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▷ bike loads trailer test 2017: best trailer in the test

Bike loads trailer test 2017: comparison on

also must be sure when a trailer of loads from the test that the frame of the towing bicycle that is suitable. A bike trip to the beach or to the City Park is tempting, especially when the weather is nice. While it can happen any bike lover quickly that him while driving past the Mall think of what else is needed for the budget. Get together three or four bags full of shopping goods and it is the question of how they are to be transported in a now – rich bicycle handlebars and bike basket for. Bike loads trailer is worth in this case. This useful pack mules offer enough storage space and cause empty usually no more force when riding a bike. In the bicycle-load trailers-test different models were compared, evaluated and finally a comparison winner in this category.

The best bike loads trailer at a glance:

A load follower for the bike in the test: the definition

Loads trailers are also called bike trailer or trailers and are the ideal tool for everyday transport tasks. Usually the trailer with drawbar is attached to the bicycle frame and rolling so behind the bike here. Some of the bike trailer in the test additionally come with a small container or transport bag, therefore, which then ensures within the loads trailer that also smaller items are safely stowed. Such a system can also separately purchase if necessary. The test shows that bicycle trailers provide a number of benefits. They are also handy in the House or basement to store not only environmentally friendly, but in winter due to their small size. To do this they save money because a car insurance, nor a license plate approval is required. They are for this of course not as much capacity as their car counterparts. Table of contents:

  • the best bike loads trailer at a glance:
    • a load follower for the bike in the test: the definition
    • the use requirements
    • the buying criteria
    • that says the Stiftung Warentest

the use requirements

a normal bike offers not much transport volume. As a bicycle borne trailers from the test helps. Also when a load bike trailer from the test some things must be observed before he finds application in road traffic. So, every bike owner should check whether the frame type of the own bicycle is capable of adequately to attach a trailer. Wheels with aluminum or carbon fiber frame here like to make problems. This, a feeling of absolute control of the driving and braking must always prevail. The maximum trailer load should be noted. It can calculate them in the following way: they capture the empty weight of the bicycle trailer, add 75 kg and then divide the whole thing by two. When a trailer weight of 10 kg 42.5 kg additional load must be charged as a result. The various bike loads trailer in the test also move within this framework, 40 to 45 kg load are allowed on them in the interface. While the vidaXL sting but 90020 with 80 kg and the D & S TC3004 with 90 kg capacity out. Will continue to apply, that a bicycle borne trailers must pass the test of the visibility. The road (StVZO) makes exact specifications in section 67:

  • a red rear light must be present. During the journey, there must be 25 cm above the ground.
  • A red reflector must be always visible and must be no higher than 60 cm above the ground.
  • A large reflector surfaces must be attached.

The purchase criteria

the material

quality material always guarantees a longer life span. Many of the bike loads trailer in the test are equipped with a spray pipe scaffold. Even with loads trailers is to examine all the possibilities, and to catch a glimpse of the processing of the products. In addition to the stable framework also the tongue of the hitch on the bicycle trailer, must be well processed and clean welds. Last but not least, a bicycle borne trailers should not rattle.

The tyre

The items in the test all move between a tyre size of 16 to 20 inches. Just 16-inch tires are installed like when bicycle load trailers. Must watch every cyclist on it, that a smaller tire request more pedaling power e as their larger counterparts. To ensure a safe trip, it is advisable to regularly inspect the air pressure and tread depth.

The load-bearing capacity and the volume

the trunk of a car gets real competition from a bike loads trailer from the test in terms of volume. As already mentioned, every bike loads trailer has a maximum transport weight. The legislature has made this restriction not to endanger road safety. Because most of the expense supporters have no own brake and would be slow is not optimal from the brake to high weight. The capacity of each trailer is written not by law, but according to the needs of individual users. There are followers of Tiggo loads which press a transport capacity of 90 litres. Only the third-ranked bicycle load followers, which vidaXL 90020, still far exceeds that. With him you can transport up to 140 litres. With such a transport box on wheels can move even bulky items from A to B comfortably.

The transport vessel and accessories

That most are bicycle load trailers made of plastic, acts a protective on the load – so don’t bulge out and no goods will be lost on the trip. In addition, the tubs are very stably built and protected from weather conditions. Some bicycle trailers are even lockable. With regard to the cleaning, the simple garden hose helps in an ordinary bicycle load trailer. Textiles on the cart are installed, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. There are also rain covers, for example, by the company Blue Bird, which protect the trailer in the test wonderfully wet. It can also be used to keep dry sensitive parts when cleaning with the garden hose.

It says the Stiftung Warentest

There not has been a real test of bike loads trailers by Stiftung Warentest. This was the Foundation in similar areas. So 5/2010 bicycle trailers for children have been tested in the issue – now expanded this check even from seven to ten products. The chariot Cougar 2 was promoted to the comparison winner and received the quality rating “good”. Was not easy to choose the best loads trailer for the bicycle as a comparison winner among all tested products – with one exception, all products with “very good” or “good” were evaluated. The followers of Duramaxx, top van, vidaXL, Raisa and prophets meet all their service. But the Duramaxx BCT1 Mountee has convinced most. The modern nylon fabric, fast construction and the large storage space have let him go over to the competition. However, there are many models on the market. And it is worth to compare always the different bicycle trailer. Only to find the pendant that best suits you.


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