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▷ panniers test 2017: the best bike bags in the test

Panniers test 2017: comparison on

bike bag test: which model will be the winner of comparison? Files, waterproof to stow the laptop or luggage for the next cycling holiday, there is for the bike panniers that can clamp directly to the bicycle riders. Whether a wheel bag for the carrier, handlebar or seat – the panniers test enlighten you about the different models. To be sure, that things stay dry, you should purchase bicycle panniers, which are waterproof and have a high quality finish. There are the bags for bikes in different sizes and types. Size, materials and capacity vary according to purpose. Use the extensive report to the panniers test 2017 find the appropriate, high-quality bag for your needs.

The best bike bags at a glance:

Panniers in the test: what you should keep in mind

Many bags can be attached to the bike easily with a click mechanism on the luggage carrier or lowrider. So the panniers do not become an obstacle, terminals on the inside which they hold in addition to the luggage rack’s transverse Struts are often. Table of contents:

  • the best bike bags at a glance:
    • panniers in the test: what you should keep in mind
    • test: models of bike bags
    • the test: when waterproof bike bags are?

use the panniers test: whether on the way to work or leisure, wheel bags are very practical. Make a secure attachment and stability of panniers. They are not secure, the wheel can become entangled in the spokes or fall off the bike. It is also important that the panniers not forward slip and not too close to the pedals. Lowrider is a holding device for bicycle panniers on the front wheels. This device is located lower than the normal carrier and is attached to the fork or the axis screw. At the front area of the wheel you should not to fully loaded the bags, because the extra weight affect the driving behaviour. Front should install always two panniers with equally distributed weight. Do not blindly trust the panniers test. It is advisable first to drive a test tour to get a feel for the additional load. Thanks to bicycle panniers test notice, that reflectors on the bike bags guarantee a better visibility of the cyclist in the darkness.

Test: models of bike bags

There are different models for mountain bikes and road bikes as well as everyday bike bags for any purpose. Think about before you decide for a bicycle bag for what purpose you will use it most. How much space do you need regularly? How much weight you want to transport regularly? Where on the bike want the bike bag attach?

Side pockets

A classic side pocket is for everyday use. In it, you can easily store laptop, documents and books. Watch out for waterproof material to protect your belongings from rain and snow. Mount the side pockets on the side of the carrier braces of mounting, so that you can transport more objects such as purchases on the luggage carrier. the side pocket is one of the classic bike panniers. The carrier bag is with a quick coupling easy and fast on – and take off. Due to the easy handling, can you always take them and prevent thefts. These bags have an inner compartment distribution part. There’s extra padding for the laptop. Because they have a fairly large volume, they are suitable also for a longer tour with the bike.

Luggage rack bags

Do not attach the rear rack bag on the side as the side pockets, but they are just on the luggage carrier. The weight is in the Middle, so that a comfortable weight distribution is noticeable especially when driving curves. It is positive that the bike bag for the carrier in the slipstream of the cyclist is positioned and thus caused no further resistance. By positioning behind the driver, it is also not so fast wet. There are al s hard case model which is robust and stable and protects the transported objects also falls very well by plastic reinforcements.

Bike panniers

Much luggage to be transported large bike panniers are called – also Pack bags. This shall apply especially on larger tours and travel with the bike because they offer plenty of space. More and more cyclists touring bike with luggage across the country and enjoy the nature. The panniers have no special interior layout, because as much luggage to be stowed variable. Especially the large bicycle bags should be water repellent, especially on travel, clothes and electrical appliances should be wet. It is important that you distribute the weight evenly on both sides, because the driving behaviour of the bike changed with increasing cargo.

Well-known manufacturers of bike bags:
  • Basil
  • Abus

Handlebar bags

You can attach to the handlebar handlebar bags with buckles or of a click System. This case is often equipped with a transparent cover, which lends itself well for a map. Some bags have camera inserts. Advantage is that cyclists at any time they have in mind, and all things are always at hand. You can keep mobile, keys and wallet ideal into the handlebar bag. Filling the handlebar bag with only minor things. Too much weight on the handlebars is dangerous because it can cause unpredictable movements.

Saddle bags on the bike

Saddle bags on the bike are unimpressive, but very practical. You are back in the saddle. Often cyclists to stow a spare tube, patch kit, or a rain Cape. Since saddlebags on the bike are very small, they hardly notice cyclists while riding. They are attached to the Seatpost with tightening strap, Velcro or click systems. Whether city bike or road bike saddle bags can be a practical companion at any time. panniers in the test: frame and saddle bags to the bicycle are very practical especially for mountain bike tours.

Frame bags

Attach these bags inside the bicycle frame. Frame bags can be mounted only at bicycles with a Center bar. They are fastened on the upper side of the Center bar and the control head or on the lower side of the Center bar. This small Farradtasche is very handy to store the key, the phone or a small snack at hand is. It does not offer much more space. The frame bags are mostly Velcro straps, which attach to the wheel the bag. This case is available for a small price.

The test: when waterproof bike bags are?

To ensure that panniers reject water, manufacturers use durable materials. According to bicycle panniers test, PVC fabric that is very suitable because it is waterproof and tear-resistant. In addition, coated textiles are used with polyurethane. Both substances are very water resistant, but also quite heavy. Cheap products are often not water resistant, but for easier. Vulnerabilities are often the seams through which water can penetrate quickly. Look on a good workmanship and the material of the panniers. After the purchase, determine that the bags not withstand the rain can also buy a rain protection the clamp over the bag.

The closure on bike bags

The roll-down closure and the overlapping lid are widespread. The roll-down closure protects the luggage from water and dirt, especially to pack bags. On these models, lock clips are located on the upper sides. After wrapping, cyclists close the clips on the upper side. This closure is very flexible, because he is variable depending on the filling -. The lid is easy to close, however, it is not as flexible and provides no maximum protection against water and dirt. In addition, there are zippers on bags, which are very vulnerable so that test reports for bicycle bags they represent as not suitable.


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