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▷ bike test 2017: best kids bikes in the test

‘S bike test 2017: comparison on

the bike test 2017 shows what features should have a good bike. Children have much fun to ride with the bike and to make the neighborhood unsafe. Parents take with their offspring to excursions in the nature or the daily school with them. To increase the roadworthiness and at the same time ensuring the safety of the child, children’s bikes should have some important components. When purchasing a note a lot, because the various models have large differences. Which properties should exhibit the winner of comparison of the bike? According to StVZO, which components are required and how can I improve the security of the wheel? To all of the questions, the bike test holds answers for you. Choose the bicycle according to the anatomy of the child so that it has control over its own wheel and can handle it easily. The safety is at the children’s bicycle test in the first place. To ensure maximum safety, look on braking, lighting and driving characteristics. The major Advisor to the bike test makes it easier to find the right bike.

The best bikes in the overview:

Children’s bikes in the test: which bike is best?

Thanks to bike test notice, that a light bike is advantageous so that children can wear it over curbs and steps. At the same time, it should be resilient to transport the girlfriend or boyfriend on the luggage carrier. Finally, even a simple handling is advantageous. It helps children to not be distracted from the traffic. Table of contents:

  • the best bikes at a glance:
    • children’s bikes in the test: which bike is best?
    • How big should the bike be?
    • The various models of children’s bicycles
    • What should have a good bike
    • The lighting on the bike in the test
    • Accessories for the bike in the test

so the bike test 2017. has a good bike well functioning brake and reflectors,

How big should the bike be?

For the selection of the proper children bike, it is important to take into account the physical conditions of the child. Size and leg length play a large role. The your child’s inseam is crucial. The stride length is the distance between ground and step. It is important to adjust the saddle height that your child is at minimum saddle height touching the ground with both feet or ball of the foot. The contact with the ground with your feet should be guaranteed, in order to provide certainty. Measure the inseam yourself: with a ruler or measuring tape, you can easily detect the your child’s inseam. This it turns straight and without shoes on a wall. Step length is the distance between the top edge of the yardstick – there, where during the cycling of the saddle is located – and ground. Make a note of the value and compare it with the bike size chart. Especially when the first road tests, the novice is still very timid and inexperienced in the road. Children are highly vulnerable road users and should not be due to an incorrectly selected bike size at even greater risk. Watch out for the correct sitting posture: Arms and legs should be slightly bent. The knee may encounter while driving not at the elbow. 8 year old or younger cyclists must ride with the bike on the sidewalk. Between 8 and 10 years old, children are allowed to use the walkway, they no longer need it. When crossing the road, they must push the wheel. The size of the bicycles and frames is the wheel diameter is measured in inches. For the very small wheels, you can buy additional training wheels and protective devices such as edge protection and full Chainguard.

The kids bike, size 12 inches in the test

An age of from 2 to 3 years and a body height of approximately 95 cm, your child can take a 12-inch kids bike. Bicycles in size are referred to as classic game bikes and are the first own motorcycle for many children. Avoid it, to force to upgrade to the 12-inch bicycle your slip. He is still too timid, he should continue to drive with the impeller. Otherwise there may be a reported come zlichen rejection of bicycle riding.

The kids bike, size 14 inches in the test

This bike is suitable for 3-year up 5 children. The body size should be 105 to 115 cm. Still not your child is ready to learn to ride a bike, you can drag also a kids scooter into consideration. The children’s bikes in the test with the size 12-14 inch have a low step-through, a coaster brake and a rim brake and adjustable saddles and handlebars.

Kids Bike of size 16 inches in the test

Your offspring is approximately 100 cm in size, at least 3.5 years old and motor well skilled, he can drive even the 16 inch kids bike. In children with a well-developed balance the feet must not completely reach the ground, the toes sufficient usually. children’s bikes in the test:

the bike, size 18-inch in the test

find the right size the 18 inch Kids Bike is suitable for 4 years with a size of about 105 cm. The area of the game bikes ends with the 18-inch class. Up to this size the children’s bicycles are considered according to test more toys and less as a means of transportation. Often, these bikes not yet with a traffic-light system are equipped. This bike is suitable also for 5 years. Above test takes into account that children’s bikes are the best-selling entry level wheels with 16-18 inches. Set to no wheel, that your child must grow into. The wheel is too large, your child and the remaining traffic are at risk. The wheels in size partly have a hub gear. Choose only a bike with gears, if the small cyclist already safely sit in the saddle. The sizes are 12 to 18 inches among the game bikes.

Kids Bike of size 20 inches in the test

Children at the age of 8 to 10 years drive typically a 20-inch bicycle. The size of the child should be approximately 130 to 145 cm. The details vary depending on the anatomy and age. So, the kids bike for 6 year old can be determined. Also models in the style of mountain biking are offered in this size. For such models, the child should be already experienced in dealing with the two wheels on the road. The bike in the 20-inch class is winner of comparison, if of with a 6 or 7 speed gearbox and is equipped with a lighting system. So, your child also in hilly areas can have joy of riding a bike and is perceived by other road users from afar.

Kids Bike of size 24 inches in the test

Aged between 10 and 13 years, children and young people can ride the 24 inch bike. This bike size is suitable for a height between 145 and 160 cm. As your child grows, now not as much and quickly this bike should be high quality, because it can be ridden very long. The children’s bikes sizing chart includes reference values. Because the individual body stature within the ages vary, there can be differences.

Childhood (years) body height (cm) Step length (cm) Children’s bike sizes
1 – 1,5 86 33 Only bicycles
1,5 – 2 92 37 Only bicycles
2 – 3 98 40 Wheels or 12 inches
3 – 4 104 44 12 – 14 inch
4 – 5 110 48 12 – 16 inch
5 – 6 116 51 14 – 18 inch
6 – 7 122 55 16 – 20 inch
7 – 8 128 59 18 – 20 inch
8 – 9 134 62 18 – 20 inch
9 – 10 140 66 20 – 24 inch
10 – 11 146 69 24-inch
11-12 152 72 24-16 inch
12-13 158 75 24-26 inch
13-14 164 77 26 inch
14 170 80 26 inch

The different models of children’s bicycles

the bicycle sizes there are in various models. All-round models are suitable for city tours, as well as for off-road driving. Decide which model is suited best for your needs before you buy. Mountain bike models have a derailleur gears up to 27 gears and tyres, studs, also via a telescopic forks and a fully-frame. Saddle and handlebars are located on one level. The frame of this drive wheels is characterized by a high upper tube. A BMW model is a recreational bike and rather impractical in everyday life. It has no switching, no Porter, no fenders, no lighting. The handlebar is higher than the saddle. This bike is suitable mainly for short distances. There are also bikes for young cyclists. So, children can attain high speeds. These wheels are characterized by a light weight and narrow tyres with little friction. For the little ones, the wheels should be but not smaller than 25 mm. These tires can be driven with little pressure and provide good traction. Wire and tube tires are used on the tires for the road.

What should have a good bike

When choosing the right children wheel, among other things, whether the ascent and descent simply is, whether it can switch between the aisles, whether’s can easily operate the brakes and whether it touches the ground with their feet in an upright sitting position.

According to European (StVZO) the following criteria are required:
  • Helltönende ring
  • two independent brakes
  • white headlight front
  • white reflector that can be integrated in the front lights
  • Dynamo (Dynamo hub or battery light)
  • four yellow cat’s eyes or reflective silver stripe on the tyre or the spokes
  • non-slip pedals with pedal reflectors on the front and rear
  • red tail light with reflector
  • Red reflector
Are also recommended:
  • Gear
  • fenders front and rear
  • racks
  • bike racks
  • chain guard for safety of falls and dirt

Pay attention to safety and quality seal. The European safety standard EN 71 lays down the limit values for harmful substances in toys. Some manufacturers also provide their products with the GS-sign. This label means “tested safety” and shows that the bike complies with the current safety standards and is tested by the TÜV.

The lighting on the bike in the test

The children wheel must above all one: be sure. It is important that children be well seen by other road users. Therefore, an effective lighting system is a must. A brighter coat of paint as well as reflectors increase the visibility of the child still on the wheel. For children’s bicycles for the little ones, a light installation is not prescribed. Nevertheless, front and rear light can complement the reflectors located on the wheel and reflectors.

There are three types of reflectors:
  • The bright white front reflectors
  • red rear reflectors
  • ,

  • reflective yellow spotlights spokes and pedals

The reflectors guarantee that others see your child from all sides to road users. The reflective effect is given, every now and again, contamination of the reflectors should remove with water. of the test: the bike is top quality and saddle and handlebars are adjustable, children and teenagers can drive long’s.

The chain guard

Sprockets and chain should be covered by a chain guard so that children don’t soil themselves and especially from being caught with the clothing in the chain. So may cause serious accidents.

The front and back pedal brake

The main components include also the brakes. The bike test recommends a back pedal brake on the children’s bike, in addition to the mandatory front brake that ensures the greater stopping power in any case. Children can use the coaster brake easily and intuitively. Both hands stay on the wheel. The front brake should be easy to press and be easily accessible by small hands. When the child to suddenly brake, it can operate quickly and easily the front brake. The brakes should be child-friendly and may be adjusted not too hard, as this can result in falls.

The gear shift

The small game bicycles a gear shift still does not make sense. It takes youth bicycles use a size of 24-26 inches. Small children are often overwhelmed with a gearshift and thus distracted. Especially good for children, the hub gear suitable because it is protected against external shocks and pollution. Her wear is therefore low.

Handlebar and saddle

Both components should be variable in height. So your child can enjoy, even if it grows quickly, long the own children’s bike. You can adjust the seat position to the size of the child and egg n allow for comfortable sitting.

Other relevant components of children wheel the bike test:
  • Tires: The tires are usually wide to attenuate shock. Is good if they give a maximum grip. Security is going on speed.
  • Pad: some are attached to the crossbar or the handlebar pad to protect down.
  • Handles: handles many end up with a spherical protection.
  • Frame: a low frame, which allows a simple up and down is ideal.

Colorful designs on the Kids Bike

age – and gender-specific colorful designs help to meet the tastes of children. They use their bike often. Pink flowers and fairies adorn the typical child’s bike for girls. There are, however, rather young wheels in dark colors. In mountain bike look the little ones feel guaranteed particularly sporty.

How much is a good bike?

Look on a good workmanship and high quality materials. Children’s bikes often have deficiencies in the safety standards from discount stores. The price is however no guarantee. You are on the safe side, if you pay attention to the quality seal on the bike.

Accessories for the bike in the test

Any novice should wear a bicycle helmet because it can not sufficiently overlooking the traffic and is a very inexperienced road users. You can equip the helmet, but also the children bike even with additional accessories. A bike lock is of course very important, to prevent the child’s bike theft. Longer tours with the child you can attach a water bottle and panniers on the wheel. In addition, a pennant on bicycles is recommended. The pennant is a flag on a long rod. It helps that motorists can better see your child – for example, when it is between parked cars. With a neighbour Bell, cyclists to can draw attention and warn other road users. Training wheels simplify driving, but also an obstacle for the expression of the sense of balance. Is driving your child with a wheel, training wheels are usually not needed. The test presents manufacturer of children’s bicycles: Puky – Pegasus – S’COOL – Bachtenkirch – bulls – Winora – Kawasaki – Hai bike – Delta – star trademarks – Rixe – Orbea – Bada – JAB – MTB Cycletech – bike dream – deVELOpment


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