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▷ rut test 2017: the best bike tool

Rut test 2017: comparison on

in case of emergency for the bike the right tool in the set: In the test score above all the multimedia tools. Whether on the road or at home: not only passionate cyclists need emergency good bike tool, to quickly fix small defects on the bike. Especially during a bike ride, a cracked out chain or a shifting saddle can otherwise susceptible to disturb the driving pleasure and require the push of the wheel. In the rut test on more information about what to consider if you want to buy good rut. See multimedia tools as well as a tool kit for the bike in our test. In the test, you will find products Topeak, Sigma, crankbrothers and SuperB. You want only the best for your bike? Multi tool or tool case: Who will be the comparison winner?

The best bike tools at a glance:

Best bike is useless without tools

Probably knows an or others still the leather panniers, which were mounted under the saddle of older bicycle models. The rut was commonly kept in these. However the test clearly shows one: more and more multimedia tools for the bicycle can be found on the market, which should prevent the strumming of individual tools and equip the cyclists with an all around carefree package. Table of contents:

  • the best bike tools at a glance:
    • best bike is useless without tools
    • repair kit for the bike: multi tool & tool sets in the test
    • functionality: practical test for the rut
    • conclusion: buy the right tool for your bike

repair kit for the bike: multi tool & tool sets in the test

the multi tool has can prevail at the bicycle according to the test. Only a single tool kit – the model of SuperB – could huddle between the small and compact round to helpers for the bike. A major advantage of the Swiss army knife of the repair kits: This rut is suitable also for traveling well and fits in every bag and every pocket. Also, always have all necessary tools at hand, are well prepared for any emergency – and can feel by the way even a little like MacGyver, the hobbyists. Tools for Home: want for your bike like a tool box? A recommendation can apply at this point also for this rut: the product of SuperB with a comparison result of still 1.6 section well In the test. Especially as the emergency reserve for this is quite appropriate. But on the road he can be useful, if is a larger bag. Not only the design of the tools for the bike can be of importance. Especially the integrated special tool requires a closer look.

Functionality: practical test for the rut

Bicycles requires tests according to a special reason equipment tools, since they can make special demands and bring its own problems. The key features of the tool, which should bring the rut according to test, are:

  • InbusschlüsselDie < ol > < ol > connections on bicycles are mostly realized with screws. They have neither cross nor slit, but usually all in bus embossing. Hex (Allen) may refer to the driving profile in the screw head that is characterised in particular by its hexagonal shape. The mill is its special feature inside. Saddle, adjustable handlebar and tighten the brake and co. on the bikes, etc you need usually different-sized Allen wrench. Most of the multimedia tools in the test have hex wrench of sizes 2 to 8. Topeak (alien 3) comparison winner has additionally a size 10
  • what is the best multi tool for the bike in the test?

  • ReifenheberBesonders < ol > < ol > important at a plate on the bike is the tool set according to test that a so-called tire lever is integrated. With this, you can on the tire and withdraw, without thereby to pinch your fingers. Apart from the model by crankbrothers each bicycle tool in the test has a corresponding tool.
    1. KettennieterSollte the chain break once, so you are also for well-equipped with the handy rut. You can remove the defective link u ND again assemble the chain with the help of this tool. Click and go ’ s!
    2. SpeichenspannerEine „ eight “ in the tire? With the help of the spoke clamp tool you can patch the deformation of the bike largely by editing the spokes. A visit to a bicycle repair shop is still preferable to be able to drive home but safely and quickly, the help of the spoke tightener is sufficient.

      Conclusion: buy the right tool for your bike

      Whether for the Dutch, MTB or children’s bike; Multi tool or tool kit: ultimately most tools in the test brought about, what requires the biker of today in an emergency and it is assessing the types. While the handy tool for the bike in the test due to its compactness can score, the tool case with campaigning tools is equipped. According to the test has also the Toolbox’s bicycle a crucial advantage: the tools are much handier and more. So, you can exert more force. The chunky multi tools are not always good in the hand. Remains only at the end of the test: check out and decide for yourself which tool is best in the hand. They all can be reliable helper in distress.


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