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▷ tricycle test 2017: the best tricycles in the test

Tricycle test 2017: comparison on

Sports and games for the little ones

the tricycles in the test promote the child-like coordination. A tricycle is, as the name suggests, a means of transport with three wheels. There are both models for adults as well as children. In our contribution to the children tricycle test you will learn all the essentials about what you should look for when buying a tricycle for children. A tricycle for children has two pedals on the front wheel. Thus can the child the tricycle both move forward and direct. There is not a chain. Riding tricycle promotes coordination and body control. At the same time, it is the precursor to riding a bike. Particularly noteworthy is that a tricycle combines two features: it serves as both a toy and sports equipment. The security aspect is of course very important for the tricycle for children. Therefore many models have a safety belt, so that the child can be strapped in. Also the push rod helps to make driving safer. Such a bar is on the rear of the vehicle. Parents the tricycle can slide over this rod if the child, for example, no longer wants to join. It gives them but also the opportunity to steer the tricycle. For steering through an adult there is a special device, a so-called steering lock extra on some models. It is set, the child on a tricycle can not draw, but only the one who operates the connecting rod. In the following, we explain Advisor to the tricycle-test, how do you recognise a good tricycle, and we tell you which characterised the winner of comparison. Furthermore, we inform you what age recommendations there is for tricycles.

The best tricycles from the test at a glance:

Tricycles are suitable for which age?

A tricycle is suitable for children from the age of ten months up to four years. The tricycles in the test are designed for different age groups within this time frame. To note is that a baby or toddler from ten months still not in a position, to connect the pedals. It will be so dependent on the parents, move on the tricycle. Therefore, the tricycle in this age serves as a toy and not yet as sports equipment. It is assumed that a child from one or two years is able to use a tricycle. Mostly, they are too big for a tricycle around at the age of four. Although the seat is usually adjustable in height, it puts a natural end to the growth of the child’s tricycle use. From the age of five or six years, for example, a child’s bicycle would be a feasible option. It is common to note the age recommendation that a vehicle for children not lump-sum can be set, at what age a child it is ready. That always depends on its individual development. Some children take longer to acquire motor skills, which are important for the operation of a tricycle. Table of contents:

  • sports and games for children
  • the best tricycles from the test at a glance:
    • tricycles are suitable for which age?
    • The buying advice to the tricycle-test
    • The conclusion to the test: which characterised the tricycle comparison winner?
    • Well-known manufacturer of kids tricycles
    • What should look for parents in a tricycle errant child?
    • Cleaning and care of tricycles
    • Other children’s vehicles
    • Tricycles for adults
    • From the history of the tricycle

The buying advice to the tricycle-test

each tricycle for toddlers in the test should be driven like a bike with helmet. There are several criteria which attention should be given with the purchase of a tricycle. In the following we explain the individual aspects more, so that you can get a picture of their importance for the tricycle-test.

  • Age recommendation: models for different age groups are represented in the tricycle test – ten months up to two years. Already on the basis of the colorful presentation can be seen that the tricycles for children from 10 months are rather intended as a toy. They also feature additional security elements, such as such as a safety bar. Tricycles in the test, which are suitable for young children, also have a safety harness. This also applies to models, which used at the earliest from 18 months received Valencia is. This security element is missing only the tricycles, which are designed for two. They are generally simple in execution. Here the idea of device to the sports dominated.
  • Tires: the tires in the tricycle test are either rubber or plastic. Both versions offer the same comfort and not differ also in terms of security. Models with rubber tires are tend to be slightly more expensive than those with plastic tyres. The former however offer the advantage that they are quieter when driving. On asphalt, tires made of plastic make very loud noises. The decision for a specific type of tyre is therefore dependent on you or your child are as geräuschempfindlich.
  • Seat: is height-adjustable in the tricycles in the test. This is important, because the handlebars at the tricycle mostly not can be adjusted. At the height of the child can be adjusted only on the seat. He plays an important role also for the comfort. It is crucial for the security, however, that the mechanism with which the seat is adjusted, not wobble or has other errors. It is best if this is tested prior to purchase.
  • Handlebar height: the driver should have a height, that allows a safe and enjoyable use of the child. Because he is usually not adjustable, the adjustment to the size of the child must be accomplished by adjusting the seat. The higher the bar, attached the more room is available for an individual setting. Depends, inter alia, how long the child may use the respective tricycle.
  • Pedals: pedals a tricycle should be slip resistant, so that the child loses not the stop while driving. There is this aspect of crucial importance for safety. If the feet more find no support, that the child balance loses crashes danger and.
  • Handles: it is comfortable for the child, if the handles are padded. A padding increases comfort. However, handles with a profile provide a higher grip.
  • Schiebestange: The slider or push-rod is one of the security elements. All models in the tricycle test have a push-bar. As long as the child has not yet learned to draw, the parents can apply to this by means of the connecting rod. Later, when the child has fully mastered the driving, a connecting rod is extremely useful. The small driver should be too tired to compete, are adults able to exonerate him, pushing the vehicle using the pushrod. Each tricycle with a connecting rod in the test also offers the possibility to take them off. As a result, the vehicle can be transported better such as in the car. Also independent driving is for the child without push-bar easier.
  • Safety belt: especially for younger children, the belt is an indispensable means to minimize the consequences of an accident. The child can therefore not falling out of the seat and hurt themselves in such a crash. Only the two models in the test, which are recommended from the age of two, have no seat belt. It hurts nothing but also in children at this age to use a seatbelt.
  • Loading area: it consists mostly of a shell and is attached behind the seat. In it, the child can store E.g. toys. For the drive itself or the security, it is not necessary and belongs rather to the game elements. All models in the tricycle test have a such loading area.
  • Accessories: accessories such as foot rests, safety bar and Sun have some tricycles in the test. The former are important when the tricycle is pushed by an adult with the push bar. The child can rely on in such a case the feet and risks not to violate. A safety bar reinforces the protection of a safety belt, by it will keep the child from being to fall off the seat. In turn the sun canopy is useful in strong sunlight. One, two or all of these additional components can be found at each tricycle for toddlers in the test, namely for the wheels with the age recommendation from 10 or 18 months.

The conclusion to the test: which characterised the tricycle comparison winner?

tricycles are presented in the tricycle test – but also scooters are great fun for children. Finally, we present the comparison winner, but also the award winner as well as the model, which has the best cut off under the tricycles for young children. The comparison winner in a tricycle test is the model of PUK with the touch 1.3 y Ceety 2400. It distinguishes itself, thanks to the rubber material by very quiet tyres. Safety belt and footrest make for safe driving. The processing is high quality and the tricycle so Puky Ceety 2400 accordingly long get remains very robust. A light steering helps the child learn the driving process. The push bar is removable and can be applied as needed. The winner of the comparison is suitable for children from 18 months. The price is 229 euro. If that seems too costly, the prize winner in question is perhaps more. The Kettler Funtrike Emma has made with the touch of 1.6 in the tricycle test is still a remarkable result and 54 euros. This tricycle manufacturer Kettler convinces as the comparison winner with a light steering. In addition, the building is straightforward. In addition, the model has a hand brake. A freewheel automatic is available as well as when the winner of the comparison. However, the child for the use of this model should be at least two years old. A safety harness is therefore absent. As tricycle-baby comparison winner: can the Smoby 434118 model – 4-in-1 tricycle are known. This model receives the note 1.4. It is advisable for infants from 10 months. Safety belt and footrest with safety bar it is ideally equipped to allow a safe fun. Numerous extras such as Horn, rearview mirror and shifter offer many activities for the child and tricycle driving are not then boring, too, if the wheel is pushed to leave. In addition the Smoby 434118 has – 4-in-1 tricycle on the function of a pedal idle. The seat is padded to make riding comfortable. Rubber tires make sure that there is no annoying noise. The price for the baby tricycle comparison winner is 84,54 euros.

Well-known manufacturer of kids tricycles

The market in the segment kids tricycles is currently dominated by only a few brands. We would like to introduce some of them in this chapter. Puky, Smoby and Kettler, among others are among the well-known manufacturers. The German company Puky produces mainly vehicles for children – besides the tricycle for example also wheels, bikes and scooters. Smoby is a French company that produces mainly toys. In addition to different tricycle models also Smoby offers such as scooters. Kettler stands for the production of bicycles and children’s articles, but also of fitness equipment. This German company sells alongside three-wheelers including scooters. All three manufacturers – Kettler, Smoby and Puky – are represented in the tricycle test.

What should look for parents in a tricycle errant child?

It is always safer to drive children, especially during the phase in which they only learn tricycle riding, under the supervision of an attendant. Is an adult nearby, which can quickly intervene in dangerous situations.

  • Setting of the seat: the seat of a tricycle should be adjusted so that the child’s feet touch the ground. It must be unable to support themselves with their feet on the ground. In this way it is possible to keep the tricycle in the balance, as long as it does not occur in the pedals the child.
  • Helmet: it is recommended to have the child wear a bicycle helmet. If the child still learns to ride a tricycle, but later it is endangered by possible crashes. Head injuries are also the most dangerous injury.
  • Attention at danger points: as the coordination in children at the age is not yet fully developed and them difficult to assess distances, should parents such as curbs attention let. Stairs are very dangerous which is why increased vigilance is recommended guardian as soon as the child on a tricycle in the vicinity of such leaves,.

It goes without saying that parents should also look in road traffic particularly well on the tricycle traveling child. Estimation of speed, the right steering and braking difficult children in the beginning often. At critical moments, it is therefore advisable that the attendant checked the tricycle by using the push bar.

Cleaning and care of tricycles

the children tricycle test is only a variant of the tricycle – bicycle rickshaws, for example, are intended for adult drivers. When children ride tricycles, they will remain probably not always in the ways. It is expected that the vehicle under these circumstances will often dirty. Therefore arises di e question of how these devices are best cleaned. Tricycle models, which will be presented in the tricycle test can be cleaned in General as well as bicycles. A sponge and a bucket of soapy water are usually sufficient. You can make normally loose tire on a tricycle back structure like bicycle tyres by means of an air pump. Plastic tires require a regular examination on damage such as cracks. The components of the tricycle should be always stuck and not wobble. This is true for the handlebars, pedals and grips as well as the seat.

Other children’s vehicles

Three wheelers such as those shown in the tricycle test represent not the only way to offer children fun. There is still a large number of other vehicles that are suitable for children. Is all together, that they help to convey the child competencies in the estimation of speed. In addition, learn this skills such as steering and braking. This knowledge is essential for the subsequent handling of vehicles for adults, such as bicycles and cars. In addition, all children vehicles mentioned in this review support the development of the leg muscles. The use of these vehicles is therefore quite considered sport.

  • Wheel: there’s such as the impeller. These are a small vehicle that outwardly similar to the bike. It has a front and a rear wheel, and a bar. But among the pedals missing him. A wheel must therefore move the child by pushing off with their feet or just by walking. This promoted the sense of balance and the ability to balance. Otherwise as tricycles offered usually only for children aged one year. A combination of impeller and tricycle is the Puky Wutsch. It has four wheels, so that children must not automatically keep the balance.
  • Roller: the kids Scooter is another vehicle on the border between toys and sports equipment. In this case, the child must produce the speed by means of the colliding off with their feet. Same skills as when the impeller – especially the sense of balance – are also trained at the roller. Kinderrroller are meant to be the tricycle or the wheel more for older children. The models for the youngest children are recommended for users from three years.
  • Pedal car: the pedal car simulates the car for adults, must be moved however, as the name suggests, with the feet by means of pedals. These are usually only offered for children aged three and over.
  • ‘S bike: the bike is a direct forerunner of the bicycle. This is recommended for children from the age of five or six. It makes higher demands on motor skills as the aforementioned children’s vehicles.

Generally it should be noted that tricycles because of their design are safer than a bike, which only has a front and a rear wheel. Due to its three wheels and of this existing triangular floor space they can not so easily tip over. In addition, tricycles as a substitute for a stroller be used if the it seated child is pushed.

Tricycles for adults

tricycle test reports for children not all tricycle models depict – so, for example, some wheelchair models for adults are three-Wheeler. The tricycle-test, we introduce kids tricycles. The tricycle is there but also for adult drivers. A well-known example of this is the bicycle taxi. In major cities, it represents an alternative to the car taxi. Pedicabs also exist in a three-wheeled version. In addition, some wheelchair models are three-Wheeler. These include among others racing wheelchairs. The latter are used in the sport. This wheelchair can reach high speeds. The same applies to the so-called hand bike. It is powered entirely by arm strength. Tricycles are also different motorcycles. The trike, a motorized, open vehicle is one of the tricycle versions for adults also. Such type was approved for the first time in 1980 in Germany. Since the 19 January 2013, riding a Trike motorcycle license is required in the European Union. The so-called bed tricycles, in which the rider moves continue lying down sensation. While many bed tricycles are open vehicles, the Velomobile often has a casing. In addition, certain vans have three wheels. They are called also tricycles. In countries such as Italy, Greece and India, they belong to the everyday street scene. A known Piaggio is Italian company which produces inter alia tricycles. The Threewheeler is a vehicle that was previously also used in motor sport. Some models of kickboards and scooters, which is now also available for adults are also equipped with three wheels. A Kickboard is a cross between a scooter and skateboard. It is directed in part by shifting body weight.

From the history of the tricycle

The small vessels in the tricycle-test look back on a long history. There are tricycles for more than two hundred years. First, in the form of motorized, they were intended as vehicles for adults. A motorized tricycle was under the name „ Fardier “ presented for the first time in 1769 by Nicholas Cugnot. It was powered by a steam engine. This invention should serve as a means of transport the artillery. In 1881, the first electric tricycle, was built the „ Trouvé tricycle “. His inventor Gustave Trouvé. It was designed by Edward Butler in 1884 „ petrol-cycle “. Only two years later, Carl Benz introduced another form of tricycle – the Benz patent motor car number 1. It was the first automobile built by Benz, which possessed an internal combustion engine. The tricycle was manufactured in series for the first time at the end of the 19th century. One of these vehicles was the de Dion-Bouton-motor tricycle. This model was produced in 1897. In the period around the turn of the century, the motor tricycle in motor sport was used.


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