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▷ folding lock test 2017: the best folding locks in the test

Folding lock in 2017 test: comparison on

Security for your bike

a folding lock as in the test is similar to that of the construction a ruler. Bicycle theft is everyday life in cities such as Berlin. According to police crime statistics, the number of thefts in the capital has grown further in the year 2015. Keep Pilferer of them, steal your bike, among other things, the use of a good bike lock is recommended. Folding locks offer a relatively high level of security as in the test. They consist of multiple joints, which is why they are also under the name „ hinged lock “ are known. In the following report about the test to the folding Castle, we inform you about the benefits of this closure. Also, we explain what aspects of the purchase of the bicycle Castle are to be observed.

The best folding locks from the test at a glance

Certification of the folding Castle

There is no single scale can be measured with how secure is a folding lock from the test. Various manufacturers trust the locks on their safety each according to its own system. So, for example, the company Abus has divided its products into 15 security levels, while operating the TRELOCK company with only six categories. The General German Bicycle Club e.V. (ADFC) is considered independent and gives seal of approval to bicycle locks. It is also possible to orient themselves on the basis of ADFC certification. Table of contents:

  • security for your bike
  • the best folding locks from the test at a glance
    • certification of the folding Castle
    • consulting to the folding lock test
    • conclusion to the folding lock test
    • How can you protect your bike yet?

Advice to the folding lock test

this test investigates the folding lock – however, there are alternatives. So you can decide which folding lock is your comparison winner, we explain the points for a purchase in the following chapters. Finally we arrive on other measures, which contribute to the protection of your bicycle.

What types of bike locks are there?

The lock can be a folding lock as in the test. There are however also other variants. The so-called u-lock is considered as the safest locking device. The name refers to its rigid ironing. Usually, a u-lock is made of steel. A high protective function is granted also chain locks and armored cables, whereas frame and spiral cable locks alone are not enough to secure the bicycle. The latter two are rather short-term lock, if the owner himself wants to remove only for a few minutes, whilst it retains the bicycle in sight. Meanwhile, wheels with a Bluetooth lock can be secured. This is connected to an app to your Smartphone.

What are the benefits of a good folding lock?

Stable like a padlock and flexible at the same time as a chain lock – a good folding lock from the test has some advantages. Since the limbs of the Castle are movable, it is difficult to attach a saw for thieves. The „ crack “ of the folding castle with a bolt cutter design also complicated, because the setting of the device is made difficult by the flat profile. A folding lock as in the test can be folded together like a ruler. This, it is well on the wheel to attach E.g. to the bottle holder or the frame. Thanks to the flexible limbs, the bike can be connected to various objects.

Closing mechanism

Each folding lock in the test is by means of a key or locked. Although a code lock is possible. Here, a specific numeric code must be entered. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. So the owner can not lose the code as a key, but forgot.


Each folding lock presented in the test can be attached to the bike – a fitting on the frame or on the bottle holder are possible. One reason for this is the relatively high weight of many folding locks which would or similar make to move in the backpack rather unpleasant for the owner.

Length and weight

The models in the test have different lengths. As a general rule: the longer the folding Castle, the more options there are to join the bicycle. Even with the weight, there are differences. A folding lock how can test about weigh from 600 g to 1.6 kg. Sturdy locks are usually to the heavier models.


the folding locks in the test to protect the bike from thieves. If you want to buy a folding lock as in the test for your bike, you have the choice between several price ranges. There are folding locks, which cost more than $100. Other models, however, are already to have less than 40 euro. How much someone for a bike lock wants to spend, including certainly depends on how much it cost the wheel to be protected. Only a few cyclists will appear probably makes sense to spend more money for the Castle as for the bicycle. On the other hand is to bear in mind, however that when leaving a cheap lock both the money wheel, as well as for the bicycle are gone.

Conclusion to the folding lock test

Which model is considered the best folding lock, every bike owner decides for himself. The security aspect is likely to be most important. Only a lock that protects the wheel from thieves, fulfills its purpose. It is also possible to secure the bike not only with a single lock. Two bicycle locks even more complicate the theft.

How can you protect your bike yet?

If you find your comparison winner folding lock, you have therefore an anti-theft device. However no lock can guarantee full protection. The ADFC recommends cyclists to observe some basic rules to increase the security of their wire donkey. These include among others the following tips:

  • a wheel should not only ab -, but also be connected. Ideal are anchored objects such as E.g. fixed bicycle stand. Frame and front and rear wheel are to secure with the lock. Not all castles are flexible enough. However, such as a folding or chain lock is suitable.
  • It is also safer when off the bike not in lone, poorly visible places.
  • Also it is better to vary the siding, to provide any information about the best time for a theft thieves out.
  • The wheel is connected at home, best in the locked basement of owner’s or in a lockable bike box.
  • An encoding of the two Wheeler makes it hard for thieves to sell this. The encoding on the frame that indicates who is the owner.
  • To adequately describe the wheel in case of a theft, a bike pass is useful. Important information about the bicycle be entered in this pass, about special features and the brand.

For owners in the case of theft of your bicycle to get at least a compensation, they can take out a bike insurance.


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