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▷ bicycle test 2017: the best bikes in the test

Bicycle test 2017: comparison on

as soon as the weather is nice, bicycles are brought back from the cellar. Therefore, the editorial staff makes the bicycle test. As soon as it gets warm outside and the Sun is shining again regularly, there is nothing better than to swing on her bike and to enter into the pedals for many. In Germany in particular, bikes are very popular. So, alone 2014 over 72 million bikes in Germany were widespread. Hence, there is today as well as any household, where a bicycle can be found. The passionate bike lovers have a wide variety of motives for their hobby. Many go simply made fun of it, others do it to operate athletic and fit to stay. Active cycling without leaves also the social aspect: there are proper bike communities. Here, for example, portals on the Internet used to find like-minded people and then together to give the bike gas. For many, they are just practical. With a bike, everyone goes quickly from A to B without any fuel costs. Accordingly, the bicycles from many cityscapes are simply impossible to imagine. Last but not least, it is owed that the market of bicycles is huge and there are numerous offers their great popularity. In addition, there’s many specialized types of bicycles that are better suited for specific locations as ordinary wheels. This versatility makes it difficult for any newcomer to make a purchase decision. Which new bicycle is suitable for me? What properties must have a bike be sure and what falls rather under optional accessories? What traffic rules apply to me with this or that bike? The editors of gone 2017 at the bottom of these questions in the Guide to the bicycle test. Furthermore, the overview of the bicycle comparison will be listed below. Which wheel may carry the title of the bicycle comparison winner at the end?

The best bicycles in the overview:

Various bicycle manufacturers and the bikes in the test

Apart from the many cheap bicycles today partly offered by discount stores, especially bikes particular brands are very popular. So some brand bikes in the test, from reputable manufacturers such as mountaineering, Viking and NCM cavort. The manufacturer team in this area is diverse and offers a wide variety of models. Names like Kalkhoff, diamond, Pegasus, Mercedes-Benz and Hercules are only a few examples of very well known and popular bike manufacturer. Many cycling experts combine already appropriate bicycle types with specific company name. So the manufacturer is valued stereo special bikes for its offerings in terms of BMX. The lovers of mountain bikes put her hand for a KTM bike in the fire, whereas cube bike for their quality road bikes are known. Diamond bicycle and Pegasus bicycle are also in the area of city bike completely forward with it. In contrast, the company Kalkhoff is known to exhibit high quality with all types of bicycles and not to specialize. The question, then, whether you would prefer a specific provider, has anyone even answered. But no matter the decision on which brand Finally, there are but buying criteria, which generally apply to all bicycles and should in any case be given prominence. Accordingly, every bike in the test on the basis of these characteristics in its quality was assessed. Table of contents:

  • the best bicycles in the overview:
    • different bike manufacturers and bike in the test
    • the buying criteria for the bikes in the test
    • bikes in comparison: these bicycle types there are
    • the bike in the test Stiftung Warentest
    • traffic rules apply to cyclists
    • Accessories
    • maintenance
    • the conclusion

the buying criteria for the bikes in the test

for a bicycle will be named the winner of comparison, it must meet some criteria. No matter what type of bike it is, or which manufacturer is a wheel, there are certain properties that has each bike and that a potential driver must safely fit, before it can consider a purchase consideration. These include the frame size, the size of the tires, the type of brake system and also the circuit of the bikes. In these criteria examine exactly, so that will be clear on what exactly must be taken with the purchase of a bicycle.

The frame height

The length of the seat tube, which stretches from the middle of the bottom bracket to the saddle, is often called the frame height. The frame height must be adjusted to the body size of the driver, so that there can be a safe and enjoyable driving experience. The frame is too long, that consequently affects the upper tubing cross. The seating position of hyperextension then forces the cyclists to an unhealthy attitude. Conversely, a too small part leads that the driver squeezes together and kowtowing. Both stances are unhealthy and should definitely not on regular trips. Accordingly, enough consideration must be given the frame size before you buy. Different types of bicycles come with different benchmarks, what concerns the frame height. Everyone has probably a race driver seen, which occupies a very bumpy attitude on its vehicle – or a rider on a touring bike, which shows a rather stretched position. On the other hand, drivers of city bikes prefer to sit upright and thereby not cramped forward must avoid. Apart from the preferences of the driver, there is a simple method to determine the correct frame size for everyone. First, the personal step height is measured so that then the right bike size can be derived. The distance between the foot and the step must be measured to determine the height of the step. For the final calculation of the correct frame size, there are some sites where suitable machines exist on the Internet. There only the proper step height must be entered and have the corresponding frame height is determined.

The tire tariff

In addition to the frame size, the tyres on the respective driver must be adapted. The size is calculated from the tyre size and is given in inches. Generally, the tyres inches for shorter riders is low. So, children’s bicycles with a 20-inch tires have significantly smaller tires than bikes for adults, which come with 26 inch. The right tire size can be quickly determined based on body size. The following table shows the recommended size guidelines here.

Height in cm tyre size in inches
70 90 12
90-120 16
120-140 20
140-160 24
160-180 26
from 180 28

Important: This size detection can be applied on the bikes in the test, as well as on all other bikes. In addition to the body size of driving style but also plays a role, when it comes to the tire tariff. It may be a matter of taste whether someone goes better with 26-inch or 28 inch wheels. It is advisable to test different tire sizes easily with friends and family and to discover that the own preferences.

The braking system

in the bicycle test candidates must also prove that the brakes are strong and functional. Each bike test takes a close look at the brakes – after all, these are in terms of traffic safety to the most important parts of every bicycle. Whether the Sun is shining, it’s raining in torrents or the road is smooth in the winter, the brakes whenever you need to allow the bike absolute control over. A bike would do well in the test, when a driver would thus slow it with his feet or roll out long before every set of traffic lights in the city. And a reckless abandon bounce from the wheel end probably in most cases with injuries. A precise actuation from front or rear brake is there a lot more effective. Now it is interesting: for bicycles, there are different types of braking systems. Order not to lose the overview as a layman, the editors of in the next section has taken apart the two most common brake systems and lists advantages and disadvantages.

The rim brake

The name according to a rim at the rim of the wheel is attached. This kind of bicycle brake presses a grip mechanism brake pads on both sides of the wheel onto the rim. This type of outer, light brake construction reached not the braking performance of a disc brake, but simplifies the replacement of brake pads. In addition, that a properly mounted brake slowly wears off, as also long descents can be performs without that it overheated. Improperly adjusted brakes can however harmful for be the tire and lose a certain brake also when wet.

The disc brake

In the test some bikes, including the winner of comparison, occur with this strong brake type, which consists of two parts: a brake disc, which is pressed by a lever from double-sided pads located at the hub of the wheel. This function allows a rapid response and strong braking is possible. The repair process is this that this type of brakes in the construction of the bicycle is more hidden, but something more complex. In addition, that disc brakes have a high weight in General. Also, this brake heats quickly, if it is pressed long and persistently. It is protected but good to dampness and loses no braking in the rain.

The circuit

The switching system of a bicycle face mainly two variants with different modes: the derailleur gears and hub gears are the most common variants in the range bicycle. While different manufacturers on the market of for switching systems have established themselves. These include Campagno from Italy, scram from the USA and Shimano of Japan. Every bike in the test has a Shimano gears. Switch both have individual advantages and disadvantages. So a derailleur system must be serviced quite often and has a high wear and tear. For this it has the following advantages:

  • you is easy.
  • A quick downshift is possible.
  • There is little friction, a high degree of efficiency is guaranteed.
  • A wide range of courses can be controlled.
  • The weight of the gearing is evenly distributed on front and rear.

On the other hand, a hub gear has the problem that it creates a lot of friction and her no course can be skipped. To do this, she has pretty much weight. It offers some advantages:

  • there is a little wear and tear.
  • You have to wait only rarely.
  • You is effective even at high humidity. Snow and mud are no problem.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of each cyclists can follow his own preferences and select the gear suitable for him.

Bicycles in comparison: these bicycle types there are

also mountain bikes belong to the bikes in the test. The avid readers of this bike test has noticed that there are a variety of different types of bicycles. First, it can overwhelm a layman, a notable number of options offers but in the long run for the interested bike buyers. The opportunities and specializations of the locations are here diverse by the children-Puky bicycle, over the mountain, up to the race. Share but all bikes specific properties, the frame material aluminium is, for example, very common in today’s wheels, have the different wheel types but different strengths and weaknesses. The following table gives an overview of the different bike versions.

The city bike

City bikes, also city bike or city bike called, are among the most common bike types and are generally as a capable all-rounder. You are generally very stable, have all relevant safety standards and have a comfortable seating area. The convenience benefits particularly from the upright seating position, the low entry and the thick tires, which greatly simplifies the driving on uneven ground. Some versions even come with a padded handlebar. The subcategories of, women’s bicycle and Dutch according to type from a city bike.

  • Suitable for: leisure riders, drivers
  • price range: 300 Euro

The mountain bike

Mountain bikes (who also likes to be abbreviated with MTB) are designed especially for this, outside the municipal boundaries, uneven and slippery terrain in the great outdoors, to cut a good figure. The outstanding properties of this type include a coarse profile and a high-quality suspension. The spring is located on the front wheel, one speaks of a hardtail mountain bike. Suspension on two wheels is a so-called fully-mountain bike. The best bike in the test, the mountaineers MTX. 280, shows how a bike in this category can score.

  • Suitable for: sportsman, adventurer
  • price range: 300 Euro

The trekking bike

The term trekking is derived from the English „ trek “ and referred to actually a multi-day hike away from established trails and roads, without fixed accommodation. The bikes then named ad, which is also called Mr wheel, however, is intended for flat and solid surface, as it exists in a city. This bike is been designed that everyone comes so quickly through the city: ensure the slim frame, the thin tires and the wind-edged position which occupies the driver on it. The price for the high speed is of somewhat limited comfort.

  • Suitable for: sportsman, adventurer
  • price range: 300 Euro

Road racing bike

compare different bikes have different characteristics. Road bikes are designed especially for athletes. They are designed so that long rides that will take place at a rapid pace and promote the condition, be simplified. A lot of weight has been mined for this purpose. Consequently removed some accessories, such as the Bell, the bicycle rack and the lighting. The construction material used is very easy, the tire is very thin and the switching system is particularly pronounced.

  • Suitable for: drivers, athletes
  • price range: from 200 euro

The folding bike

Called the folding bike, or even folding bike, commuters can be described as the bicycle. This type of bicycle has a special folding technique that allows the wheel to a compact size can be packed together. It’s ideal place, to drive, for example, from home to the bus stop, then bus or train entering and to ascend after reaching the target stop directly on the folding bike. The wheels are making it somewhat stiffer boots as the other variants often slightly smaller in this case.

  • Suitable for: commuter, leisure riders
  • price range: from 200 euro

The E-bike

An E-bike, electric bicycle or Pedelec described, comes with a battery-powered electric motor, which assists the driver when the pedaling. These bikes can reach a speed of 25 km/h and often have a start-up aid. Older people can benefit greatly from this bike, but also postman and people on their way to work like access to the E-bike.

  • Suitable for: seniors, delivery
  • price range: 800 Euro

The children bicycle

      Children’s bikes are specially designed, that even the smallest an easy entry into the world of bicycles find and always safe driving. In terms of appearance and size, they differ according to the wheels for adults. They are often designed in very bright colors and

adapted to the current safety standards

      . Helping often with training wheels beginners that are included in the children’s bicycles.
      • Suitable for: children
      • price: from 60 euros

The bike in the test Stiftung Warentest

also who prior to purchasing a bike is only a test, must abide by the traffic rules. On the website of the Stiftung Warentest, some testing on the theme bikes meet the interested. After its creation in 1967, the Foundation has all completed 39 tests on the topic of bicycle

Traffic rules apply to cyclists

bike lovers must adhere as well as motorists to the traffic rules, otherwise fines threaten the fine catalog for bicycles according to. They are bound to the official road traffic Act (StVO). However, many cyclists are rather clueless in this area. Make yourself the test with: ride bike and know all important rules here? Each participant of road traffic should be so responsible regularly to familiarize yourself with the most important rules. For this reason, we have collected the most common error committed by cyclists on the road.

Go on the footpath

Cyclists it is if not separately signposted, not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. You si ND in appropriate way to use the cycle path. There is no cycle path, you have to dodge on the road. Children under 10 years are the exception, they may use the footpath along with the pedestrians. Important: Riding on the bike trail is not mandatory in principle, if it is not separately regulated by a traffic sign. Every cyclist has the right to drive on the street.

On the wrong side

Cyclists also have to subordinate the General Rechtsfahrgebot. The lack of a cycle path on the right side of the road does not allow Dodge to the left cycle path or sidewalk. It is the default, to drive on the right side of the roadway. Still, cyclists may drive also not opposed in a one-way street. Both schemes can be lifted only by certain traffic signs.

No light on the bike

In low light, at dusk, at night, in fog and heavy rainfall, a functioning bicycle lamp is both front as prescribed also back on the bike. By 2013 it had to be Dynamo powered light systems. But now also snap lamps are permitted, which operate mostly from battery or a rechargeable battery. A clip-on light must not wobble and must be fixed.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

also brand bikes from a test every bike enthusiast before final purchase itself should have tried. Severe penalties, in a car or on a bicycle who rises and this lot of alcohol in the blood, must with be expected. Intoxicated cyclists apply the legislature following from 1.6 per thousand as absolutely traffic breaks. People caught in this State, receives not only a fine and three points in Flensburg, but has to be also a medical psychological examination (MPU). And cyclists get well, car drivers make punishable even when driving with 1.1 per thousand. It does, however, the principle that a cyclist from 0.3 per thousand can be prosecuted, if the competent officer the person as driving relatively uncertain classifies.

The accessories

The one or the other bike in the test had extras in the luggage from the outset, General accessories, but it must be purchased. The possibilities here are very diverse and also depends on the type of bike. City bikes are bikes, which come in factory condition with the most extras. Often, these wheels have already a complete bike lights, cat’s eyes, a Porter and a bicycle stand. Road bikes are at the other extreme. That this type of bike needs to be as easy, does not often accessories. In addition to the accessories, which is mounted directly on the bike, there are external tools for bike fans. A bicycle Navi or a route planner is recommended for people who discover love long, unknown tracks on the bike. Who has opted for an expensive brand bike, should look for practical wall mounts. They allow to keep the bike safely and save space in the House. Continue to have cyclists in the area bicycle much design freedom and can create for themselves when needed especially soft and visually appealing saddle. Also a bicycle from the above test can benefit from these modifications. In this way, each piece by piece his dream bike can put together.

The maintenance

Whatever the construction materials of a bike is as expensive or what high quality, permanently no wheel is protected is to employ. At the latest, a maintenance is due to make the beloved bike fit again. Depending on the damage and wear and tear in the bike shop service can be quite costly. There are however, some preventive measures that can postpone the wear as long as possible. So long fit the bike with the right safeguards:

      • the tire pressure must be checked regularly and repaired with the air pump.
      • The chain should be free of dirt and oiled and.
      • A bicycle is parked at best in a warm, dry place. Cold and humidity provoke rust.
      • The screws should be tightened occasionally.
      • If required, the brake pads replace.

The conclusion

each bicycle that is tested in the test has a very good or good quality. A bike fan just need to know what his preferences are – then he finds in the variety article also the bike that fits him and in his spare time or at the sport gives him much joy.


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