Best Bike Reviews / ▷ bicycle test 2017: the best bike saddles in the test

▷ bicycle test 2017: the best bike saddles in the test

Bicycle test 2017: comparison

choose the right saddle in the bicycle test 2017 who regularly drives with the bike, whether to work or leisure, stay fit and active. However, pain in the butt don’t fail often unfortunately. This is mostly an incorrectly selected bike which is individually adapted to the needs of the driver. So do the bicycle test before you buy and see which bike is best for you! The saddle of the bike is for a pleasant bike ride of great importance. It is the part that gives the driver stop. The saddle should be adjusted individually to the cyclists and adapted to the bike, as well as the range. The seating position, as well as the width of the basin of the cyclist are crucial. To facilitate your decision, consider the bicycle test! In the table below you will find an overview that will help you.

The best bicycle saddles in the overview:

It should note when buying

Many cyclists do not know which the best to them and to their bicycle saddle fits and how you adjust it, or maintain. What do I need a gel saddle, I’m a ladies bicycle saddle, when is a trekking saddle attached? What shape fits best for me? The bicycle test will help you in purchasing decisions. Table of contents:

  • the best bicycle saddles Overview:
    • that at the time of purchase, consider
    • the different forms of saddle
    • the bicycle test: When do I use which saddle form?
    • Care tips for bicycle saddles
    • The bike in the test: back and prostate complaints not fatal for the cycling

The different forms of saddle

The saddle shape is crucial for a pleasant sitting on the bike. The form differs in different widths, lengths, angles and upholstery. The test shows which bicycle saddle with what form to you fits. Earlier it was still assumed that should be distinguished on the basis of various Anatomy between women’s and men’s saddles. New findings show that the distinction is not necessary, so today mainly unisex saddles are manufactured. Some manufacturers offer but still a bicycle saddle for ladies and a special bicycle saddle for men. Well-known manufacturer of bicycle saddles are Brooks, Selle Royal, Selle Italia, Selle SMP, Widthes and cycling. New saddle models have been designed in recent years. Today is the most form of the plastic seat with padding and leather or PVC cover, whereas earlier saddles were often made of wood or metal. They were quickly replaced by other materials because they were very uncomfortable. The synthetic materials are robust and easy to care for. the bicycle test shows what is best suited for which bike.

The bicycle saddle leather

A good bicycle saddle leather offers some advantages. Leather is a very high-quality natural material that adapts to the anatomy of the rider, and in most cases requires no seat padding. At the beginning of the bike saddle leather is very hard and is recommended especially cyclists use the bike regularly. In winter warms and isolated leather and derived sweat and heat in the summer.

The bicycle saddle made of gel or foam

The saddles are often made of foam or gel padded, partially dispensed, however. The foam and gel saddle is different in the different distribution of pressure. The foam saddle enables sinking the Ischial Tuberosities, the gel adapts to the shape of bones, so that the pressure is evenly distributed on the saddle. The ischium is the pelvis bone tips curved downwards. When sitting, the weight rests on them. The form of saddle consists of a wider seat and the current narrow forward saddle nose. In some saddles, a suspension is attached at the bottom in to absorb shocks and to relieve the back. The bicycle seat suspension is particularly important when the rider in an upright position on the saddle. It is only required if the bicycle has a suspension seat post. Because the saddle must be neither too big nor too small, often same models in different seat widths are available. The saddle is different in length and width, since friction thigh not too keen en may and the weight not on a small area should be concentrated.

The bicycle test: When do I use which saddle form?

The saddle for city trips and short-haul routes

The city bike is a comfortable bicycle saddle, which should be relatively soft and wide. So, a large contact area with the Ischial tuberosities is guaranteed in almost upright position. The saddle test shows, a bicycle seat with large bearing surface, strong padding and spring is suitable only for short distances, because it can come by the higher friction causes sores and inflammation.

Best bike saddle for sport and bike rides and for long distances

the bicycle test shows that a special saddle is required during long trips. On long journeys, the driver sits a long time on the saddle. Is a sports or bike ride, the driver with the upper body tilted sits forward. The body weight is shifted forward and tilted the pelvis. Mostly narrow, elongated saddles from lightweight materials used for this use. Most race drivers without a heavy suspension.

Proper bike for off-road driving

The mountain bike (MTB) is often used for off-road driving. For these trips, the saddle because of bumps and shocks should be durable. The trekking saddle is often narrow and longer than a city bike. A little padding keeps the saddle on a bicycle for a better grip. Cyclists often feel this saddle as hard and uncomfortable. It is therefore not suitable for untrained.

The saddle for children and adolescents

The small children bicycle saddle is adapted to the size of children and young people. Often he has a durable seat cover.

Bicycle saddle fit: A Guide

Make sure that you adjust your bicycle saddle: With stretched-out leg you should stand with your heel on the pedal, so that your knee remains always slightly bent when pedaling with the front foot.

So, remember that you are using the wrong bicycle seat

    In women:

  • symptoms such as inflammation and Wundreibungen in the pubic area
  • numbness
      In men:

    • complaints of pressure on the genitals
    • inflammations and Wundreibungen
    • pain in the perineal area


  • prostate
  • numbness

Care tips for bicycle saddles

To use the saddle long, requires a careful care.  For saddles, which are made of synthetic materials, cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient. Leather saddles should however be rubbed with special grease to protect the material from water and to make it supple.

The bike in the test: back and prostate complaints not fatal for the cycling

Cycling is recommended people with back problems, provided that they use the right bicycle saddle. A bicycle saddle, which relieves the intervertebral discs and can better catch a seating position bent slightly forward, the shocks and shocks is advisable. A suspension in the saddle area also helps to protect the back. Especially older men complain about prostate problems. The prostate is a gland that is very sensitive to pressure, so cyclists should avoid pressure in the perineal area. The correct pressure point ensures the optimum weight distribution and pressure derivation. The right bicycle saddle for prostate irritation has an oblong-shaped recess in the middle or movable gel pads. After prostate surgery should be used only with a bike without saddle nose. The bicycle test shows: take your time, to select the right bicycle saddle for himself and to reduce complaints during cycling. Check on seat size, material, upholstery, purpose and focus on your physical characteristics. So cycling is fun. With proper care, you can enjoy long on your bike.

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