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▷ race helmet test 2017: the best bike helmets in the test

Race helmet test 2017: comparison on

find a helmet for the road: the test helps! The Germans are true gourmets not only when driving. If outside warp the clouds and the Sun shows her radiant face, swinging with joy on her bicycle and pedal. Thereby, different types of cyclists have evolved. Some like to tinker on their bicycles, others love it, to make the environment with a particular bike type, such as a mountain bike or a road bike. Have to be considered but always on the security. As also a road bike has neither a crumple zone, nor an airbag or a belt. A race helmet provides here is still the best protection. In the article race helmet testing, we have also compiled a helpful buying advice for you. In it you will learn what to look when buying helmet for road bikes.

The best road bike helmets from the test at a glance:

There is a helmet on the road?

Cyclists who are flirting with the idea to buy a road bike helmet, stumble on the issue sooner or later after the helmet. People on the road get in this respect imposed by law no rules: A helmet is available in Germany for any cyclist. However, anyone who once is down a mountain at top speed or witnessed a traffic accident may already know how much you feel safer with a helmet. Therefore: I need the bike helmet. Table of contents:

  • the best road bike helmets from the test at a glance:
    • there is a helmet on the road?
    • The differences between the categories
    • The buying advice for newbies
    • Bicycle helmet for the road: the test summary

The differences between the categories

The different types of helmet can confuse newcomers who are traveling for the first time in the helmet market, strongly. So you keep the bicycle helmet test for the road and are aware of the differences to other helmets, we have prepared an overview for you:

  • MTB-helmet: a mountain bike is driven mainly in wild, uneven terrain. It is here that these helmets are developed. You have a very high stability and cover a large area of the head. The neck brace is a special feature here. But it may ever happen that helmets of this kind of uncomfortable press after a long ride.
  • The bicycle helmet: These helmets are rarely designed for a specific type of bike. They are however suitable for rides through the city, because they offer a balanced mix of safety and comfort. The selection of the design is also very large, different colors and shapes are available.
  • The race helmet: In the test, this type of helmet was illuminated exactly. The design is based here very on the bikes. A light weight and a windschnittiges design ensure that the acceleration is not obstructed and the helmet sits comfortably on the head. Insect nets are often used. Helmets of this type in the price but often somewhat higher.

Basically a head protection from each category can contribute to the security and must not necessarily correspond to the existing bicycle. The price class also plays a role in the quality. Last but not least, the buying decision on top of that is influenced by personal taste. Accordingly, this race helmet-test is intended only as a guide. the test shows: bike ride without helmets, can lead to serious head injuries.

The buying advice for newbies

So you can keep track and get the most from the test as a novice on the race helmet market, followed by more detailed purchase advice, catchy informs you about the most important criteria:

sits, fits and has air – the right size

so that a race helmet from the test can offer optimum protection, it must fit properly. At the same time he must sit but also comfortable. Here it is worth with a tape measure to measure the circumference of the head and to go with the result to a professional seller. Always a bonus in terms of fastening: the presence of a rotary wheel for precise settings.

Aerodynamic properties

The label must appropriate head protection be not only stable and good sit, he must also the cyclists “Best race helmet” do not slow down. He must have good aerodynamic properties. But what does this mean exactly? Aerodynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics, where it involves the behavior of a body the air flows around. Less drag means better aerodynamic performance and more speed. The race helmet test revealed that the aerodynamics at commercially available helmets can be put though, but compromises have to be made. So, the vents will cause some air resistance. Professional cyclists use also helmets without air inputs for this reason. But, this is not recommended for you, because as the heat between the helmet and head can rise too high. Then threatening heatstroke.

Must be cooling – ventilation

Would you long distances with their race, and that during the hot summer? Then you should put special value that the race helmet of your choice has enough ventilation slots. Integrated insect nets are on hand to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by the little crawlers also at many air inputs. Especially people with allergies should attach importance to such a network. So a bee sting in proximity of the head may not even happen?

A race helmet especially for man or woman?

Typically, helmets, race helmets also, are not prepared for a specific gender. Here the head protection in the so-called unisex design dominates. This means that both men and women can wear it. the tests to the helmet for the road: it is evident that everyone without a matching helmet is at risk. Who still wants to express his understanding of gender through the race helmet, can do this by is he (or she) when purchasing colors and design. Have to be considered however, that dark caps in combination represent a security risk with dark clothes fading daylight. In this case, a bike light and additional reflectors can help. It is the motto: better a light element too much.

Bicycle helmet for the road: the test summary

With the valuation of 1.2, erlang the race helmet manufacturer Casco almost the top note and convinces with a very high-quality finish, a stable and yet comfortable fit, as well as a design sight with power. The price is just as strong as the quality: depending on the size will be around 180 to 300 euros. The Uvex race helmets from the test are much cheaper. The award winners, the Uvex Boss Race is between 50 and 100 euros. He was in the race helmet test, as compared to the Speedairo, still very good services. He is not only ergonomically, but offers also an anti-allergic interiors as a single helmet in the test. Thus he secures 3rd place. Also the Uvex i-vo earned even a “good” rating with 2.1. Even in 7th place, this race helmet offers still a high quality finish and a very reasonable price from 35 to 100 euros.


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