Best Bike Reviews / ▷ junior bike (26 inch) test 2017: the best youth bikes in the test

▷ junior bike (26 inch) test 2017: the best youth bikes in the test

Youth bicycle 26 inch test 2017: comparison on

The appropriate bike for young riders

youth bikes with 26-inch in the test are suitable for young people from a certain height. A bike must be adapted to the size of the user among other things. Therefore require youth other wheels as adults. The size of the frame of a bicycle is specified in centimeters or inches. Hence the name 26-inch wheel. Such a size is recommended for young people, whose height is over 140 cm. The adolescents is even smaller, has already reached the 130-cm mark, more suitable a bike with a frame size of 24 inches. The size however is not the single aspect, which should be given prominence at the purchase of a youth bicycle. Other criteria, such as E.g. adequate lighting, are crucial for a street-legal.

The best youth bikes with 26-inch from the test at a glance:

Help with an important decision

In our report on the youth bike with 26-inch in the test, we present you the best youth bikes. In addition we explain what types of youth bikes there, when a wheel is suitable for road use and on what you should look for when buying still. Table of contents:

  • the suitable bike for young riders
  • the best youth bikes with 26-inch from the test at a glance:
    • help with an important decision
    • which types of bicycles for young people is there?
    • The buying advice to the youth bike-26 inch test
    • The conclusion to the junior bike-26 inch test
    • When a junior bike for road use is approved?

What types of bicycles for young people is there?

In the youth bike (26 inch) test are city bikes and mountain bikes. In the following we introduce these two types of wheel them.

  • Mountain bike: this type is known as MTB. A mountain bike is designed for the sports in hilly terrain. It can drive even on rocky or sandy surfaces, this bike has bicycle tires with a strong profile. A mountain bike is suitable for road use but not often. MTB often have a poor lighting. Also mudguards are not always available. That must not necessarily be a disadvantage as long as mountain bikes, as seen above, are used for sports in the mountains. There are for young people but also safer versions of these bikes now.
  • City Bike: such bikes have mostly the necessary equipment, which is prescribed for a use on the road. In addition, they often provide facilities for transportation as a luggage rack or a basket on the handlebars. City bikes have tires that are thick enough to drive even on uneven ground. There are some other names for this bike. A city bike for young people is referred to as a city bike and sometimes a student bicycle.

No matter what type of bike children prefer – a bicycle helmet you should wear in any case. It is also advisable to check the tire pressure on a regular basis. If you want to be sure that the bicycle everything is alright, you can check it in a bike shop or a shop that specializes in bicycles.

The buying advice to the youth bike-26 inch test

If you decide for a junior bike, you should consider some criteria. Only a bike that suits the needs of your child, provides also a corresponding driving safety. in the junior bike-26 inch test all city bikes are on spoke reflectors.

  • Bike type: A city bike more typically meets the security standards than a mountain bike. However, that is not automatically that a MTB is worse. In addition, it can be done also roadworthy by installing lamps etc..
  • Frame size: the size of the driver determines the required size of the frame. This is given in the table not in inches, but in centimetres. The body size alone but is not enough to decide which wheel is right. The child should be at best test it out. A suitable frame size allows your child to touch the ground with both feet. For the saddle height must be adjusted under certain circumstances.
  • Material: the test for youth bikes with 26-inch shows mostly wheels, involving consist of aluminium. Early r, steel was used for it more often. The steel frame in the test is a bit heavier than those made of aluminium. This steel is generally tougher and longer-lasting.
  • Brakes: RIM brakes are most commonly represented in the test for the junior bike with 26-inch. This braking system is sufficient for driving in everyday life. Mountain bikes, however, have often called disc brakes. These have a higher braking power, which is useful for use on rough surface.
  • Circuit: there are two types of circuits in the test – the chain and the hub gear. Former circuit allows a large number of courses, but relatively maintenance complex, because they quickly wear out. Also the chain comes off even faster from the wheel, such as in falls or impacts. For derailleur gears offer a high degree of efficiency. A hub gear is easy to use and makes possible a coaster brake. It is sturdy and relatively low maintenance. However the rear thus becomes more difficult and the efficiency is not as pronounced as in the derailleur.
  • Gears and gear: there are more passages, the better the driver can adjust his effort of the climb impossible. A rotary handle circuit is usually easy to use for children.
  • Suspension: the suspension is intended to protect the driver, such as when uneven ground from impact. Bicycles, which are both on the front and rear suspension, are referred to as full suspension. This is useful especially for mountain bikes. A suspension fork features shock absorbers and suspension. Suspension bikes are not only comfortable, but also more secure, because the wheels thereby have a more constant contact with the ground.
  • Bike racks: a bicycle rack has a practical function, because the wheel can stable be himself off. As a result, it is not necessary to sit it somewhere.

The conclusion with regard to the youth bike-26 inch test

experienced In the test to the junior bike with 26-inch crucial what criteria are, such as the type of suspension. The comparison winner from the junior bike-26 inch test is the Capriolo aluminium mountain bike model 2014 (Note 1.6). It is almost entirely supplied assembled, what does work for you. Also, this bike is very stable and offers a good feeling and a nice design. The winner of the comparison is suitable both for boys and girls. It is recommended for young people with a height more than 170 cm. The Capriolo aluminium mountain bike model 2014 features derailleur gears and a high number of courses – all 21. As a result, the driver climbs has very flexible setting options. Since it is fully suspended, bumps and other effects of uneven subsoil are captured or mitigated. With only 13 kg’s is one of the lightest models in the test. A disc brake ensures maximum braking effect. However, there is no resignation. Also, a rotary handle circuit and a bicycle stand is missing. The roadworthiness can subsequently produced by the cultivation of the required components. The winner of comparison costs 439,90 euro. The prize winner (rated 1.7) significantly with 175 euro undercuts this price. The 26-inch bicycle of Delta is a city bike. Here the design is pleasant the eye. Like when the winner of the comparison, the stability is very good. Although the bike is not assembled from Delta, but the Assembly can be done easily. This model of Delta is suitable for girls of a height between 145 and 170 cm. The rim is sufficient for normal routes in the city. A derailleur with 18 courses offers sufficient room when driving. In addition a rotary handle circuit that is easy to use. Also the bicycle stand is a plus. The prize winner is not much heavier than the winner of comparison. However, the missing suspension represents a disadvantage. As soon as the surface is not smooth and flat, this deficiency affects the ride comfort. If you are looking for a city bike, also the Pegasus is worth a look Avanti (Note 1.6). It has in addition to the parking brake a coaster brake, a Drehgriffschlatung and a Dynamo. Furthermore, scores the wheel with a good finish. The suspension fork provides a sufficient suspension for use in the city. Thanks to the bicycle rack, Pegasus is Avanti fits where others won’t turn off. The model for girl with a body size of at least 145 cm is suitable. However, the wheel with 16.5 kg is somewhat heavier than the test – and the winner of the prize. The number of gears is compared with the other models in the junior bike-26 inch test very low.

When a junior bike for road use is approved?

are also mountain bikes in the test for youth bikes with 26-inch. The road (StVZO) requires special equipment in § 67, which must have bicycles, to participate in the road. This applies to various components of the bicycle. A lamp that is front mounted on the bike belongs to the set lighting. Also a white reflector must be located front. At the rear or at the back of the wheel the StVZO requires a red reflector and a rear light with reflector. The spokes must have four so-called spoke reflectors, better known as „ cat “, have – two of them per wheel. Alternatively, also a side lighting with white reflective strips is possible. These can be mounted either on the spokes or the tire. Reflectors are also on the pedals duty – two per pedal. A bicycle requires two brakes, which must be independent of each other. A hand and a back pedal brake is recommended for children. The Bell is also the prescribed equipment. She must be good to hear. A brighter tone meets such as this condition. It is also important that the pedals are firmly screwed down. In addition, they must be non-slip. A Dynamo is not necessarily required since August 1, 2013. Lamps with battery or battery operation meet also. It is possible, a junior bike that is not sufficiently equipped, „ to upgrade “. Lamps and ringing can be, for example, subsequently purchased and mounted.


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