Child Bike Trailers / ▷ bicycle trailer test 2017: bike trailer in the test

▷ bicycle trailer test 2017: bike trailer in the test

Bike trailer test 2017: comparison on

bike trailer in the test: which model will be the winner of comparison? Whether luggage and purchases transport, drive the child to kindergarten, or take the dog on long bike tours – the bicycle trailer is a wonderful help for a variety of applications. Bike trailers are environmentally friendly and inexpensive in contrast to the car. They are practical and easy to handle. In the bike trailer test is safety at the forefront. But also durability, processing, handling and driving experience play a major role. It’s a trailer, to feel your young finally comfortable and have fun doing it, if you drive him through the neighborhood, huh. So you threaten anyone in the transport sector, there are some rules to consider. Which, find out in this article. Child trailer, trailer loads or swivel: you learn about pros and cons and the respective characteristics of the different models in this guide, so that the choice of the appropriate bicycle trailer is easier for you. The Advisor to the bike trailer test 2017 helps you in finding a suitable, high-quality bicycle trailer for your needs.

The best bicycle trailers at a glance:

Bike trailer in the test: you should know that

Today’s models offer much security, a very good comfort and driving fun for all involved. Decide before the purchase of the bicycle trailer, what you carry, how often and for what purpose you want to use it. Should it be it a bike trailer which is foldable to transport it by car? Will it be a bike trailer for the child or a bicycle trailer for the baby? Would one or two children transport, and at what age are suitable bike trailer? Read the information about all the questions in this survey. Table of contents:

  • the best bicycle trailers at a glance:
    • bike trailer in the test: you should know that
    • In the test: different types of bike trailers
    • bike trailer in comparison: what you should consider when buying

the bicycle trailer for the child can be conveniently mounted on the wheel so that you can drive your child from A to B safely and quickly. With the renewal of the road traffic Act (StVO), which is valid since 01 April 2013, there are detailed provisions for the use of bicycle trailers. The road traffic regulations governs who may be transported in bicycle trailers and who may drive the bicycle trailer team. BLOCKQUOTE on bicycles only children may be taken until the age of seven persons at least 16 years old, if there are special seats for children and wheel spats or equal effective devices ensures is that the feet of children can not get into the spokes. The limit of the perfect seventh year of life does not apply to the carriage of a disabled child. (Article 21, para. 3 regulations)

Ask some questions before you buy:

  • The trailer should be suspended?
  • The bike trailer to be foldable?
  • Can be easily up and dismantle?
  • He can be converted to the Jogger or stroller?
  • How big should the Interior be?
  • The bicycle trailer a single seater or two-seater to be?

Loads while driving forces on the bicycle frame. Use therefore only bicycles, which are suitable for these loads. The trailer hitch should be built so that it provides a safer connection between bike and trailer.

Height and width of the bike trailer

There are no special provisions for the size of the bike trailer, therefore, the provisions of paragraph 32 of the StVZO apply for motor vehicles. The paragraph States that the length of maximum 12 m long, up to 4 m and the width 1 m long must be the height. Bike trailers can carry about 40 to 45 kg weight.

Test: different types of bike trailers

There are bike trailer for kids and babies, for dogs, there are loads trailers and swivel. Read the following, which properties have the respective types.

The child bicycle trailers

Bike trailers are designed for up to two children. Children can use the bike trailer up to the age of seven years. Transport of children requires that the trailer with specially designed seats equipped tattet is. He must be so constructed that the kids not in the spokes can access. Newer bike trailer score points by stable passenger cell with low center of gravity and safety belts. So kids can ride safely and comfortably with their parents. The safest child trailer to the bicycle are those who have a solid floor pan made of metal or plastic and also have a circumferential bumper in the test. The existing metal or plastic bumper increases the distance between occupants and cars and thus constitutes a crumple zone. Further stabilizing cushions and reclining and sitting AIDS are for a comfortable sitting or lying by advantage. Compared to the rate of children on the bicycle, have parents and children more space and freedom of movement. In addition, children are protected in the trailer from wind, rain and Sun. The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) judge that bicycle trailers are safer a lot as seats directly on the bike.

Advantages of child bicycle trailer over a bicycle seat:
  • More stable handling
  • ,

  • storage space for luggage
  • ,

  • better protection against wind and weather
  • in accident no deeper fall
  • the children are wearing helmets and buckled in, they are protected inside.

Jump with your bike, the bike trailer is. Especially for long bike rides, it’s pleasant to drive with a trailer for both sides. The most child bike trailers are upgraded. You have an axle with two side by side running wheels. Manufacturers offer it as single or two-seater. The single child trailer are less common. They are narrow, intended only for a rider and are suitable for rugged paths. Choose a light trailer model so that you come too soon out of breath. A normal weight is about 13 kg. Bicycle trailer with a good suspension, protect children and prevent vibrations. It is ideal, if the trailer has so much space, that you can conveniently in addition transport purchases. Optionally, you can attach a pennant to the trailer to ensure better visibility. On flat routes and high load a bike trailer for the child with a stable tub is suitable. In hilly areas, however, models with low weight are more favourable. The winner of the bicycle trailer comparison for the child has about a 5-point safety harness and a roll bar. These components provide special security. The current trailer models have 20-inch tires.

Provisions in the foreign

Find out before you go on holiday, the provisions of bike trailers in the country of travel. In some countries, child bike trailers are prohibited. Countries in which the Kindertransport in bicycle trailers is prohibited:

  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus

in some countries permitted cycling with a bike trailer, but only under certain conditions. In Austria for example road bikes may pull a trailer and in Italy, bicycle and trailer must be together longer than 3 m. In Luxembourg, cyclists need a special vignette of the Ministry of transport for the purpose of and also Switzerland provides rules that must comply with cyclists. You may transport your children up to the seventh year of life in the bike trailer. The age limit does not apply to disabled children. However, the weight of the trailer must not exceed 45 kg.

Bike trailer for the baby

the bicycle trailer for the baby can be work well as buggy. Pinnable Carrycot for baby make it easier for parents who like to travel with the wheel, to make at any time with their offspring. Special infant carriers for it securely in the bike trailer. Parents can take advantage of the bicycle trailer for the baby from the age of one month with the special baby seat. The bowls are intended only for the bicycle trailer and may not be used in the car. Make sure that the bicycle trailer for the baby is sufficiently sprung. The rear wheels should have suspension mechanisms. Despite comparison winner from the test derFahrradanhänger it is advisable to drive because it has still not pronounced musculature with the baby in the trailer does not have gravel and gravel paths. Parents can use the bike trailer stroller replacement. By the low centre of gravity, you can even jog or skate. Some models have a special jogging function. A disadvantage of babies and children is that you your kids while riding bikes without rear-view mirrors nic HT in sight have. Do you want to see your children, pick up a rearview mirror. Wares: Tests indicate that children and babies as early as possible – should wear a helmet in the trailer -.

Bike trailer a Jogger in the test

Keep fit, using the bicycle trailer for the child to go jogging. Multi-functional bike trailer offer this capability for the sporty fun with the whole family. The jogging function not in the basic equipment is included, you can purchase them as an accessory. For the jogging function and also for use as a stroller manufacturers supply with a 16 inch wheel which you can screw on front.

Dog bike trailers

Not only children can be transported with the followers – even a dog finds place in it. There are no special requirements for the transport of animals in the bike trailer. For long stretches, puppies or dogs that are no longer good walking is an ideal solution. Your dog will surely enjoy the tour and also for you, long tours will be stress-free and convenient. Just like kids bike trailer, also dog bicycle trailers must be tilt-safe and visible. Depending on the size of your dog, choose the size of the trailer. The dog may feel not constrained, and you should not excessively burden with a large weight. Look on a sturdy frame and a possibility in the trailer to leash the dog, so he can not jump out while driving. Clear plastic window on the trailer can look your dog after outside and is at the same time protected from wind and weather. The dog bike trailer makes it easy for you to any transport and is quickly installed by easy handling and rebuilt. Especially on longer trips, you will benefit from the dog trailer. It is especially handy if the bicycle trailer for the dog front and rear opened for a simple entry and exit. A floor opening is also advantageous, easy to clean the floor pan. This water repellent material is handy to avoid time-consuming cleaning. You should equip the dog bicycle trailer with lights and reflectors. Higher quality models for transport of dogs consist of an aluminium frame and feature a suspension system. Partly, they are equipped with soft carpets. Cheaper dog hangers located only a steel frame. the test shows: foldable bicycle trailer can transport easily with the car.

Load trailer

There are one – and two-lane loads trailer. Most of the expense supporters are double and one-axle. They are suitable for shopping, but also for long bike rides. Even bicycle couriers to use them. They should be made of sturdy plastic, aluminium or tear-resistant fabric. They are especially good to use if they have a low weight. Big easy rolling wheels can easily roll the load trailer. Loads trailers usually consist of an open box, a waterproof tarpaulin protects US from rain. About 40 kg can be transported with this trailer. With a high-quality bicycle trailer hitch, you can quickly and securely to the trailer and disconnect. A load follower should have 60-70 litres capacity. Loads trailers usually have a tubular steel frame. Many models have 16-inch pneumatic tires. In addition, some have a handle that allows to use the trailer as a hand truck.


Swivel are called also bicycle sidecar or trailer. They adjusted on one side of the bike and have a wheel only. A non-rigid fixing causes that they are rotatable about the longitudinal axis parallel to the bike. While the bike leans into the curve, the load in the swivel is by no means leans. The swivel is suitable especially for long loads, since they can extend beyond the team. By attaching the covers on the side of the bike, the team has a wide. So cyclists can overlook the loads while driving.

Bike trailer in comparison: what you should consider when buying

Look for a high quality trailer hitch. It is crucial for the safety of the team and is exposed to great powers. Make sure that the trailer has a low own weight and can easily be pulled. Large wheels are especially useful if you often drive on uneven floors. Another selection criteria is the material of the trailer. Aluminium is popular because it is light and strong and rust-proof. Look also at the quality of the tyre. S IE are crucial for the comfort in the trailer. Also, you specify on what ground can be reached. Bike trailers can be also foldable. These models are suitable if you wish to transport it by car more often. Often, tests found pollutants in upholstery, Windows and handles of the bike trailer. Newer, high-quality trailer manufacturer waive the use of pollutants. Bicycle trailer comparison winner are sure to tilt, they contain no harmful chemical substances and have a good suspension.

Possible features of a bicycle trailer at a glance
  • Deep coupling offers more safety
  • adjustable suspension
  • ,

  • Quick and easy collapsible
  • lightweight, stable framework that can be easily cleaned
  • eye-catching material (reflective and bright)
  • lamp (red)
  • front -, rear – and side reflectors
  • from a width of 80 cm a courtesy light (white) on the left front
  • optional conversion accessories for buggy or Jogger
  • adjustable Pushbar
  • ventilation the window page for temperature control
  • large luggage compartment
  • optional additional sun protection
  • 5-point safety harness in the children’s bicycle trailer
Conditions on the bike

Do not blindly use the bicycle trailer test: not all bicycles suited them to attach a bicycle trailer. A trailer claimed the bike frame and the wheels. Special bicycles with aluminum or carbon fiber frame own is not, so that manufacturer in the operating instructions generally prohibit the use of a trailer. E-bikes and Pedelecs, you should mount any bike trailer. Because the trailer is attached to the bicycle frame, it should be stable.

The tow bar and trailer coupling

Drawbar and hitch connect trailer and bike. Drawbars differ in high drawbar with coupling onto the saddle and – support and low drawbar with coupling on the rear axle. Both types can be found on one – and two-lane followers. The clutch itself has a great importance for the use of a bicycle trailer. It allows Rotary and tilting movements and transmission of acceleration and braking forces on the bike trailer. The clutch is usually in the range of the rear wheel hub of the wheel. The connection is located slightly above the ground, so that the followers of less rocks and tilts. The bicycle frame is relieved this static entirely. The modern coupling can be opened quickly and easily, disconnect and shut off. Usually a bicycle trailer hitch for the mount on your own bike is included in the scope of delivery of trailer. This is not the case, you can order extra a bicycle trailer hitch for around 10 euros to do so. use the bicycle trailer test: dog or child trailer suitable for long tours in the holiday.

Acceleration and braking

The premise, the test assumes that bike trailer need not own brakes. This assumes that the brakes on the bike are working properly and are reliable even when wet. The additional load in the trailer must be braked with the brakes on the bike.

The lights on the trailer

There is no own legislation for the illumination of bicycle trailers, therefore the regulations StVZO for the lighting of the bicycle after section 67 also apply to trailers. It is compulsory to equip the bicycle trailer with a lamp, as the trailer usually covered the rear of the bicycle. The tail lights are usually battery powered lights and glow red. You may not more than 60 cm above the ground are attached. A white spot on the front left side is also very useful. Two white lights on the front page are mandatory, if the trailer is wider than 80 cm. You can attach a spoke reflector in each wheel, each, to increase the visibility on the pages. Triangular red reflectors of car trailers are allowed not for bicycle trailer. Make sure that the lighting is continuous lights – look lights are forbidden. In addition, you can attach a contour marking around the trailer.

Lighting for the bicycle trailer:
  • white reflectors on the front side
  • ,

  • spoke reflectors on the sides
  • a red rear light

How much is a good bicycle trailer?

Because you are moving with the trailer in road traffic and safety for you and your offspring or Their dog in the first place stands should pay attention too much to the price, so the bike trailer test. It could happen that you buy cheap processing with a small price to have the safety deficiencies. References could expand or offer no easy comfort. Cheap models have often no good suspension. A good children’s bicycle trailer is to be reckoned with around 250 euros. Depending on the manufacturer, equipment, etc., a bike trailer can cost up to 1300 euros.

Security features on bicycle trailers

Some years ago, not always reliable was on the safety of the bike trailer. Shortcomings were mostly the drawbar connections. The result was that ÖKO-test called for uniform safety standards specifically for children bike trailer. There is now a single, Europe-wide safety standards. An examination of the drawbar is provided with this standard. Some bike trailer attach runners in the winter. So, the traffic safety despite ice and snow is guaranteed.

Well known manufacturer
  • Chariot
  • crane
  • Burley
  • Croozer
  • Qeridoo

Cycle path use – is it compulsory?

You should start on the cycle track also with the team – as far as it can be reached with the trailer. Bike paths, which are too narrow, where the reduction not wide enough, if he is abgepollert or if it is blocked by a barrier are unavailable. This is the case, avoiding wheel trailer carriages on the road – they may not drive on the sidewalk.

You practice!

Practice driving with a trailer first on a street with little traffic, to get a feel for. Loaded the trailer with heavy luggage, before their first tour with the child. So, you can try out how it moves with trailer, how to speed up and slow down and how the trailer’s curves.

Skin care tips

The trailer is made of aluminium, you can easily clean it with water or oil. Fabric and plastic parts can be cleaned with detergent and water.


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