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▷ bicycling test 2017: the best eyewear in the test

Bicycling test 2017: comparison on

bicycling in the test: what requirements must withstand the glasses on the bike? Whether on foot, on the wheel, the car or motorcycle: A good visibility is essential to safely get through the day. Cyclists but must adapt very well to the circumstances. As cyclists are relative exposure to the environmental influences as well as motorcycle riders. To protect not only protective clothing such as a helmet or gloves can help. Especially also to obstructed view in direct sunlight to prevent and eyewear are often favourable to the General protection of the eyes from wind and debris. Special sports glasses for use, which are adapted to the respective claims are also in other areas of sport. But what must you look for when buying a bicycling? What makes the glasses for the biking so special? What bicycling is appropriate according to the test: photochromic or one with removable glasses? Learn this and more in the following test guide. The eyewear in the test on are adidas, Uvex, Alpina, Signstek and Swiss from the manufacturers. What bicycling is comparison winner?

The best eyewear at a glance:

Everyday sample: bike goggles in the test

Numerous models on eyewear can be found on the market. Most manufacturers emphasize these unisex glasses. Since the cycling glasses according to test – as a special form of glasses – must satisfy most special demands, is aligned with their appearance most especially on the functionality and less on the aesthetic needs of the prospective buyers – similar to when the water bottles in the test. However, the glasses are very popular especially due to its sporty design. Table of contents:

  • the best eyewear at a glance:
    • everyday sample: bike goggles in the test
    • the function of bicycling in the test
    • cycling eyewear in the test: the color of glasses
    • test: Selbsttönende cycling glasses vs. Exchange glasses
    • criteria in the test: what bicycling should you buy?

The function of bicycling in the test

cycling glasses can protect according to test well from obstructed by high airflow. While the vision of motorists by the front discs, which the riders through the visor of your helmets, is protected, cyclists are defenseless in the wind as well as insects and stones swirling around. A bicycle helmet has no visor. For this reason it is, relying on a bicycling. A bicycling can keep well before the wind and other possible interference with visibility test according to the eyes of the cyclist. Glasses for cyclists is usually far greater than normal models, the eye area as far as possible to protect. Ideally should complete the cycling glasses according to test well around the eye area and require therefore more glasses and wider frames. Also the models integrate the bicycling in the test – or even singing with removable glass – at the same time also a sunglasses. So, the driver can protect himself and his eyes against UV exposure to the sunlight. Also the danger to be dazzled by the Sun is with removable glasses low self-sounding bike goggles or such. So you can respond in a timely manner to suddenly emerging traffic obstacles. Any bicycling in the test is ideally adapted to the combination with a bicycle helmet, i.e. it fits from the engaging surface in the field well in simultaneous Hemtragen. Also, the brackets are designed so that you exercise too much pressure by the helmet.

Cycling eyewear in the test: the color of glasses

The different hues of the glasses from the eyewear in the test have different weather advantages and disadvantages. While the shade of Brown standard designed to protect mainly against UV radiation and sunlight, colored glass at other weather conditions can seem better. Orange-tinted glasses at glasses are suitable especially for fog, rain and dusk. The Orange increasingly amplified the contrasts so that more security is guaranteed even in difficult visibility conditions. Red glasses are suitable for appropriate lighting conditions. Grey shades, however, have generally little impact on visibility. In General, however, brown glasses can at all Intervisibilty rhältnissen good services make and are therefore an optimal compromise solution.

Test: Selbsttönende cycling glasses vs. Exchange glasses

cycling eyewear in the test: no matter what terrain – protection from sunlight and UV light is essential. “ removable glasses or photochromic bicycling: In the test, you will find both! While the models of adidas, Uvex and Signstek change glass eyewear, it is the other glasses Alpina and Swiss versions with self-sounding glasses. But what are the advantages? Where the disadvantages? In the eyewear with removable lenses, you can exchange the lenses through a simple click System. All models are pulling with transparent skins as well as with Sun cover glasses. Depending on the conditions of visibility you can switch the jars of bicycle eyeglasses according to test – easy, fast and uncomplicated. Self-sounding cycling glasses have the advantage that you have to change the glasses not even according to test. These adapt itself accordingly, when UV radiation increases. Sunlight the glass of glasses colour automatically. However, this process takes time. What you decide in the end, remains a matter of taste – all eyewear in the test provide adequate UV protection. Place more value on uncomplicated comfort can cycling glasses, which is self-ringing, according to test fully meet your needs. Want but rather quick adaptation to the visibility, a bicycling with removable glasses would be the right choice the test according to. Of for cycling sunglasses according to test mostly insufficient: the everyday models are typically more optimised for aesthetics and adapted accordingly to the demands to sports glasses. You can quickly slip and hinder to the cyclist.

Criteria in the test: what bicycling should you buy?

Before you buy one of the cycling eyewear in the test, you should always check some things to find the frame correct for you. In the following we enumerate what criteria you should consider when purchasing decisions:

  • < ol > according to test that the bicycling is neither too tight nor too far to ensure optimum safety and ideal is the seat of the BrilleVon of great importance. This, in particular the nature of the temple is important. This should not too tight sitting at the head at the end. The pressure bothers not only the driving experience. The glasses sitting too close and tight to the eyes, the field of vision can be severely restricted and disturbed. Also not to loose the glasses sit on the other side. Especially at higher speeds such as on the road or heavier shocks at cross rides mountain bike (MTB), the bicycling can the test according to this cause to slip or even fall off. Falls can then threaten by the irritation or damage but the glasses. Before you buy a pair of glasses you should try on the desired model therefore always advance. Finally, no one is buying good running shoes, without having you once before Probegetragen.
  • Antifog GläserAchten you purchase also sure that the glasses of the bicycling can not too easily fogged up. Also fogged glasses lead to serious visual disabilities. also for the mountain bike: some eyewear in the test particularly stuck and was well able to withstand vibrations. To prevent a misting, it requires a sufficient air circulation behind the glass – the bicycling should according to test then so also not too close to the face apply. Some manufacturers offer so-called antifog glass eyewear. These are equipped with a special coating that prevents a misting.
  • The UV SchutzGetönte bike glasses testing according to can offer good UV protection. Make sure when the purchase noted that the glasses actually have a UV filter. Just like when purchasing sunglasses is to note a lot here. Not every tinge indicates UV protection. Some glasses can therefore more harm than use of eye protection is not sufficiently ensured.
  • PolarisationIm ideally the glasses should anti-reflective – i.e. polarized – be. When the polarization an additional layer is applied outside that should reduce mirror reflexes and absorb visible light. This eye can be not so quickly deceived, if the light is thrown back from puddles or wet streets.
  • Of the RahmenBeim framework is it especially on the stability of Fahrradbri cases on. In the test, you will find different models: from the full edge to the Rimless eyewear line wheel. The full rim in the eyewear comparison winner ensures a special stability. Also the stop of alternating glasses is also particularly well guaranteed. On other models the version lasting change behavior can wear else ever. But the half rim glasses as well as the rimless model Swiss could score stability.
  • The best bicycling: comparison winner is the model by adidas. Full rim and glass equipment could convince as well as UV protecting tinted lenses attached. In addition these glasses in one size is available, but in different sizes S and L, so that both women and men represent a good companion if you roam the highways and byways with bicycle, road bike and MTB. This Fahrrbrille in the test is the most expensive cost 140 euro. Due to its robustness is still a worthwhile investment, the you for years the cycling – also the holprigeren with the MTB – sweeten is. The sports glasses Alpina, Uvex and Swiss are good and cheaper alternatives to the comparison winner. Here, too, you must make only minor cuts in the basic needs.


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