Best Bike Reviews / ▷ Singlespeed bike in the test of 2017: the best bikes in the test

▷ Singlespeed bike in the test of 2017: the best bikes in the test

Single speed bike in the test of 2017: comparison on

Riding bicycle with only one gear

a Singlespeed bike in the test has only a response. For several years, a type of bike in fashion, which alludes to the origins of this vehicle is: the single speed bike, which means input wheel in German. It differs from conventional bicycles by the fact that it has only a response and no gear shift. A special form of the single speed bicycle is the so-called fixie. The name comes from English and derives from the term „ fixed gear “ (about „ rigid gear “) off. Such a wheel without not only on a gear, but also on a free-wheeling. In this report you learn about the properties of a single speed bikes. In addition, we explain what to look for one of these special bikes for sale.

The best single speed bikes from the test at a glance

Single speed bike as a form of hipster culture

The subculture of the hipster in the 21st century is an urban trend. Hipster is considered to be mainly young people between twenty and thirty in major cities that want to apart from the mainstream style of dress and hairstyles. The fixie is widely understood as a part of this hipster culture. However, there were originally bike messengers who discovered this particular form of bicycle for himself and thus made popular Fixies. Table of contents:

  • riding bicycle with only one gear
  • the best single speed bikes from the test at a glance
    • Singlespeed bike as a form of hipster culture
    • advice to the test of the single speed bikes
    • conclusion to the single speed bike test

advice to the test of the single speed bikes

If a single speed wheel, as shown in the test in the rigid, the driver must be non-stop. In the following, we explain what constitutes a good Singlespeed bike. In this way we enable you to find your personal favorites among the wheels in the test.

What is a single speed bike in the test from?

As already mentioned, bicycles have only a gear single speed. Therefore bike in the test without a single speed completely a gearshift. On this point they compensate the very first bikes. Penny farthing, which evolved in the 19th century from the trolley, was also just a walk. A special type of single speed bicycle is the fixie single speed bike. This bike has only a response. However, in contrast to the „ normal “ Singlespeed bike a fixie has a so-called „ rigid gang “ or a „ rigid barrel “. This means that there is no freewheel. With a bicycle the pedals turn with rigid gait with, as long as it is in motion. The driver must appear so continuously, what goes hand in hand with increased physical exertion. Input wheels with fixed gear are used among others in various sports such as when the track cycling or artistic cycling. However, there is also a compromise between single speed bikes with rigid gang and those with free-wheeling. With the help of a Flip-Flop hub can be changed by turning the rear wheel between the two variants. It is necessary to remove the rear wheel and vice versa to reinstate. Every single speed bike in the test is at the same time a fixie. In addition, it is possible to drive with freewheel or fixed gear for each model.

Pros and cons of single speed bikes

Following arguments advocate a single speed bike from the test. Without gear, a bicycle is easier. In addition, it is not necessary to clean or repair. When driving, the switching is eliminated. However, some disadvantages facing these advantages. Upgrades require much more effort because no adjustment by various courses is possible. The chain wears out usually faster than for bicycles with gears, since the burden is higher. Another important point is the question of the admission to the road transport. Our single speed bike test reports the following respond.

Is a single speed wheel, as shown in the test operationally?

The road (StVZO) requires special technical equipment for bicycles. This is not available, the bike not for road use is approved. Necessary equipment components include among other brakes. According to article 65, paragraph 1 must StVZO Sen bikes two brakes exhibit, which are independent of each other. In addition StVZO is set in section 67, what lighting equipment are necessary. Also a Bell on the bicycle is compulsory in accordance with § 64a StVZO. Single speed bikes that do not meet these requirements, may not be used in road traffic.

Frame height

The height of the frame in a single speed bike from the test should be adjusted to the body size of the driver. This must be can easily reach the pedals with the sole of the foot and the wheel. Best the appropriate height can be in part by sitting up and test drive on the corresponding model determine.


Almost every single speed presented in the test bike is made of steel. Although carbon or aluminum are possible. Single speed bikes made of steel are often high tension steel (abbreviation: Hi-ten) made. This material is very resilient. However, such bikes are usually slightly heavier than the models of carbon or aluminium.


Due to the missing gear shift but also because of the waiver on other components such as bike racks or mudguards, a Singlespeed is lighter than many other types of wheel bike in the test a lot. The weight of input the wheel is about a bicycle.

Brake, reflectors and Bell

If a single speed not the prescribed equipment has bike from the test, it is not safe. Some components such as two independent brakes are necessary, so that a bike is considered to be safe. Because only it has the admission to the road transport. A bike fixie single speed should not have certain components, there is the possibility to install them later. Some Fixies have no brake. The driver stops the wheel through a back pressure of feet on the bike pedals. This type of braking requires generally a settling-in period. Also the brake effect is delayed.

Conclusion to the single speed bike test

What model bike from the test can be regarded as best single speed, is dependent on the wishes and needs of the respective driver. In any case, the entrance wheel at the height of its owner’s should be matched. Because only in this way also a sufficient control of the bicycle is possible. The question of roadworthiness is also of great importance for the security. Not all single speed bikes have the necessary technical equipment, which is mandatory for participation in road transport. When selecting the prospective buyer should be so in clear, that such wheels have subsequently „ upgraded to “ must be before it can drive it in road traffic. This increases the price.


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