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▷ city bike test 2017: the best city bikes in the test

City bike test 2017: comparison on

the city bike test compares the latest models. You want to use the wheel for short distances in the city and occupy a comfortable sitting position it? Then, a city bike is the right bike for you. Because of the low entry level, it is suitable also well for older cyclists. City bikes are very popular: round one million city bikes are sold in Germany every year. The city bike for ladies is a big hit. City bikes score points by the comfortable seating position, the low step-through, wide tires, mudguards and rack. The city bike test 2017 informs you, what you should consider when buying and shows advantages and disadvantages.

The best city bikes at a glance

The city bike in the test – infos & tips

The city bike is called a “Touring bike” and is suitable for universal use in everyday life. In major cities, they are often faster to the target with the wheel. On the bike, they are athletic, flexible and cheap on the road. Generally, you have the choice between 26-inch and 28 inch wheels. Thanks to the upright seating position, you have a good overview. She thus present a smaller distance than at other wheels of handlebar and saddle results. City bikes are available for a small price. For untrained cyclists who use the bike only occasionally, this type of bike is exactly right. Table of contents:

  • the best city bikes at a glance
    • the city bike in the test – infos & tips
    • the city bike test: what to look for when buying
    • city bikes in the test: find the right size
    • pros and cons in the city-bike test

which is best city bike? The city bike test will tell you.

The city bike test: what to look for when buying

When the purchase details. So, for example, the construction of the handlebar is important. This should be ergonomically curved to the driver. It is advantageous if it can be adjusted in height. Also the saddle and seat post should be adjustable. Especially slightly wider saddles are suitable for the city bike. They should have cushioned saddle supports depending on seat position, which relieve the back. A fork must not necessarily exist, but she can attenuate the impact when driving over cobblestone streets or curbs. Mostly resignation brakes, which are built into the wheel hub is located on a city bike. You can choose also a wheel with freewheel hub. Hydraulic disc brakes or rim brakes are of particularly high quality. In the acquisition, they are slightly more expensive, but also maintenance. Often to the city bicycle gear hubs are located. The advantages of this circuit are, that they are less likely to repair and have a long service life. Mostly, they are provided with a rotary handle. Today, they are almost as powerful as derailleurs. For short city tours is a seven or eight-speed gearbox. This depends on the requirements of the cyclist off and the road conditions. You are only in a city without Hill, a three speed gearbox may be enough. The guard plates should be long enough not to soil the clothes. Hub dynamos or LEDs are located on the city bikes. It is advantageous if the lights even at standstill. If the wheel has a sturdy bike rack, you can store it easily anywhere. The carrier should be able to withstand at least 25 kilograms of load. You can attach a basket or bicycle bags on the luggage carrier and transporting shopping or your working clothes. When purchasing, you can choose between bikes made of steel and aluminium with aluminum frames are lighter. Find rare models with steel frame, they are also more prone to corrosion. The tires are wide, you provide more comfort. With large puncture-proof tyres you can to protect yourself from glass and gravel, they are also slightly heavier. The hybrid bike is a type of city bikes. The bikes are equipped mostly with a derailleur system. Cyclists sit on them athletic stretched and can handle also increases. The Dutch also belongs to the wheels in the city. Here too the upright seating position is characteristic, as well as a wider handlebar. Often, a coat saver wheel is located.

City bikes in the test: find the right size

With the purchase of the bike be sure that the wheel is the right size. The upper pipe as low should be d ate it while it standing between the legs, do not touch. The handlebar must be distant from the saddle so that your legs don’t touch him while driving. You can vary the seat position, depending on how you adjust saddle and handlebars. An upright seating position is very pleasant. An inclined posture, however, has a lower air resistance, so you move forward faster. It is also important that it is adapted to the bike saddle to your physical conditions. The right saddle can be used to prevent pain. The frame size must be the own step size. Set high enough the saddle, to avoid knee problems.

Advantages and disadvantages in the city-bike test

    • + By the deep entry is guaranteed also for inexperienced cyclists safety.
    • + City bikes are cheaper compared to other bikes (mountain bikes, road bikes) a lot.
    • – This model offers little athleticism. Want you be traveling fast and streamlined, you should look around for a different kind of bike.
    • – The frame geometry is not so stable through the deep manhole.
    • – This bike is not suitable for long distances. Also in mountainous regions of the city bike comparison of them discourages.

get a city bike comparison winner, on the way to be safe in the city.

The city bike comparison winner – what is it?

The comparison winner has high-quality brakes, a stable framework and a traffic-grade bike lighting. In addition, it has a wide, curved to the drivers arm, ergonomic handles, a gearshift, wide tires and a gel seat including seat posts. Handlebars and the seat are adjustable.

The ladies city bike and the city bike for men

The main difference between a city bike for women and one for men is that the ladies city bike in the test has a low average and at an angle at the top of skirting the upper bar in men.

Bicycle accessories

A high-quality bike lock is important to secure the wheel from thieves. The thefts are increasing especially in big cities. It is mostly a lock which costs 5-10 percent of bicycle purchase price. Even if there is no helmet is compulsory in Germany, the city bike test, to wear a helmet is recommended. The bicycle lighting is still crucial in terms of safety. Thereby adhere to the requirements of the road traffic Act (StVO). A bicycle trailer is recommended if you wish to transport children, your dog or other loads. For your child, you can alternatively mount a bike seat on a city bike. Well-known manufacturers of city bikes: Kettler, Batavus, giant, Hercules, Vermont, ortler, Bergamont, Kalkhoff, Shimano


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