection are. Usually an insect screen, it prevents that getting lost in the summer bees and Hornets in the openings located under the air vents. Insects pierce the cyclists, he is distracted and can no longer concentrate on the traffic. For cheap mass produced the hard outer shell consists of partially only a thin film.

In-mold helmet

Both materials are inextricably linked, is from one of “in-mold construction” the speech. This procedure is the most common in the production. The in-mold helmets are light and have good protective properties, because both elements stabilise each other. With in-mold helmet, the outer skin is completely welded with a foam core to a solid helmet body. They are slightly more intense price, are as robust and longer-lasting. In-mold constructions are used for sport and allround helmet. Compared to glued helmets in-mold helmets are better quality. When a mechanical force that occurs during a fall, they offer better protection.

Hardshell helmet

Helmets, where inner and outer shell separate from each other can call Hardshell helmet. They are produced in a two-step process and shell and damping Cap until later. The Hardshell helmet are not so popular as the in-mold helmet. Moreover, they are harder, but also more stable. The Hardshell helmet are used mainly for rapid downhill rides.

Soft shell helmets

Softshell helmets consist of a shell made of hard foam, the outer shell is missing. Soft shell helmets no longer comply with the current safety standards and are therefore not used. Characteristics that make up a comparison winner helmet:

  • ventilation openings
  • variable speed system with scroll wheel
  • reflectors
  • chin strap pad
  • cushion insoles
  • made of compressed polystyrene

there are the different types of helmet?

the mountain bike helmet in the test: the mountain bike helmet is essential especially on long, sporty bike tours.

The mountain bike helmet in the test

Sports trekking tours, mountain bike helmet is attached. The mountain bike helmet or touring helmet offers the best ventilation features, which can be very pleasant for long tours and especially in warm temperatures. For long Mountainbik e tours, the headgear should be stable. The mountain bike helmet is very easy through the use of high quality materials. Mountain Bike Helmets have partly a visor that protects from Sun, wind, rain and insects. The target group are above all cyclists with sporting ambitions, professional athletes and cyclists who long driving tour by bicycle.

The Leisure and city helmet

For example recreational helmets, which are similar to BMX or dirt helmets suitable for the city. Since they have a few vents, they are used mostly for short distances. The materials have a higher weight. Helmets with large air vents can also find use in the city. Here is dependent on it the taste of the cyclist, what shape and colour he chooses. The target group for city helmets are entitled low sporty cyclists who drive short distances. Helmets not significantly differ for women from those for men. Safety equipment for bicycles, there are usually no gender-specific products. Some manufacturers produce bicycle helmets for women in a different form, but it is small details.

The bicycle helmet for the road

Road bike helmets are lightweight and designed for a good aerodynamics. Large vents ensure an optimum supply of air for quick tours. They are equipped mostly with perspiration-absorbing cushions and guarantee a high wearing comfort. These many quality advantages of bicycle helmet for the road is slightly more expensive.

The nutcase helmet

Especially modern nutcase bicycle helmets, which as the name suggests, resemble a nutshell is up-to-date. The models have large surfaces and a few air vents. Thus the ventilation of the head is not sufficiently guaranteed, for city tours, these models are very easy. The nutcase helmet is similar to skate helmets. The nutcase helmet is equipped with a magnetic clasp and inside is made of polystyrene (EPS). The magnetic clasp allows the opening and closing of the belt with one hand. To adjust the size, he has a wheel adjustment system and a head ring. This linear system adapts to any head shape. Also, the straps are adjustable. The nutcase helmet suitable for different sports and is universally suitable. It is as a bicycle helmet for men, as a bicycle helmet for ladies and kids bike helmet. It is made from a tough ABS shell and an EPS foam core. Shell and foam core guarantee a high safety. This headgear has air vents that allow air to circulate and heat transport. It is also equipped with reflective logos which guarantee high visibility. Caution: Replace your helmet after a fall. Even if you outwardly no major damage, fine cracks in the material can mean a large impact of stability. Buy therefore prefer no used helmets, because it is not sure whether the helmet has already plummeted to the ground and therefore no efficacy of 100% guaranteed more. Her bike helmet, replace approximately every five to seven years even though he is not fallen to the ground. By the way: Basically a bicycle helmet should weigh no more than 300 grams. A child’s bike helmet should weigh no more than 250 grams, so that they do not become the burden.

In the test: the bike helmet for your child

There is no doubt that children should wear helmets. Children are inexperienced road users and not overlooking the road. Moreover, they have a higher Center of gravity than adults and the likelihood that they fall in a fall on his head, is very large. the test about bicycle helmet shows that the child’s bike helmet is essential. The bike helmet for your child not essentially differs from the bicycle helmet for adults

      . There are the typical child’s bike helmet usually colorful and in many different designs. The typical bicycle helmet for girls are flowers and dolphins on the young crocodiles or sharks.

Take with your child so that it can try on the helmet. Your child voluntarily wearing the helmet, he should fit perfectly and not press. Let your child choose the child’s bike helmet itself. Only if it is convinced of the design, it will have also fun to wear it. For your child to buy a protection helmet, in which your child must still grow until it fits correctly. From the outset, the size of the helmet on the head should be adapted and be replaced when changing the size of the head. One good option for this is a kids bicycle helmet, in which you can adjust the size by a generous adjustment range. The children themselves on their bike, ride the bike helmet for your child should present sufficient ventilation to prevent heat accumulation. The head protection when moving the head may slip even with an open shutter. The caps and hats with reflectors are fitted, you can cover them even with reflector stickers. There are the reflectors in various designs, which is guaranteed very like your child. Buy your child a helmet in bright colors and eye-catching patterns. So motorists can see cyclists better from afar.

The bicycle helmet for the toddler

You use the bicycle helmet for your toddler that passes on the bicycle seat of mounted to your bike, you should note that the bike helmet on the back of the head is flattened. So can the child sit during the journey back and sleep. So-called car-sharing helmets may have a shell that covers also the ears. As the children in the bicycle seat hardly move, ranging a few vents on the helmets. There is the children’s bicycle helmet in infant sizes from size 44 and depending on the manufacturer in size XS or s It is true that children should only travel with on bike seats and wide when they can support themselves and carry the weight of a helmet. In some European countries, there is a helmet mandatory for children. In Finland, for example, it applies even to all cyclists. The visor has the function to protect the eyes from insects from drafts and rain countries with helmet

  • Finland
  • Austria
  • Sweden (under 15 years)
  • ,

  • Spain (out of town)
  • Croatia (under 16 years)
  • Slovakia (under 15)
  • Czech Republic (under 18 years)

Bicycle helmet accessories for cold, Sun or rain


the bike helmet with visor

. It is tinted, so it also protects against excessive sunlight. The bicycle helmet with visor offered for eyeglass wearers. Sufficient space is under the visor, so that cyclists can leave their glasses on while bike riding.

The bicycle helmet Hat

For the use of bicycle helmets, there is the helmet hat that can be worn comfortably under a helmet. It is elastic and protects against cold air. Especially well it is suitable for long bike tours on cold winter days.

The bike helmet-rain shield

Even on rainy days not because cycling to abandon, there is the bicycle helmet – rain shield. The waterproof helmet cover protects from rain, cold and wind. The cover consists of impregnated plastic, where the rain can bounce off well. In contrast to a hood, he affects not the view. Buy the bike helmet – rain shield in a bright color, to increase the visibility. The hoods are equipped with a tie and a locking device, so that it can be adapted to different sizes of helmet. Manufacturer Info:

  • well-known manufacturers are including Alpina, Giro, Bell, KED, Abus, Busch and Uvex.
  • It’s not always on the prize: even supermarkets offer helmets which very well conclude in the bicycle helmet test.
  • KED Meggy produces very small sizes, so that you can find also a matching helmet for your baby.

In the dark cycling

the bicycle helmet test is recommended at night additional reflectors on the helmet there is the possibility to install an additional flashing light on the rear section of the bicycle helmet, to be more visible to other motorists. In addition, reflectors sticker on the helmet can increase the visibility in the dark. -Mounted flashing lights are especially popular on the bicycle helmet for children on the back in red and LED lamps on the front panel. The lighting tools are not an alternative to the bicycle lighting and provide only additional signals. Make sure that your helmet with reflectors and optionally with a LED light are equipped. More expensive helmets already have certain tools as for example reflectors. Possible disadvantages of bicycle helmets

  • when children forget to take off the helmet when playing, danger of injury
  • the helmet for fast driving, animated as he false sense of security gives

safety instructions

if a helmet complies with the European safety regulations, says for example CE marking. Your helmet carries this mark, it’s a safe model, no matter how expensive it was. Another indication of security is that hearing to -European test standard DIN EN 1078. In tests, and on the articles themselves marks, recommendations and advice are often. For helmets, there is the following:

  • SNELL B95 (USA)
  • EN 1078 (Europe)
  • CPSC 16 CFR part 1203 (USA)
  • (USA) ASTM F1447
  • ANSI Z 90.4 (USA)
  • DIN 33954 (Germany)
  • ,

  • Stiftung Warentest (Germany)
  • GS/TÜV (Germany)
  • AS/NZS 2063.1: 1996 (Australia/New Zealand)
  • BS 6863:1987 (Great Britain)
  • KOVFS 1985:6 (Sweden)
  • JIS T 8134-1982 (Japan)

exams at the helmet on a probe with fixed weight and built-in accelerometer is strapped. Leadership mechanics, motorcycle helmet and head fall on an anvil. Fixed values given the acceleration, the sensor learns should be as high at impact.

Skin care tips

To use a bicycle helmet as long as possible, you should maintain it regularly. Wash off with water every now and again the outer layer of the helmet. The inner pads quickly absorb sweat and dirt. You can usually be removed and can be washed in the washing machine. Fitted with the helmet with ear protectors, an inner CAP and insect nets and they are removable, you should wash these parts once in a while. It is generally useful to vary the individual pads depending on the summer and winter months. The bicycle helmet test 2017 notes that a bicycle helmet comparison winner especially for long trips should have sufficient ventilation holes with insect repellent, reflectors and sufficient pads and be made of compressed polystyrene.


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