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▷ lock test 2017: best bike locks in the test

Lock test 2017: comparison on

finds the bike lock test: high-quality bike locks are worth an investment. The bicycle has been stolen! Almost every cyclist was already in this situation and can tell a story. The question of whether the bike lock not was good enough, this also turns. Often, what kind and shape have a good bike lock and how much for the cyclists should invest is unclear. Thieves Steal especially bikes, which are not well protected and those who can open it with little effort. Learn how to best secure your bike and with what bike lock, you reduce the chances, that all people will steal your bike. Who hangs on his wheel, should think about to put some money into a high quality bike lock. With the right technique, thieves manage to open any lock sooner or later. No bike lock offers absolute safety. However, thieves often have not the patience or time to handle more than three minutes at a castle – passers-by can catch them eventually at any time. Completes the bike only can thieves to a quiet place to wear it and break the castle there in peace. Connect your wheel so always to a fixed object! In the report to the bike lock test 2017, learn more about bicycle locks and their material and mode of action. The following are advantages and disadvantages of bicycle locks, overview safety aspects, length, and reviews shown.

Best bike lock in the overview:

Test: bicycle locks – what to look

A high quality bike lock complies with good security criteria, which make it difficult for thieves to release their prey. Weight and size should fit for the cyclists to be practical and not to become harassment. Also the transport of the castle is important. Find the right wheel lock in the bicycle test. The test presents different types of bike lock and compares them. Cheap processing and very thin locks can break up quickly and easily thieves with a bolt cutter or side-cutters. But how to identify safe bicycle locks? Which bike lock is the safest: padlock, folding lock, chain lock, or yet the frame lock? Table of contents:

  • best bike lock in the overview:
    • test: bicycle locks – what to look for
    • the bike lock test shows the different types of bicycle locks
    • bicycle locks in the test: what is required for the purchase of?
    • Security levels a bike lock
    • How you connect your bike, to protect it against the theft

with the bicycle test, find the right wheel lock. More and more people use the bike every day. So keep them fit and protect the environment. However, the number of bicycle thefts are appalling. There are more than 400,000 bicycle thefts in Germany in the year and the number is increasing from year to year. In addition, that these figures are based only on the thefts that are reported by the police. Leader of the average incidence of theft are Magdeburg, Cottbus and Münster. The numbers of absolute thefts, Berlin is located on number 1. Especially in large cities, caution must be offered. Good quality bike locks can help secure your bike against theft. Protect yourself from bicycle theft and enjoy a good bike lock, because even if you have insured your bicycle: the effort and trouble in hindsight is large and troublesome. Popular places for bike thefts are train stations, schools, universities and other public places where many bikes accumulate. Sometimes it happens but also in the own bike basement or backyard.

The bike lock test shows the different types of bicycle locks

All bike locks have their advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we introduce the species in the bicycle test and provide an overview of specific features. The different versions are differently good protection. The market offers many models for every taste, use and for all budgets. Read which is the winner of comparison of the bike lock. In the election, cyclists must compromise between weight, price, length, handling, design and Enter the established protection. Following types of bike locks can be distinguished:

  • padlock
  • chain lock
  • folding lock
  • cable armored
  • cable lock
  • frame lock
  • lock

the padlock

bicycle locks in the test – the u-lock is the winner of the bicycle comparison. The bike lock test determines that the u-lock is the best solution for securing a bicycle. The test’s thus will pick as a bike lock comparison winner. Use a padlock, for your bike, you are on the safe side. Padlocks are used primarily in high-quality bicycles in major cities. The padlock is visible on the typical U-shaped and has often modern clamping systems with picking protection. They still consist of a bracket with two different hardened steel components, a massive mantle and a softer core. The steel is surrounded by a plastic sheath. The u-lock is inside something softer, to defend against the use of cold spray. The bike lock test will determine: the materials used ensure the most secure protection under the bicycle locks. The metal clip can be up to 19 millimeters thick and is also hardened outside. The length of a good bracket lock should be about 30 centimeters. Make sure that the individual brackets are long and wide enough, too wide items to attach to the Castle. Its weight varies between 1 to 1.5 kilograms. High quality padlocks are very expensive and can cost up to 100 euros. You have a mount for the Castle, you can transport it well. This is not the case, the transport is inconvenient, since it cannot be rolled up or folded

padlocks have the best anti-theft devices! Padlocks are quite inflexible.

They have a deterrent effect, because they are hard to crack. Are very short and can be heavily connected to a broad, solid object.

With a frame they can carry themselves well. You are very hard.

Some pollutants in a plastic cover surfaced in investigations.

The castle of folding

folding Castle for the bike. The folding castle there only since 2005. It is one of the safe locks, however has a somewhat lower theft security than the u-lock. The flat profile makes it difficult putting on saws and bolt cutters. The handling of the folding locks is simpler than the padlocks. The bike locks-test recommends a good folding lock also for major cities. The folding lock is made of rigid links and can unfold as a ruler and fold again. There are combinations or key locks. A folding lock should be at least 85 centimeters long to close it well to solid objects. There are bicycle locks in various lengths (between 70 and 120 centimeters) and they weigh between 500 grams and 1.7 kilograms. If you choose the longest preparation, you will have a large game room when connecting. folding locks are space-saving and flexible. The joints represent vulnerabilities, because thieves can easily crack them.

You are relatively easy. You have a compact form. Let using a frame well to transport.

The chain lock

the typical chain lock weighs about 2 kg and is about 1 meter long. It makes a solid impression, but quite simply break down. The chain lock consists of a steel chain. When the buying that the chain lock consists of hardened metal. The connection parts must consist of hardened steel to ensure safety. Inside, the chain lock is softer to protect against the use of cold spray and against the cut. The chain is surrounded by a plastic sheath or fabric to protect the bicycle paint. Check that the chain lock has a matching bracket, so that you can transport it practically on the bicycle and does not clatter in the Fahrradkor b or interfere in the saddle. It is available in different lengths. It is longer, the easier is the connecting of the bicycle. Long to have joy in the Castle, you should nurture and protect from dirt. A dust protection CAP can cause that settles little dirt in the Castle.

advantages disadvantages it is flexible and has plenty of connectivity options. The chain lock is relatively uncertain and not suited to large cities.

It weighs often more than 2 kilograms, is so relatively hard. Do you not have a bracket, must chain couplings be stowed separately – in bike basket or backpack -. Sometimes it stucks at the opening and closing.

The armoured cable lock

bicycle locks in the test many armoured cable locks work sure, but are not often. Usually hidden itself behind the rubber layer thickening only thin wire , which can quickly cut bicycle thieves.It’s a high-quality armored cable, it consists of a steel cable that is enclosed by steel sleeves. These are covered with plastic, which prevents damage to the bicycle frame. With these materials, they offer mediocre theft protection. You achieve not the safety of the castle of iron, score points but by the convenience. The used steel, the diameter of the armored cable, as well as the lock cylinder are essential for the safety of armoured cable lock. An armored cable weighs approximately 1 kg up to more than 2 kilograms. It is thicker and heavier, it provide more protection. The armored cable is long enough to easily connect it to fixed objects. It is favourable if the key hole with an automatic cover, to keep moisture and dirt. armoured cable locks are flexible. You are quite heavy.

You have no high theft.

The cable lock

a cable lock consists of a steel cable, which is coated with plastic. The locks almost attract thieves because they can sever them in no time. Advantage is that it is a very light bike lock. The cable lock is often a spiral cable lock. Spiral cable locks belong to the lowest level of security, so that the bicycle lock test evaluated this castle as a flawed and it discourages. A simple pair of pliers is sufficient to crack this castle. cable locks are very flexible and well manageable. Cable locks are easy to crack, because they are easily durchtrennbar with a simple bolt cutters.

You are very easy.

The frame lock

frame locks were mainly formerly widespread, but still are used. The frame lock is also known as the Pan-u-lock and is located right on the bike. It’s cheap processing of sheet metal, which are very easy to open. The frame lock is the simplest version of a bicycle lock. The effect works by turning the wheel makes it impossible for a stable ties in the spokes. Thieves can easily carry away wheels, which are completed with a frame lock by removing the rear wheel in the air. These locks can be used as a second Castle, Miss their purpose but as sole Castle. The frame lock is attached to the rear building brace or a carrier plate. There it remains constantly and does not and must be removed. frame locks work quickly and are straightforward. The bicycle may not be connected to a solid object.

You are always ready for use. It provides little protection.

The lock

the quick-release buckle is known as spoke Castle and consists of a lockable metal or metal pin that on one side is the spoke road. Thieves can easily dismantle locks with some force, so that they provide inadequate protection. the quick-release buckle is easy. It provides insufficient security.

it is located on the bike and is easily manageable.

The combination lock

the combination lock for the bike is a simple combination lock on the bike very practical , protection is not guaranteed however. The test recommends the combination lock, if the bike is not very high quality and also only in regions with a low risk of theft. Thieves can easily break locks and there is a risk that you forget the combination. Combination locks work by rotating metal discs in a specific order. Combination locks are mostly the above criteria, there are however also very safe bike locks are equipped with a combination lock instead of a key-lock. The combination lock suitable especially for child bikes. So children must not constantly thinking about your bicycle key. it is easy and quick off – and close to. Owner can forget the digit code.

It is suitable for children. Often they have no adequate protection.

Conclusion: the bike lock test 2017 recommends the use of chain -, context -, cable – and simple locks only in rural areas with a low risk of theft. The best bike locks are followed by folding locks, padlocks.

Bicycle locks in the test: what is to be considered when purchasing?

A rule of thumb is that a good bike lock around should cost 5-10% of the purchase price of the bicycle. Consider safety, handling, weight and size. Watch out when buying a castle on the following criteria:

  • shackle diameter
  • bracket hardening
  • steel Schlagsicheres lock
  • elastic core, to be safe from cold spray attacks
  • VdS certificate
  • Antirust
  • finaly – and pick protection

How can be crack a bike lock?

Under “Lockpicking” Unlocking technology to open locks is to understand without a matching key. Bicycle thieves use this technique to steal wheels. On the basis of cold spray freeze the metal thieves and then break it with a powerful blow. The so-called Lockpicker also try to circumvent the closing mechanism with delicate tools. Often, hub locks are now in high-quality products that make this approach difficult.

Security levels a bike lock

Security certificates give Disclaimer about how secure is a bike lock. There are security certificates of the manufacturers themselves but also by third parties. The quality seal of the General German Bicycle Club “ADFC featured quality” shows that a castle has passed extensive testing and is considered safe. Also insurance companies refer to this label. More label

            • CE: the side means that the CE directives are complied with. It shows that the marked product corresponds to the EU security policy.
            • DIN: A certification of DIN CERTO shows that the product meets the DIN guidelines.
            • TÜV: TÜV checks whether the product of government laws and regulations is equal to.
            • VdS: when buying a bike lock, this VdS certification is the most important quality criterion. It’s an independent, trusted certification. Insurance in the context of a household insurance often require the VdS certificate.

Also manufacturers classify their products in a system of security levels. This system uses Abus, for example for all their products. The level 15 maximum grants Abus bike locks. The higher the number, the more secure is the Castle. Tests, including Stiftung Warentest, however showed that the levels of security providers have made tells you little about the security. Each manufacturer designed its own steps system and must abide by certain standards. A VdS character, however, says much about the security. Such a sign is present, it means that the Castle against ice spray, drill out the cylinder and picking is protected. For quite anxious, there is even an alarm system that responds with a warning signal when the bicycle is moved as bicycle insurance.

How you connect your bike, to protect it against the theft

< img src =″ “/ 2015/09/test-fahrradschloss-gegenstand-300×200.jpg” width = “300” height = “200” / > the test shows: the bike lock to a fixed object close – not like this only at the rear wheel! The high numbers of bicycle thefts can be found mainly in large cities and at public places, where that accumulate many wheels. Therefore, you need very safe bicycle locks in major cities. In rural and less populated areas and recently removed from the bike enough simpler locks. There can always be a theft. Wheel owners should connect your bike not in himself, but always to a fixed object. Also, make sure you if possible, do not turn off your bike, dark, deserted places. At these sites, thieves alone can embark on the Castle. It is safest if you close your wheel to the frame, a bicycle wheel and at the same time to a fixed object such as a lantern, bike racks, fence or tree. Manufacturers say that a good secure bike lock must prevent that

durability and maintenance

because the bike locks are often out there, are the wheel of thieves

  • can be pushed
  • through the forming of bicycle parts, or loosening the wheel lock are can
  • be driven

they exposed to weather influences and begin to rust or to accumulate dirt. When a chain lock, it may cause that accumulates so much dirt in the cylinder, that the locking mechanism failed. What is a lock cylinder? It’s the part of the Castle, in which the key inserted to lock the bike. Inside the cylinder is a rotating core. The key causes the rotation by means of which the castle is completed. Because only an exact key fits, mechanical codes are located in the cylinder. The lock cylinder is usually the weakest part of the Castle, the thieves first attack. By a good care-Castle-spray, you can keep smooth the moving parts of the cylinder and the Pawls in the Castle. Übirgens: If your bike lock should clamp, you can treat it with machine oil or silicone spray.

Bike lock manufacturer

Well-known manufacturers are Abus, TRELOCK, Kryptonite, KNOG, master-lock, AXA-Basta, con-TEC, security plus, Profex or Squire. Each manufacturer produces very safe and less secure bicycle locks, so the brand plays hardly any role. Abus and TRELOCK belong to the more expensive producers.

How much does weigh a good bicycle lock?

A light bike is important for many cyclists. As a result, they would have no too heavy wheel lock. High security is accompanied by the case of bike locks but mostly with a high weight.

  • Chain locks bring at least 1.7 kilograms
  • armoured cable locks weigh 1 to 3 kg
  • folding locks starting at a weight of 1.2 kg
  • padlocks weigh about 1.5 kg

How much is a secure bike lock?

The price alone is not a guarantee. Several tests showed that expensive locks were not sufficient security. However, you should pay at least 30 euros for a reliable wheel lock. The prices go for just a few euros, they are cracked but really quickly and attract thieves. Who wants to be on the safe side, buying a castle around 60 euros.

The bike lock test-related materials in detail

Bike locks should be free of pollutants. At the latest when disposing of polluting substances could be problematic. Tests have found substances in some products. Locks not so fast with high-quality materials forming rust. The materials used are steel, rubber coating, plastics and textiles.

When frost should act like

When frosty days that the cylinder lock is pointing down. The opening of the Castle facing up, humidity can walk into and freeze in cold temperatures. To counter the freeze, use a non-Frost spray. The spray is generally good for the longevity of the wheel lock. The best bike locks are weatherproof. Cyclists often out turn off your bike so that it is exposed to wind and weather. Cheap processing, it may be that the key doesn’t fit in the cylinder. The bike lock compared the test determines that no carrier is safe from thieves. Thanks to bike lock test, you can increase the likelihood of however that not your bike will be stolen. The test shows: the u-lock is secure bike lock.


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