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▷ dog trailer test 2017: best dog trailers in the test

Dog trailer test 2017: comparison on

not only for children: there are also bicycle trailer specifically for your dog. Many cyclists want to can transport safely and quickly with the bike not only their children. Also the best friend of man, the dog should participate in excursions with the wheel. For this purpose there are special large and small dog bicycle trailers on the market. Dog trailers test on to learn more about the different models of the manufacturer of kids touring, Majidi, Tiggo and Trixie and what to look for, if you want to buy a dog trailer. Is a dog bicycle trailers in the test, which is ideally suited for your purposes? Inspire yourself and ask yourself before buying, which must withstand loads the bike trailer for your dog in the practice test.

The best dog trailers at a glance:

Dog trailers in the test – a bike trailer for every dog

Dog is not the same dog: will you buy a dog trailer for your bike, also the size of your dog in the buying decision plays into it. For larger dogs there are typically also stronger systems than for the smaller dogs. Table of contents:

  • the best dog trailers at a glance:
    • dog trailers in the test – a bike trailer for every dog
    • dog trailers for bikes in the test report – to the construction of the models
    • transport of your dog by bike – bike trailer and security
    • dog trailers in the test – habituation to the ride
    • dog trailers in the test: what is required at the time of purchase?

Dog trailers for bikes in the test report – to the construction of the models

For active cyclists and their four-legged companions, increasingly many models which make it possible that even older, sick or those dogs over long distances can accompany excursions by bike can be found on the market. The dog trailer offset the usual bike trailer while in many respects. A distinction can be made between three – and zweirädrigem bike trailer. The additional wheel can optimize the driving stability as a whole. Also these trailers can be used independently of the bike as Jogger which means that you can lead your dog even when running with it. These include in particular the models with three tires of kids touring and Tiggo (except model 10115-01 – the Jogger grip is missing here). The dog trailers in the test by Majidi (crane mini) and Trixie can be even from two-wheeled trailers by only a few handles in a Jogger, by an additional third wheel is attached. dog trailers in the test: which bike trailers for dogs is comparison winner? All dog trailers in the test are connectable over the rear axle and connect because the annex with the bike. But it requires, first and foremost a bicycle tow bar, which can be upgraded but generally straightforward. At the Doggyhut (German Kennel) of Tiggo for 80 euro, the clutch is even already with included.

Transport of your dog by bike – bike trailer and security

The weight of the dog trailer in the test is on average 12 kilograms. Apart from the comparison winner of bike trailers for dogs, providing aluminium is made, the frame of the bike trailers for dogs in the test are heavier steel. Size comparison shows that the doggy tourer with a weight of just 13.5 kilograms is also the largest supporter of all. He also distinguishes itself by a carrying capacity of up to 80 kg. This is this bike trailers especially for very large dogs. But at the end of not only the weight of the trailer, but also the weight of the dog on the mass-to-grow, you want to hang on your bike. How hard should the trailer to the bicycle with your dog at the end be? The additional weight means a higher effort in any case. For this reason, it is important that you pay attention to the directional stability of the dog trailer. According to carry more weight, according to the test with the dog trailer, the more changed also the driving experience. Tipping of the trailer could be dangerous not only for the dog, but also for you. It is also important that you accustom your dog enough on the dog trailer. To the safety of the animal always leash the dog trailer according to test.

Dog trailers in the test – getting used to the moving object

For dogs, a bike trailer according to test in most cases is a challenge. Not every dog is quickly accustomed to the movements. Before you put your dog in the trailer to the bicycle, you should gradually used him to the new vehicle. It is very important that your four-legged friend behaves as quiet during the journey in the dog trailer. He moves too much, the trailers can tip quickly and threatens a fall. Each dog responds differently to unknown objects. Best go ahead in small steps. Let in the trailer place take the dog from time to time, until a habituation occurs. Use, if necessary, also a favorite blanket or toy of your dog that you want in the bicycle dog trailers. Here, you can again close also the zipper of the dog trailer and open, so that the dog can get used to the noise and the barrier. Only when your pet behaves calmly in the dog trailer, you should take first outings on foot – only a few times the floor up and down, then – if the dog trailer in the test has a Jogger function – also already out there. When we were out walking, you can run your dog any time apart from the trailer and the trailer. The trailer to the bicycle for the dog is no longer, a foreign object, you can go first even short distances. Not every dog is to friends according to the test with a dog bicycle trailer. However, many dogs learn to appreciate the advantage of this movement: the animals can long distances and explore the environment without fully work out to – especially since not every dog is physically able to travel such long distances on his own four paws. Test, if necessary, in advance, if your dog is generally able to get accustomed to the dog bicycle trailers. This, you can use a different bike trailers or test to borrow a trailer for dogs. To allow also a certain comfort your pet, you should opt for a cushioned dog trailers. In the test, many models through the air-filled tires are well sprung.

Dog trailers in the test: what is to be considered when purchasing?

Before you buy a dog trailers for bikes, you should clarify some issues: < ol >

  • < ol > how big and stable must be the dog trailer? Need a dog trailer for a large dog or simply a smaller model? The weight of larger dogs requires also usually more stable trailer constructions. Small movements of a 40-kilo dog can lead to loss of control and as a result, the fall. Also are the most dog trailers in the test only for a maximum weight of 40 kg. Exception is merely the dog trailer comparison winner with a load capacity of up to 80 kg. Be aware in any event aware that you must also consider the additional weight in.
  • with the dog trailer, you can have your pet on long bike tours always. How often would you make use of a dog trailer

  • < ol >? Not for everyone it is worth to buy an expensive model. You take the dog on a long bicycle trip only once or twice a month, then usually an easier dog trailers from the test will suffice. The dog trailer, which can be transform to the Jogger enable versatile usage. Sporty people can carry then their dog not only cycling, but also for jogging on longer routes. Here too: Larger breeds are generally very athletic and physically able to travel long distances on foot. Your dog is already somewhat older and/or health slightly beaten, then the dog trailer according to test in turn can pay off.
  • Do you want to invest

  • how much money in your dog? Certainly, the dog trailer comparison winners uses especially large dogs who know how to appreciate a certain comfort. Before investing you should sure however that your four-legged companion is the dog trailers not by genuinely unwilling. But also keep in mind that you must purchase add, where appropriate, additional reflectors for trailers, for the vehicle in the dark to be sufficiently visible.
  • Bike trailers for dogs are not cheap: the comparison winner of the dog trailer in the test is the model of kids touring. This investment should be considered but with a price of less than 600 euro. Need you only once in a while a en dog trailers, also a cheaper model is sufficient according to test – about the price-performance-winner, the Doggyhut of Tiggo for nearly 120 euros. You can easily work around this bicycle dog trailer to the Jogger. So, according to test, bike and dog trailers are usable independently of each other.


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