bicycle pumps / ▷ bicycle pump test 2017: the best bike pumps in the test

▷ bicycle pump test 2017: the best bike pumps in the test

Bicycle pump test 2017: comparison on

bicycle pump in the test: the air pump is best suited? Many repeat their bikes out of the cellar after the long winter. But before they can actually take your bike, you need to make it mostly back Spring-fit – chain oil, light and brake check u.v.m. And also the tires usually require a general overhaul. They have lost by the long life on air. The hoses themselves still in order, are usually inflation is sufficient. And also the best bike required an air pump – from time to time. Many information to different pumps by SKS, VeloChampion, Lezyne and Beto in the big bike pump test on What bike pump is comparison winner?

The best bike pumps at a glance

Bicycle air pump in the test – the different models

Under the bicycle pumps both simple and handy air pumps located in the test for on the road as larger State pumps. The following Fahradpumpen test provides information to the differences and the advantages and disadvantages. Table of contents:

  • the best bike pumps at a glance
    • bicycle air pump in the test – the different models
    • for each bicycle – which valve fits?
    • Pump for the bike in the test
    • Mini pump in the test – bicycle pumps for on the go
    • Accessories for the bicycle: buy an air pump from the test

For each bicycle – which valve fits?

The same air pump is not useful for each bike. The individual valves can vary depending on the type. The following valve types can be found on bikes:

  • Dunlopventil (also: normal valve or German valve): is the most widely used valve type and can be found mainly at City and touring bicycles. It can be seen especially in the existing additional mother.
  • Sclaverandventil (also: tubular tyre valve or French valves): this valve is much narrower than the other types of valve with a diameter of 6.5 mm. It is found mostly on bikes.
  • Schrader valve (also: car valve): this valve can be often found on mountain bikes. Bicycles with corresponding valves can be inflated without appropriate valve adapter or appropriate air pump according to test only at a gas station.

Nowadays almost every air pump for the bicycle according to the test with an adapter is equipped, which means: you can use the models for each bike, regardless of the existing valve. A test for each bike: Each individual air pump in the listing can be used for all types of valve.

Pump for the bike in the test

Each bicycle pump in the test is suitable for all standard bicycle valves. But the pump according to the test is especially suitable if a pressure is required to pump air into the tire. While the smaller pumps are rather bulky, connect firmly the hose at a pump to the valve. After this they use in hands, to depress the piston and to pump air into the tire. The nozzle is attached to the hose on the pump, which you can firmly attach it via a lever. Improperly inflated tires can be a security threat. Driving stability and the capacity of the bike suffer by a flat tire. You move a slow forward by a flat tire. On the other hand he can but also lead to dangerous swinging and foraging eggs. Thus, you represent also a danger to other road users because it increases the risk of an accident as a whole. Another advantage for the bicycle: the best pump test also boasts more additional functions. When the State pump comparison winner an additional pressure gauge is fitted. Hereby, the tyre pressure can be read off and optimally adapted to the needs. If you buy an air pump for your bike: according to test should also always ensure, that the Bicycle accessories also in operation has a safe stand and not constantly flips off.

Mini pump in the test – bicycle pumps for on the go

A pump according to test for everyday use is rather unsuitable due to their size and their weight. Mostly, she won’t fit o.a. in a backpack. Therefore provides for on the go rather a small and compact Minipump for the bike’s. Although, these models offer not same comfort, but they are easy, handy and always reliable companion. The smaller pumps are mainly f ÜR emergency intended. On the road, have a flat – established objects or simply by a leaking valve – can inflate makeshift at short notice again the tire using a smaller bicycle air pump from the test, but still reach your target – or at least until the next bicycle repair service. Regularly longer routes, ride your bike small bicycle air pump can be according to test also. Through the permanent load of tires, also when driving over curbs or root system, air can escape from the tires. An air pump can be useful according to test for your bike. A major disadvantage of the mini pump: You need to create enough pressure with the valve connection on its own power. When the pumping motion, the connection it can be repeatedly interrupted while at the air pump a hose is firmly connected to the valve.

Accessories for the bicycle: buy an air pump from the test

also suitable for the road is an air pump according to the test. Purchase criteria are most important at the end for you, decide your personal request. How often do you use the bike? For people who only rarely use your bike, is worth investing in an expensive air pump from the test probably rather less. Here a handy mini pump or larger hand pump is usually sufficient. For permanent users, however, the purchase in a pump can be worth. How long are the routes that regularly put them back? A small first aid is suitable especially on long journeys. A handy and convenient air pump from the test fits in every bag and can be attached, where appropriate, to the frame of the bicycle. Want to produce optimal pressure in your tires? The most prospective buyers make is probably just a few thoughts about the correct air pressure. However, similar to the ideal air pressure in the tire tube of whose longevity can cause the tyres on the car. While a too high pressure can cause damage to the tire, a too low reduces driving stability. An additional pressure gauge on the bicycle pump is recommended according to the testing. How much power do and can apply for the bicycle pump? In the test, you will find two different variants. Hand pumps are handy in itself though, when inflating a tire but often lack the necessary comfort. In practice on the bike, the air pump in the test often slipped from the valves. A pump, however, can be clamped on the valve. An additional hold of the hose is usually not necessary. Thus, you can focus entirely on the pump. Another essential advantage of this form of the bicycle pump is according to test that much easier and faster can inflate the tire through the secure status, as well as through the use of both hands for the Pistons. Bicycle pump in the test: the best bike pump in the test is the pump by SKS. With a price of 40 euros, this model is also the most expensive of the tests, it is also a worthwhile investment: durable and robust it helps the avid cyclists with all kinds of additional services – like about the built-in pressure gauge – in every situation.


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