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▷ kickstand test 2017: the best bike racks in the test

Bicycle stand test 2017: comparison on

what bike racks can score particularly well in the test? Indispensable accessories for bicycles is the bicycle rack. While while racing bikes usually on the extra weight and the tendency towards obstacle for the feet is abandoned, they belong to the basic equipment primarily to city bike, mountain bike (MTB) and Dutch. Generally, the bicycle rack bike aims to ensure that the driver easily and easily can turn this off, without having the wheel while overturning when it is ajar not somewhere. The best and latest bike racks on heart and kidney are tested in the bike rack test at Products of the manufacturer Foxnovo, filmmaker, XLC, RFR and Tomount, see the report to the test. What makes a good bike rack? What differences are there between the side and two leg stand? And what bike rack comparison winner?

The best bike racks at a glance:

Bicycle rack in the test: what is at the stand of the bike?

From time to time, bicycles need an overhaul. Spring check your wheel, notice that the connection to the bicycle stand loose or it is even bent, tightening the screw may not always help. The stand of the bicycles are parts subject to wear and must be replaced and new, because they lose their function. Usually, it seems reasonable to buy a new bike rack – the moderate prices make buying cheap. But what to make when purchasing? Table of contents:

  • the best bike racks at a glance:
    • bicycle rack in the test: what is at the stand of the bike?
    • Side stand and two leg stand test
    • To the properties of the bike racks in the test
    • Conclusion: the best bike racks in the test

Side stand and two leg stand test

In the bike rack-test two models to fundamentally distinct were examined: the side stand and the two leg stand. The former tends to be the rule on most bikes today. The two-leg stand is used especially at the Dutch and also reinforced the city bike. But what are the pros and cons? A major advantage of the side stand is that the use of the stand is very simple. You can simply fold down the kickstand on the bike to bring it to a halt. In the two-leg stand, however, you must usually also still pull back the bicycle, to properly set up the legs and in a sense Jack up the bike. However the two-legged kickstand according to test is much more stable, while the side stand over the years can also bend or lose but by a dissolved screw connection on resistance – the stability of bicycles is then no longer guaranteed by the stand.

To the properties of the bike racks in the test

The bike racks in the test have resulting properties with regard to material characteristics and growing size. Read the most important aspects in the following:

  • < ol > suitable RadgrößeDie bike racks in the test match to bicycles with wheel sizes up to 28 inches. Larger wheels on the bike the stand the test according to provide sufficient supporting performance. When therefore the purchase that the bike racks for the size of your bicycle is suitable. The bike rack comparison winner of Foxnovo fit on bicycles with 26 to 27-inch tires. The model of RFR is primarily available for children’s bikes – up to maximum 26 inch tire size. Everyone else fit bikes with tires between 24 and 26 to 28 inches, respectively.
  • Material nature a bicycle rack in the test can be found also for children’s bikes. Apart from the bike rack of XLC, which is made of steel, all tested products are made of aluminium. A major advantage of this material is the special lightness with sufficient stability. A specialty here is the winner of filmmaker. The only two leg kickstand in the test impresses through the material mix of steel and aluminum, which he has a particular advantage in terms of stability.
  • Bring a special function to

  • HöhenverstellbarkeitUm be well prepared, to meet the needs the most bike racks in the test: you are height-adjustable. This means that you the angle of the stand the own Requirementsspecifications hen can easily adapt.
  • Exception here is the two-leg model: this is required due to the lifting function no adjustment of the inclination.

    Conclusion: the best bike racks in the test

    As comparison winner under the bicycle stands the model of Foxnovo excels himself. With its light construction and good processing, as well as the function of the height adjustment this stand comes with everything that is needed. He is still a cheap accessories for the bike with a price of less than €15. For owners of a Holland – or city bike, especially the two leg stand by filmmaker is recommended. The sturdy bike racks has distinguished itself with acquisition costs 7 euro as award winners.


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