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▷ mountain bike test 2017: best mountain bikes in the test

Mountain bike test 2017: comparison on

Over stick and stone with the right wheel

mountain bike in the test: the search for the best off-road Companion. Who likes taking off-road tours and climbs peaks by bicycle requires a mountain bike (MTB). Suitable also for long weekend getaways. You can reach high speeds and at the same time a good MTB guarantees comfort and safety. Mountain bikes are currently for athletic bikers the trend. To keep fit and enjoy nature include cyclists on a good bike, with which they’re safe even on unpaved roads. The large variety of models, it is difficult to find the right bike for your needs. Ask these questions before you buy: you want to go with the bike in competition or recreational use it merely to relaxed tours? Would you rather ride a hardtail or full suspension-bike? In the Guide, read what are the different types and what you should consider. The mountain bike test on 2017 informed about facts around the mountain. On the basis of the information and tips you find your mountain bike comparison winner.

The best mountain bikes at a glance

In the test: the mountain bike

20 years ago, prospective buyers had not spoilt for choice. There were bikes made of steel, with 26-inch wheels, and also in other aspects they were very similar. Today there are wide types and designs on the market that make it difficult for the buyer, a decision to make. As a general rule, that a good mountain bike should have a stable framework, case tires, high-quality brakes and a multi-course derailleur. The front is led by a spring. The frame is usually made of aluminium. A mountain bike comparison winner is very easy. He fully exploited the travel and efficient pedaling. Table of contents:

  • over stock and stone with the right wheel
  • the best mountain bikes in the overview of
    • In the test: the mountain bike
    • mountain biking types – which is the best mountain bike?
    • Mountain bikes in the test: find the right size
    • The mountain bike test: you should be careful when buying

best mountain bikes at a glance

mountain biking types – which is the best mountain biking?

The choice of proper MTB model is dependent on the intended purpose. It either a hardtail or fully-bike are the different types of MTB. Mountain bikes are fully sprung, it’s a “full” (full suspension). The rear wheel is not grooved, there is talk of a “hardtail”.

The hardtail bike

At this bike, only the front wheel is suspended. Therefore, it is easier and has low maintenance costs. Hardtails are also driving-oriented and stable pace. You efficiently share the energy of the driver. We recommend gentle rim brakes. These brakes have a good brake power especially on damp and soft terrain.

The full suspension bike (fully)

Front and rear suspension is a full-suspension bike (short “fully”). These bikes are usually more expensive than Hardtails. Fullys points through optimum adhesion of the rear wheel on the ground, which generated a higher traction. Benefits include the opportunity to drive higher speeds as well as a greater freedom of movement. Despite the slightly higher weight, climbs a fully better on ascents and downhill also offers greater security and more fun. Would you rather drive in easy terrain, suited a hardtail. Fullys offer more comfort and safety, but have higher maintenance expenses of. In the following, the mountain bike test presents characteristics to the types of mountain biking. It’s a choice, which is to provide an overview. In addition to the species listed, there are still some more.

The mountain bike test: the all mountain model

An all-mountain is, as the name suggests, for many applications. It applies to simple tours on a flat surface as well as an Alpine cross. Usually, it is fully suspended. The bike is variable depending on the usage. So, such as the suspension can reduce or completely block. Spring travel are all mountain at one of between 120 and 160 mm. The tyres are usually slightly wider and strongly profiled, to meet the various missions. All mountain bikes weigh benefits Chen 10 and 14 kg.

The cross country bike

The Cross-Country MTB is suitable for use on unpaved roads, but rather less for heavy terrain. Mainly there’s the Cross-Country bikes as Hardtails, rather less than Fullys. The spring travel is relatively low with 80 to 100 mm. This bike weighs less than 13 kg.

Downhill Bikes

Downhill bikes (DH-bikes) are – the name suggests – designed especially for fast descents on difficult terrain. They are used almost entirely downhill, so that the weight is not so important. Therefore, they bring up to 18 kg on the scale. They weigh more because they present an extremely sturdy design to withstand high loads. the winner of comparison: A mountain bike, which offers both safety and comfort. The borders are fully sprung at DH bikes and have from 180 to 250 mm spring travel. Other features are a deep focus and a smooth running geometry. DH bikes also have hydraulic disc brakes. Mountain bikers who ride downhill tours, are equipped with a full face helmet, bike gloves, knee savers, and projector jackets.

The Enduro

Enduro mountain bikes are also usually fully sprung and have a travel by 150 to 180 mm. They have wide and lugged tires. Drivers on an Enduro sit relatively upright through the depressed Center wheel. These bikes weigh between 12 and 16 kg. You can take this bike, especially in mountainous regions. An Enduro bike costs about 2,000 euro.


Fatbikes are mountain bikes, equipped with very thick tires. Through the thick tires, frame and hubs are slightly changed. The frame is usually made of aluminium. They are suitable above all for smooth floors such as snow and sandy soils.


Racebikes exhibit a very low weight. The race bikers would continue as quickly as possible and many meters.

Dirtjump Bikes

Dirtbikes are sturdy mountain bikes with a small frame. They are used mainly for jumps. The wheel sizes of these bikes is usually 26 and 24 inches. The fork is intended above all to slow down at a landing. Often, they have no gear shift and are very easy to use less force on jumps.

The women’s mountain bike and mountain biking for men

The women’s mountain bike and the men’s mountain bike are very similar, have a few differences. Women are usually smaller, so that the mountain biking for women is smaller and more easily designed. Some manufacturers assume that women as opposed to men is often a shorter torso and longer legs have so towards the shorter handlebars and towards the pedals slightly longer fails. In addition the Center tube deeper, and has a custom angle. The pipes are usually a smaller diameter. The suspension of the bike is adapted to the lighter weight of women. mountain bikes for children ensure family fun in the mountains.

Mountain bikes for children

Cycling with a mountain bike is your child a guaranteed much pleasure. Kids mountain bikes are smaller and therefore lighter. It is important that the size of the wheel fits from the outset. Your child should not only “get growing”, otherwise it endanger the road traffic and develop a negative driving experience. Also, make sure that the brakes are easily manageable and accessible for the children’s hands. A colorful design may provide an extra incentive. With a mountain bike, which offers plenty of comfort and effectively propagates the driver energy, sure like to be your child rides a bicycle.

Mountain bikes in the test: find the right size

The size of the mountain plays an important role. The height of the frame and the wheel size match your physical conditions, you will have fun to drive. Saddle and handlebars are also still correctly, can sit comfortably and have to worry about no pain even at long distances. Incorrect settings can cause in addition to back pain stabbing knee and thick thighs.

The frame height

The correct frame height is particularly important to ensure safety and comfort. It is considered that you should attack with rough terrain and playful style rather to a smaller frame size and long, difficult tours or race rides to larger models. Fullys is available in four different sizes of frame, Hardtails in at least six sizes . To find the correct size for yourself, you determine your stride length. For this, measure the distance between floor and step on the inside of the leg. If you multiply this value (in cm) with 0,226, the frame size in inch stems. As the top tube length and the parent level are just as important as the frame height. To be sure, if all components have the right size, you should sit on the wheel and try it out. the mountain bike test shows you what to look for when buying.

The wheel size

At the tire size, you can choose between 26, 27,5 and 29 inches. It is this: the tires are bigger, the quietness is the greater. Agility decreases, the tires are bigger, however. Almost every manufacturer offers wheels in different sizes. The Twentyniner established themselves in recent years in Europe and are currently very popular. A 29 inch bike (greater than 1.75 m), suitable for performance-oriented athletes who benefit from the reduced rolling resistance for bikers, who place value on a great smoothness and comfort and safety in rough terrain is important especially for big mountain bikers. For small mountain bikers not suitable. Also if you are looking for an agile bike and on the weight of the wheel sure should be set to No 29 ZOLLER.

Advantages of 29 inch mountain bikes:
  • That needs big wheel longer, to get into swing, it rolls it easier over rocks and roots. Shock and vibration damping.
  • Through the good roles properties of the tire is guaranteed to ground liability. Also on steep climbs slipping out.
  • 26 inch wheels commute before a halt to the right and left. 29 inch wheels, however, remain significantly better in the track.
Disadvantages of 29 inch mountain bikes
  • an MTB with 29 inch wheels is approximately a kilo heavier at the same frame size. The weight is noticeable especially during acceleration on mountains.
  • The rotating parts are further from the fulcrum, so that more energy is required for the acceleration.

To avoid pain on the wheel, you should adjust the mountain bike. An incorrect seat position is often to blame for pain in addition to untrained muscles.

The mountain bike test: you should be careful when buying

It is important on a MTB to drive fast on an uneven surface and to be still safe on the road. Other conditions include a good appearance, extensive facilities and a good level of comfort. Security is at the forefront. A steering well to use, perfectly functioning brakes and a light are a must. A rule of thumb for mountain bikes in the test: As easy as possible, so stable as necessary. Make about also before buying thoughts, such as the saddle is to be constructed. It offers enough comfort? Should he be adjustable? Also the handlebar should visually attract and concurrently anti-slip and stable. The tires and the tire profile, the circuit – and brake system are also important. Bike frames are made of steel, aluminium or carbon. Aluminum frames are light and cheap. Carbon frames are of particularly high quality. Carbon is a carbon fiber amplifier plastic that is very light and has high rigidity values.


In the meantime, hydraulic disc brakes on mountain bikes have become. You have a very good stopping power and reliability. Cheap bikes usually have mechanical disc brakes. RIM brakes are rarely used on mountain bikes.

Skin care tips

Are you often outdoors on uneven ground and that maybe even when wet? Then, you should clean your bike after good long time him to enjoy. For the care you after you have washed the dirt on the wheel with water, can wear a bike wash and leave it a few minutes. Clean chain, sprocket, and switching roles with the Bike wash, brush and cloth. Also some lubricant in the bearings and oil on the chain. Clean also the suspension by rinse off the dirt and gently clean the surfaces of the upper tubes.

Prices for mountain bikes in the test

Upwards, there are no borders, get but starting from 500 euro MTBs. beginners use a mountain bike in the test up to 500 euro, high-quality materials and tools can not expect but at this price limit. a mountain bike can several thousand EUR o cost. You must allow up to 2000 euro for a solid MTB. All mountain models cost about 3000 euros. For 4000 euros, you already received a mountain bike with lightweight frame, top switching groups and other extras. High price-bikes usually have a carbon frame. The expensive models worth only if you drive often difficult Geländetrails or ride in bike race. Also cheaper models rich for the occasional tour at the weekend. Undecided should make a test drive, get a feel for the new bike. You sit on the saddle comfortable? Is it the right size? You can buy your mountain bike either in stores or on the Internet. Benefits of trade are clearly the direct advice and test the drive. Eliminating these aspects online, bikes on the Internet are usually slightly cheaper. The mountain bike test recommends the purchase on the Internet only for experienced mountain bikers. Some manufacturers: Cube, Carver, Scott, Ghost, Bergamont, giant, Cannondale, Gazelle, Canyon, radon, rose

Accessories for the MTB

important for mountain bike tours are a bicycle helmet and bike gloves. To prevent a theft, you should create for themselves a high quality bike lock, which should cost about 5-10 percent of bicycle purchase price. Are very often and long with the bike on the road, you can get also a padded bike pants, clipless pedals and bike shoes.


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