Bicycle tool kits / ▷ bicycle tool kit test 2017: the best case in the test

▷ bicycle tool kit test 2017: the best case in the test

Bike tool box in the 2017 test: comparison on

The set for the independent repair of wire donkey

with a bike tool box in the test the wheel itself can be repaired. With the right tools for the bicycle, it is possible to repair the bike yourself. Visits to the workshop can go in the money saved in this way. In every bike tool box from the test is a special combination of practical helpers. Depending on the style of the bicycle, such as a mountain bike (MTB), and the scope of repairs which intend any rider can choose the appropriate case. The tool is this kind of storage at a fixed place and can be easily transported. Because a certain previous knowledge is required for the selection of the right tool box already, we briefly explain the most important tools in our article. In addition we take on more criteria, which deserve attention when purchasing such a repair kits.

The best tool kit for the bike from the test at a glance:

Bike tool box or bike repair needs in one tool

A bike tool box in the test is indeed handy, has also a certain weight and takes away space. It is therefore limited suitable for multi-day bike tours. The alternative is a multi-functional tool which is similar to built up like a Pocket knife. It brings together many bicycle tools, is also relatively easy. But it offers so many functions like a bike tool box from the test and is not to compare with individually applicable tools. Table of contents:

  • the set for the independent repair of wire donkey
  • the best tool kit for the bike from the test at a glance:
    • bike tool box or bike repair needs in one tool
    • buying guides to bicycle tool kit test
    • conclusion to the bike-tool box-test

buying advice to the bike-tool box-test

each tool kit for the bike from the test contains an own tool combination. So you can find the appropriate tool kit in the test to your bike, we enter closer in the following chapters on different aspects, which are to be observed in the selection. The tool, which is included in the suitcases of course plays an important role.

The most important tools for the bicycle

Bicycle tools can come, for example, to apply to nuts and bolts to tighten or loosen. The bicycle tires are also an important area of application. Just when a plate the right tool is something O. repairs to the inner bearing and a bicycle chain of bikes are more complex. In the following, we present briefly some important tools that can be contained in a box for tools. On the basis of this information it should be everyone possible, to select a bike tool box to a personal comparison winner.

  • Screwdriver/screw driver: This device is the right choice when it comes to into screws or screw out. There are slotted and Phillips screwdriver.
  • Hexagonal key (Allen): such a key, which is known also under the name Allen wrench fits only on so-called Hexagon socket screws.
  • Spanner: hexagonal and square heads you can use this variant of the wrench, also called open-end wrench, loosen or tighten the corresponding nuts.
  • Pedal wrench: such a special wrench is designed for tightening and loosening the nuts on bike pedals. Through its unusual length, it has a large leverage.
  • Headset wrench: using this device the nut on the storage system of the fork can be solved or attracted to.
  • Pressure gauge: such a gauge indicates the air pressure in the tire is how high. For stops on the valve of the pressure gauge. If the tire pressure is too low, it is possible that the hose has a hole.
  • Repair Kit: If the bicycle has a flat tire, the tire will help. It contains typically include a patch, which consists of rubber and special adhesive to attach the patch.
  • Tyre lifter: are other terms for this part of the tool box „ Reifenabzi more “ and „ tyre levers “. At a hole in the tube, the tire lever is required to remove the mantle from the rim.
  • Chain WIP: this tool, called also sprocket holder or pinion cartridge is only on bicycles with derailleur gears used. Should the bolt of the gear rim package, be solved namely, the chain whip holds the latter so that it not turns this process.
  • Gear rim puller: also this device with the alternative name „ cassette puller “ is required in addition to the chain whip to repair of a gear shift. As the term is already clearly, the Cog package can be replaced to.
  • Crank puller: when the crank is to be solved, it is necessary to employ a crank puller to remove the crank bolts.
  • Spoke key: this tool has many names: spoke spanner, centering keys and nipple are some of them. With the device, the tension of bicycle spokes on the so-called nipples can be adjusted.

Tool material

it is a recommendation for a bike tool box, if the tool is long. It is for each bicycle tool kit a recommendation, if its components of high quality are – regardless of whether a mountain bike or a road bike will be repaired. The repairs the bike tool box in the test consist of steel or so-called Stahlveredlern. This chrome in all the tools in the test included, to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel. The chrome type molybdenum to give additional tensile strength the material, while the transition metal vanadium ensures an increased elasticity. Their hardness is of great importance for bike tools. Namely, you must withstand enormous pressure for repairs. Just with intensive use of the tool box low-quality material is quickly noticeable. Harder devices last longer and therefore are a sensible investment.

Number of tools

How big should be the number of parts in the bike tool box from the test, depends on which repairs the case is intended. Might some cyclists not to all parts of their favorite dare approach and leave the skilled person in the workshop but rather complicated operations. In such a case, then of course also a smaller set would be sufficient. A bicycle air pump is important, not however in a bike tool box from the test. It would take too much space. But normally every driver already has an air pump in the House.

Conclusion to the bike-tool box-test

The winner of the comparison is the Topeak PrepBox (Note 1.4). This bike tool box has a high quality finish and a thoughtful design. Networks inside are on hand to ensure that the tools made of chrome-vanadium steel does not fall out. The comparison winner contains a total of 36 repair devices. The winner of the comparison is thus one of the suitcases with the most elements. The Topeak PrepBox as a single model in the test as an accessory also contains a torque wrench and a cable cutter. The Toolbox itself consists of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. Apart from the winner of comparison, there is also a prize-winner. The model red cycling products Toolbox comp (notes 1,8) provides inter alia a large special Allen key and can easily open or close. The devices in the Red cycling products Toolbox comp are made of chrome-molybdenum steel. Although only 21 tools are included, but convinces also the combination of the prize winner with major components, including:

  • Repair Kit
  • sprocket puller
  • headset wrench

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