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▷ Kids Bike (16-inch) test 2017: the best bikes in the test

Kids Bike 16 inch in the test: comparison on

The right choice of the first bicycle

the children’s bikes with 16 inches in the test are not allowed to traffic. Ride a bike makes high demands on motor skills and body control. Children are therefore rightly proud of themselves when they have learned driving on the wheel. A bike is a sports equipment and toys. This makes the cycling for children an interesting pastime. Already wheels are offered for children from the age of three years. The size of the frame of a bicycle is given usually in inches or in centimeters – therefore the indication of 16 inches. Typically, wheels in such a size for children aged from four to seven years are recommended. The children’s bikes with 16 inch assessed in the test from a particular perspective. We inform you about these criteria, which are for the purchase of such bicycle of importance. In addition, we explain which model in the test can be considered best Kids Bike 16 inch.

The best children’s bikes with 16 inches from the test at a glance:

Admission to the road transport

Children’s bikes are allowed usually not intended for road traffic, because they have not the full equipment, such as the prescribed bicycle light. In the test for kids bikes with 16-inch, no model is suitable for road use. The child may drive only on the sidewalk or in game streets. Table of contents:

  • the right choice of the first bicycle
  • the best children’s bikes with 16 inches from the test at a glance:
    • admission to the road transport
    • what types of children’s bicycles there?
    • The buying advice for Kids Bike (16-inch) test
    • The conclusion with regard to the child’s bike (16-inch) test

What types of children’s bicycles there?

Three types of wheels are represented in the test for the children bicycle 16 inch – the Cruiser, classic bike and a mountain bike.

  • Cruiser: this bike has a frame with a special twist. A relatively wide gap between the saddle and handlebars makes necessary a prevention of the driver. One favours straight posture of the back by the deep saddle. The tires are usually extra wide and absorb shock well.
  • Classic bike: Frame granted a large entry, which facilitates the Assembly and dismounting. Classic bikes also boast accessories such as carriers and bike racks.
  • Mountain bike: Such wheel type was originally designed for use on uneven surfaces. Shocks are well cushioned. Also the thick tires of a mountain bike to mitigate the impact of bumps.
  • Above make

    the buying advice for Kids Bike (16-inch) test

    In the following is the main points, that attention should be given when purchasing a children’s bicycle. This opens up the possibility to understand the bike test for 16-inch wheels. takes into account the test for the children bicycle 16 inch safety elements.

    • Bike type: Which bike selects your child, probably depends on the optics. That the size is correct and can drive it well is important but especially,.
    • Age recommendation: this recommendation is accompanied by an indication of the minimum size of the driver. Both toes of a child seated on the saddle should touch the ground.
    • Weight: heavier bikes offer more stability, but also harder to move. Lighter wheels, however, react also with a lesser effort, for it might overwhelm the responsiveness of the child in some situations.
    • Coaster brake: such a brake is usually very reliable and the hands can stick with it to the handlebar – that is an advantage for novice.
    • Training wheels: they act in the beginning, if the child still not fully mastered driving as an aid. Training wheels convey a feeling of security. However, they prevent that sense of balance is trained. It is best if the training wheels are removable. So they can be removed as soon as the small driver no longer needs it.
    • Bicycle stand: he meets a practical function by to facilitate the parking of bicycle. A bicycle rack makes the wheel little harder.
    • Chain: such protection will keep the child from being with the clothing in the chain to get and prevent an unexpected, sudden stopping of the bicycle. The latter of the bicycle accidents can cause under certain circumstances. In addition, clothing can be dirty when it comes with the chain in contact.
    • Ring: can the child to draw attention with a Bell and is thus rather perceived by large and small people.
    • Reflectors: also reflectors ensure a better visibility of the driver, especially in conditions of poor visibility such as darkness, fog or rain.

    The conclusion with regard to the child’s bike (16-inch) test

    the comparison winner children bicycle 16 inch is the model bike star Cruiser bike with a score of 1.5. As the name suggests, this children’s bike is a cruiser. The winner of the comparison is recommended for children between four and five years with a body size of 105 cm. Its benefits are easy to be mounted and a stable processing. The bike star Cruiser bike is easy to ride. It is also equipped with Bell, reflectors, back pedal brake and chain guard for a safe driving experience. The bicycle rack allows your child to turn the wheel easily and can be transported in the basket on the handlebars such as toys. With 11 kg, the wheel is relatively difficult. The Novice must waive the aid of training wheels also in this model. The price is EUR 149,99. The children’s bikes in the test for the 16-inch wheels have also an award winner. The bike star classic 129.99 euros and received the grade of 1.6. It is recommended for the same target group such as the winner of the comparison – for children from four to five years. This classic bike is also easy to assemble and with a stable processing. Furthermore, it is a kilogram lighter than the model bike star Cruiser bike.


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