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▷ trekking bike test 2017: the best trekking bikes in the test

Trekking bike test 2017: comparison on

All-rounder for town and country

every touring bike from the test is suitable also for driving outside the city. The ideal companion on sporting excursions in the nature: The touring bike is also known as trekking bike. Another English name is „ all terrain bike “ (ATB) – a proper translation would be: bicycle for any surface. In fact, a trekking bike for riding on pavement, as well as tours on forest and dirt roads is suitable. Also quite longer tours are available, what are already the meaning of the term „ trekking “ indicates – this can „ hiking “ or „ March “ be translated. A touring bike has therefore generally including non-slip pedals and rack. The construction of this type of bicycle is similar to a bicycle. In the report to the touring bike test, we show which points when purchasing such bicycle are to be observed. Also, we show what bike in the test as best trekking bike has cut off. In the table overview, you will see how much each costs such a bike.

The best trekking bikes from the test at a glance:

Touring bike and touring bike: differences and similarities

The trekking and the touring bike designed both as an all purpose wheels. The latter is also referred to as „ city bike “ or „ city bike “ known. Porter are both wheel types normally provided. The tyres of a trekking gear is usually narrower than that of a touring bike. Primary type of wheel must be approved for road traffic does not always – there are also wheels which lack such as adequate lighting for it. The touring bike is in General heavier than a touring bike and often no gearshift, but often has a more comfortable saddle. Table of contents:

  • all-rounder for town and country
  • the best trekking bikes from the test at a glance:
    • trekking bike and touring bike: differences and similarities
    • advice to the test report for the touring bike
    • conclusion to the touring bike test
    • when a touring bike for road use is approved?

Advice to the test report for the touring bike

To better evaluate the trekking bikes featured in the test, we will explain the individual aspects that should play a role in the purchase of a model. Using this knowledge, you can find the touring bike best for your needs. the trekking bikes in the test have aluminium frame.

  • Framework: The trekking bikes in the test have a frame made of aluminium. There are also trekking bikes made of steel. Aluminum is lighter, but also less resilient when compared. The appropriate frame size results from the body height of the rider. Most models in the trekking bicycle test are different heights available.
  • Weight: a wheel is easier, the less effort is required when driving or pushing. Light trekking bikes but have the disadvantage that fewer or less heavy luggage can be transported on them.
  • Tyre size: the size of the tyre is given usually in inches. Trekking wheels of standard corresponds to a tyre size of 28 inches. 71.12 cm are translated in cm.
  • Braking system: In the test each trekking bike has a rim brake. This system is most commonly found on bicycles. It achieves a high braking force.
  • Circuit: every touring bike in the test has a derailleur system. This is suitable especially for use in mountainous terrain. Thus, you can use the wheels for slightly more demanding tours. The number of gears in the test varies only slightly.
  • Road transport health: not all trekking bikes in the test are admitted for driving on the road. This can be, for example, does not exist because the touring bike has no reflectors on the pedals and thus the bicycle lighting is not complete. With these wheels city can not be driven so such as in. In a separate chapter, we explain when a touring bike is suitable for road use.

Conclusion to the touring bike test

test reports on trekking bikes would be complete without the appointment of a comparison winner. We hereinafter introduce these. Furthermore, we take a look at the award winners, the model with the highly recommended value for money. To conclude, we enter on the other wheels from the touring bike test.

Comparison winner in a trekking bike test

As the best touring bike (Note 1.4), the model has proven Pegasus Solero SL. At the touring bike comparison winner is a women’s bicycle. This wheel has a high-quality finish. In addition, the impressive number of 24-speed is available. A suspension system provides comfort. The winner of the trekking bike comparison belongs to the wheels in the test, which are approved for road traffic. The model has the prescribed brake etc. so the necessary lighting, An air pump is included. With a weight of 17 kg is the Pegasus Solero SL however among the heaviest models in the touring bike test.

Award winner in the touring bike test

The best trekking bikes of the tests have also a winner in the category of value for money. The Ortler Lindau (rated 2.0) is a men’s bicycle. It is available also in a version for women. The award winner is a little lighter than the Pegasus Solero SL with 16.5 kg. Also, the Ortler Lindau has an air pump. However, there was in contrast to the model as the best trekking bike crowned, not the admission to the road transport. A suspension is not available. In addition, the number of gears in the Ortler Lindau is somewhat less than in the comparison winner.

Recommended alternatives

not every wheel for driving in traffic is approved in the trekking bicycle test. Touring bike reviews not only on a winner should be focused, we introduce other, interesting models. This includes the Kettler ladies of traveller 4 tour (Note 1.5). As the name suggests, this model is a bike. As the winner of the comparison, it has a street-legal and boasts a high-quality finish. The model also has a suspension by Kettler. The number of gears is the same as when the winner of the comparison. Thanks to its weight of 16.7 kg, the Kettler is lighter than the Pegasus Solero SL Women’s traveller 4 tour to a few hundred grams. An air pump is not included. This touring bike from the test is available only in a single frame height.

When a touring bike for road use is approved?

Who settles for a trekking bike, should know whether he can drive in traffic. Therefore you will find tips on the technique here. In the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO) is set, what technical equipment needed a bike to be suitable for road use. So, for example, § 67 StVZO regulates lighting facilities, so the lighting on bicycles. Following components are mandatory for bikes:

  • a Bell (helltönend)
  • two braking (independent)
  • a Dynamo or battery light
  • a front light (white)
  • a reflector front (white)
  • a lamp (red)
  • a reflector (red)
  • A large reflector (red)
  • a reflector on the pedals (yellow)
  • two yellow spoke reflector (respectively for front and rear wheel) or:
  • white reflector stripes (on tyres and spokes of the front and rear wheel)

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