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▷ padlock in the test of 2017: the best locks in the test

U-lock in the 2017 test: comparison on

The most secure lock for your bike

a u-lock as in the test is considered the safest form of the bicycle lock. A good bike lock is essential to protect the bicycle thieves. There are different types of it available. Among them, apply padlocks as the safest form of the bicycle lock. Although there are no complete protection against theft, but a good u-lock makes it hard for extraordinarily thieves to the wheel „ crack “. Among other things the diameter of the bar is of crucial importance for the security that castle can guarantee such a. You will learn what you also should pay attention, if you want to buy a u-lock, in this test report.

The best padlocks from the test at a glance

What types of bike locks are there?

There exist other bike locks, which also provide an option next to the padlock in the test. So-called folding locks are nearly as secure. These are also known as joint locks, because they consist of several links, which thanks to joints by folding let. A high protective function is attributed to also armoured cable and chain locks. Table of contents:

  • the safest lock for your bike
  • the best padlocks from the test at a glance
    • what kind of bicycle locks there?
    • Advice to the padlock-test

Advice on the u-lock test

each padlock presented in the test can be done to connect such as through the spokes. In the following chapters we will explain the individual aspects that you should consider when choosing an iron lock. This information will enable you to decide which u-lock is your personal comparison winner.

Structure and function of the castle of iron

A padlock in the test consists of two parts, roughly speaking. One of them is the temple, a curved metal tube which is coated with plastic. The other part is the actual Castle, a long piece of metal, which has two openings. A padlock is rigid, unlike for example a chain lock. Padlocks can either different parts by means of a key or a code of numbers and be open-minded. The brackets of the locks usually made of steel are made, it is difficult to cut them with a bolt cutter or similar for thieves. To connect to a bike with a padlock on a test, this is through the frame or through the spokes and as possible to firmly anchored objects, such as bike racks or street lamps.

Length of the bar Palace

Because a padlock in the test is rigid, the length plays an essential role in the selection. Because a short bicycle lock connecting of the bicycle, such as at lanterns or fences, in circumstances difficult. Perhaps it can be then at some locations at all be pinned down. Therefore: the longer the u-lock, the fastening of the wheel should be more straightforward. However, the weight increases with the length.

Weight of the ironing Castle

A padlock in the test is one of the heaviest bike locks. The reason for this is the material used: mostly it’s hardened steel. More than one kilogram brings every padlock on the scale presented in the test. Many models together with a bracket can be purchased to allow an easy transport of the Castle. This is intended for the fastening on the bicycle.

Diameter of the bar Palace

The diameter of the steel bracket influenced the protection function of the Castle. Namely, the larger is the diameter, the more power thieves need to spend, to the u-lock „ crack “. A thicker strap increases but also the weight of the Castle.

Lock type

to secure the bike with a padlock from the test, usually a key is needed. Padlocks differ not only by their weight or their length, but also by the kind of backup. There are ironing castles which can be opened with a key, as well as a variant with numerical code. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Uses a key, the owner must remember any code. However, a key can also be left at home. In a castle with numerical code the driver must take while no key. But he can always remember the code. Therefore it is helpful to write down the numerical code for the castle in circumstances – course at one point, which is not easily visible. A bike lock that opens with a key, can a so-called „ lockpicking “ (to „ poking around in the Castle “) are cracked by thieves. Should however someone at the other locking mechanism read with the numerical code when entering such a padlock can no longer secure the bike.

Conclusion to the u-lock test

Which model is considered the best padlock, depends on your personal preferences. Ultimately it also plays a role when selecting probably for many, the price of the bike lock should be as high. But the safety aspect should also be of great importance when it comes to finding the comparison winner u-lock.


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