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▷ bike shoes test 2017: the best cycling shoes in the test

Cycling shoes test 2017: comparison on

Professional footwear for cycling

in the bike shoes test road bike shoes, as well as shoes for mountain biking will be presented. Cycling shoes are shoes made specifically for riding on the wheel. Usually they characterized by a stiff sole and an upper, which is permeable to air. The special sole is meant to give stability to the shoe. The permeability of air to reduce perspiration. Cyclists, such as at the tour de France, take such special shoes. In addition to the handles and the saddle cyclist over the pedals has direct contact to his wheel. Good bike shoes are therefore an important part of the equipment of a cyclist. Through the shoe, the force driving onto the pedals and the bicycle powered. A claim to the cycling shoe is therefore mainly the non-slip properties. Because a driver who slips in the middle of the pedaling can lose the balance and have an accident. This happens during a bicycle race, he loses in addition valuable time. Depending on the actual, how often you use your bike, it can be worthwhile to invest in a few good bike shoes. Our guide to cycling shoes test gives you an overview of the recommended models for your bike, among other things about the best road bike shoes. As also road shoes are in the test. The test of road bike shoes is divided into two categories. A test is intended for the cycling shoes for men. Separately there’s an exclusive test for the cycling shoes for women. Both comparisons have each a comparison champion and a prize winner. In the remainder of the report to the test information, which characterized these models.

The best cycling shoes from the test at a glance:



There is a difference between cycling shoes and bike shoes?

Road shoes have typically a smooth sole, while mountain bike shoes (or MTB shoes) have a profile, which is pronounced. The first shoe is the shoe plate, the so-called cleat, so screwed, that it is rather difficult. In contrast, the cleats are attached sunk MTB shoes. This enables a unproblematischeres approach. Also, the soles for shoes for mountain biking are generally not as stiff, allowing them to better adapt the surface while walking. The reason for this is that mountain bikers must sometimes take your bike on tours. What shoes for cycling are suitable, so also depends on where you want to go. Table of contents:

  • professional footwear for cycling
  • the best cycling shoes from the test at a glance:
    • ladies
    • men’s
    • there is a difference between cycling shoes and bike shoes?
    • Information about the cycling shoe
    • The buying guides to cycling shoes test
    • The conclusion with regard to the cycling shoes test: who is the winner of comparison?
    • What bike shoes are there?
    • Who manufactures bike shoes?

Information about the cycling shoe

in the test of bike shoes, most shoes have a special sole. The special feature of a bike shoe lies in the way of its sole. Almost all cycling shoes have a way to attach a cleat or cleat on the sole (cleat). The pedals can be attached to this plate, in turn. As a result, slipping off the pedal is no longer possible. However, not every pedal that is suitable, but only clipless pedals. Only these, such a solid connection with the shoes is feasible. Therefore, the system of the click pedal and the cycling shoe with a ski binding is similar. The shoe clicks into place using the cleat in the pedal as soon as the driver with the shoe exerts a certain pressure. The connection can be solved again by turning the shoe side. Such pedals can be, but also on both sides have a mechanism to lock the shoe. This system is named after a well-known manufacturer Shimano click System. Shimano is a Japanese company, whose specialty bicycle components. A commonly used abbreviation for this system is SPD (Shimano pedaling system). SPD stands for mountain bikes and trekking bikes, while the abbreviation SPD-SL for road bikes can be used. Almost all go SPD cycling shoes have in the test. The forerunner of this special system was designed by the firm LOOK. Of course, it is also possible to go cycling with a normal pedal. For this, you need no special bicycle shoes. Standard athletic shoes, for example, are also possible. However, these are just not as slip resistant as specially for cycling constructed shoes. The advantage of normal shoes, however, is that they are suitable also for walking and hiking. A certain tendency to the fractures is said to have the soles of bike shoes.

The buying guides to cycling shoes test

The following test analysis should describe what to avoid when buying cycling shoes. The test of bike shoes is divided into a test for men and one for women. The categories, the assessment is that, however are the same.

    • Type: test the shoes are associated with different types of bicycle riding. There are trekking shoes for sports, leisure and touring, as well as shoes for everyday wear, so in addition to sports as a priority for the city and the leisure-suited. Here the interested party may be already a picture of, what bike shoe for him in question comes. Who primarily uses the bike to go to the Office, is do not necessarily require a trekking Fahrradschuh, which is rather intended for a MTB and the corresponding tours. However, also the name of the individual models provide an orientation in this respect. There are, for example, the ladies in the test, namely the Bontrager RL road shoes road bike wheel shoe and the SIDI women cycling shoe. First road bike shoes are also in the test for men. There is also a mountain bike model, the Scott MTB Pro.
    • Sole: as explained earlier, the sole is a bike shoe the vital component. For women and men, almost all shoes have the Shimano click System, which can be used only with a corresponding click pedal. The only exception is the VAUDE Yara TR. These shoes have a sole. Thus, the model is suited better running than others with Shimano click System. VAUDE Yara TR can be used therefore more versatile and is consequently also more likely intended for everyday use.
    • Slip-resistance: it is obvious to the already made explanations why the shoes with Shimano click system have an absolutely non-slip sole. Therefore, there are non-slip, this model top marks in the category for all. Only the VAUDE Yara TR with a sole must accept a slight smear. Just who very often or even professional rides a bicycle, should take care that the bike shoes are anti-slip.

cycling shoes test, including driving safety plays a role.

  • Closure of the shoe: the three types presented in the test of closures are Velcro, Ratchet – and cord lock. The bike-shoes-test shows two different types of locking systems. A system comes out with a kind of closure, while the other combines two different closure options. The latter system is considered more secure because the shoe, if a lock should dissolve, is secured by the second. It is also possible to clamp laces in the case of a cord lock, so this is not caught in the spokes of the bicycle. The downside to a double locking system is the protracted tightening or pulling out of the cycling shoe. The shoes, which have two types of closures, as very safe are classified in the test. These include shoes suitable for the road test. The bike shoes, however, where only one type of lock is present, are known only as sure.
  • Material: In the bike shoes test the shoes made from different materials are made. There are imitation leather, carbon, synthetic, nylon and rubber. Including carbon is considered high-quality fabric. The name actually means the chemical element carbon. In this case, carbon fibers are meant. They are used in sports equipment, as well as among other things in the air or space. The sports equipment, which contain carbon, are also racing bikes and mountain bikes (MTB). These wheels and also the bike shoes is the term „ carbon fiber reinforced plastic “ (abbreviated CFK) used. Rubber is popular as a material for bicycle shoes, because he is non-slip. Nowadays, rubber is made primarily of synthetic rubber. The material is used in the most diverse sectors. Many sports equipment include rubber, such as balls, TU rnmatten, bungee cords and table tennis rackets. However, it might be this substance to material fatigue. Nylon in turn is tear-resistant. The chemical name for nylon is Polyhexamethylenadipinsäureamid by the way. The nylon fiber consists of air, water, and carbon. Except in athletic shoes used for socks and toothbrushes. The synthetic material used are that they are breathable. Faux leather dries as opposed to genuine leather, without to harden. All models in the cycling shoe test for ladies are breathable. For men, there is one only exception – the model Giro rumble VR. Sport shoes, so also for bicycle shoes, the property is „ breathable “ connected naturally with the advantage that the foot is not too much sweat. Who more emphasis on other traits in a shoe, for could come to even a non breathable footwear in question. Cycling shoes are by the way usually not waterproof. This condition can be achieved through the process of impregnation. Thus, the surface of the shoe is influenced such so ideally water no longer penetrates to the foot.
  • Sizes: here determines the individual size of the feet, which model you fit. However, the tolerance setting for the size with the most shoes is relatively wide. VAUDE Yara TR, for example, is to purchase the shoe sizes from 36 to 50. A lot less tolerance granted the model of SIDI road shoes. Only people with the shoe size 38 or 39 can carry this model. For a larger foot shoes consider should be considered.
  • Colors: this is a category in the bike shoes test, which is entirely dependent on the individual taste. Yellow, white, blue and black predominate. Green and red tones, however, are only very sparsely represented.
  • The conclusion with regard to the cycling shoes test: who is the winner of comparison?

    what shoes for cycling are suitable, is also a matter of driving habits. The winner of comparison is both the ladies and the men’s road cycling shoes model Bontrager RL. With a touch of 1.2, these shoes make an excellent rating. You may be referred to this at the same time as the best road bike shoes in the test. Their sole is, as usual with this type robust and stiff. They convince with high wearing comfort. Also partially are a very high-quality material for sports shoes, made of carbon steel. Also, the processing is very good. As a result of the double lock system, the shoe granted a great safety. It is unlikely that he opens completely while driving. The Shimano click system prevents slipping of the shoes from the pedals. Bontrager RL road bike shoes but only in sizes from 39 to 47 are in stock, only people with relatively large feet can carry the comparison winner. The price is 199,95 EUR. The prize winner in the bike shoes test is also in both men and women the same. It is shoes manufacturer Shimano, namely the model of Shimano SH-MT34L. This is to have 49,38 euros. Here one finds excellent workmanship and a sole, which exhibit the essential characteristics of a good bike shoe sole. Of course, the Shimano click System has the model of Shimano. More shoe sizes are possible when the victorious of the comparison. Also people with 36 shoe size can use the bike shoes of Shimano SH-MT34L model. But there is only a possibility of closure. In addition, the shoes consist of rubber and leather and not carbon. A shoe that very well (Note 1.3) has cut off the test for the women’s shoes, is the model of SIDI road shoes. Price starting from 129.99 Euro is lower than that for the comparison winner. Here carbon is used. The shoe has two caps and owns the Shimano click System. However it is only in sizes 38 and 39. Test comparison of men’s shoes is worth a look at the Scott MTB Pro (Note 1.4). In addition to a heel reinforcement and an ergonomic footbed, there is the Shimano click System, a double locking system and an acceptable price of 101,16 euro in this model.

    What bike shoes are there?

    In addition to bicycle shoes for road and mountain bikes, there are still some orders for special requirements. Triathlon shoes are similar to konzipiet such as shoes for road bikes, but in addition have elements that allow a quick putting on and taking off. These include a special strap at the heel and closures, which are extra wide open Let n. This is for use at the triathlon of great importance. Specially made cycling shoes for the bike are offered for the winter. These are designed so that they better keep off cold and moisture than conventional models. For this purpose, the shoes are extra padded and sometimes exhibit an extended shaft.

    Who manufactures bike shoes?

    Some manufacturers of bicycle shoes were mentioned in the test report, such as Shimano, Sidi and VAUDE. Other companies include Mavic, Northwave, Gore, Diadora, Giro, Scott, Pearl, Airstar and adidas.


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