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▷ folding bike test 2017: the best folding bikes in the test

Folding bike test 2017: comparison on

folding bike in the test – test shows where the strengths and weaknesses lie. Folding bicycles are nowadays strong popular, they are extremely practical. The fast folding operation and low range, they occupy in the folded State, they can conveniently and comfortably in bus and rail transport, without that they lose their driving function. While the classic folding wheel dates back to the 70’s and 80’s. The model but offers a lot more in terms of comfort and simplicity of folding techniques today, is different from the principle but not by his ancestors from the GDR. With the advancement of technology, also the folding bikes have experienced technical upgrade. So have many models with an electric motor. But that must mean that the electric bikes are superior to their counterparts with physical strength? In the guide the folding bike test on Let’s go this question and clarify about which properties must have folding bikes, how they function technically and how they differed from each other in detail.

The best folding bikes at a glance:

It must be fast and comfortable

Whether manually or electrically operated, all folding bikes in the test offer an extremely wide field of application. Whether in the city or in the country, whether as part of recreational pleasure, everywhere prove the collapsible wheels of sports activities or the pure passion for this type of transportation, extremely functional. Especially commuters use the advantages of folding. Allow them but quickly and comfortably between the stops back and forth to move. Many of the foldable bicycles then also take in bus and train, then get out right back to move. Table of contents:

  • the best folding bikes at a glance:
    • fast and convenient should it be
    • best folding bike of the GDR
    • the technical development of
    • folding bikes compared
    • the purchase categories for the folding bikes in the test

best folding bike of the DDR

classic model from the GDR was built by the firm of Mifa. The folding process was made possible, by the wheel is folded over a joint in the main frame tube and retracted the saddle through a separate mechanism. The whole thing was then folded with the handlebar over the Middle joint of the wheel – and in a very short time. each brand in the test either comes with a chain or hub gears. Who then bought a folding bike, got a wheel a gearshift usually from three to seven aisles. Generally, these wheels with a hub gear were fitted. In contrast to the derailleur gear system, this offers still have the advantage that the hems remains free of oil and grease. Should be changed with a hub gear of the hose, which is somewhat tedious, because only the chain Guard must be removed. Basically, every modern brand in the test even as the wheels of that time behaves. The exceptions to this are folding bikes made of aluminium, which themselves have greatly improved technically in relation to weight and speed. Also, there was still no folding bikes equipped with electric motors in the GDR. Continue to have many folding wheels these days more hinges and are therefore both the Seatpost and the steering tube folding, depending on the manufacturer of Rails and hinges.

The technical development

The name folding bike should indicate that originally the technical development and progress as compared to the former folding bike. Nowadays both terms as synonyms are used and no longer differ in meaning. Many high-profile models from the today’s manufacturers come with special extras. So some folding bikes offer similar to city bikes or bikes a particular carrier, bike trailer, or special accessories such as child seats or folding bike locks. Such tools have been rewarded in the folding bike test with an appreciation.

Folding bikes in comparison

On the folding bike market manufacturers such as link, tern, have been Dahon and Shimano sport made a name. They all face each other in the folding bike test and offer both models and as also without electric motor. As regards price and weight the E-bikes differ st right Ark of their non-motorised counterparts. The East German mark Mifa is still the model for many folding bike manufacturer. The wheels inch moves between 16 “and 20” and often used lightweight frame materials such as aluminium. The wheels fit folded with ease in any trunk through the simple equipment. The most specimens come even today with seven gears and a hub – gear therefore, where the chain folding does not slip away. The electric wheels offer the same technical facilities on the built-in motor. This gives them but also a special feature: the acceleration or pushing aid. The motor is running, while the driver side. Motor effect is allowing easier to carry heavy loads. However, this restriction that a speed of 6 km / h must not be exceeded. But no matter the choice falls on what kind of folding bike, after all, should be that it certified and is safety tested taken on each case. Otherwise, the traffic safety is not guaranteed and the folding bike riding can be dangerous.

The purchase categories for the folding bikes in the test

buy a folding bicycle? No problem, if the required amount of context is known. This applies to all types of bicycles. The frame height is undoubtedly most important purchase criteria for a folding bike. Many newcomers have difficulties to determine the appropriate height for themselves. Leaving to prevent problems and subsequent health effects with a simple calculation. It is easy to measure the size of the body and to match them with the values in the following table of sizes. The height of the frame thus recommended can be applied also for ordinary bicycles. It is but still very important that every newcomer in the shop can be give a purchase advice and tried out the corresponding frame height. Also the folding bike comparison winner must be adapted accordingly, before he can be fully enjoyed.


Body size frame size (in inches)
160-165 cm 15″ 16″
165-170 cm 16″ – 17″
170-175 cm 16, 5″-17, 5″
175-180 cm 17, 5″ 18, 5″
180-185 cm 18″ 19″
185-190 cm 19-20, 5″
190-195 cm 20, 5″ 22″

Another important criterion is the folding mechanism. He should be good and not too complicated to use. Above all, he must can be implemented quickly. So, offers the best E-bike folding bike in the test a very simple folding mechanism and receives according to brownie points for this kind of comfort. Also the quality of the individual components of the folding mechanism is important. Hinges, Rails and also the frame must be high quality, so that the wheel makes good service even after multiple folding processes. Also on the weight of the wheels are designed in the folding bike test. Well 15 kg should not be exceeded in the ideal case. Finally, each average strong man able should be to carry around the wheel for a short period of time. As folding bicycles have shown in the test but the trend is strongly stable and somewhat heavier materials. The best E-bike folding bike test brings proud 23 kilograms, the non-motorized winner brings still 17 kilograms. Definitely check the weight of a folding bike in the test before you decide on a purchase.


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