Electric Bicycles / 2017 ▷ the E-bike-for men test: the best E-bikes in the test

2017 ▷ the E-bike-for men test: the best E-bikes in the test

E-bike for men in the test of 2017: comparison on bicycle-test-reviews.com

Convenient and efficient cycling

an E-bike for men in the test has a larger frame than an E-bike for ladies. The E-bike is a bicycle that has an electric motor. The driver is supported by a motor when receiving the necessary energy from a battery (actually battery pack or accumulator). This cycling less is exhausting and even long distances can be covered without greater physical stress. Due to this low power consumption is an electric bike for men from the test for the drive to the Office, because the E-bike owners arrives more rested than after the tour with a conventional wheel. An E-bike for men is different from the Edition for women by a larger frame size. In our report on the E-bike for men in the test, we will explain the criteria on which to look for when purchasing of such bikes. In addition, we select a comparison winner.

The best E-bikes for men from the test at a glance

Various types of bicycles in the test

For men are compared in the E-bike test mountain bikes and trekking bikes. How do these bicycle types differ? As are mountain bikes for use in mountainous terrain, they have a corresponding suspension and a solid frame, to absorb shocks. The tires are wide and equipped with a distinctive profile for good grip. Meanwhile, trekking bikes are designed for driving on roads and such as forest roads. Their frames are similar to those of racing bikes, but the tyres of a trekking bike is slightly wider. Usually it has a luggage carrier. Table of contents:

  • easily and quickly cycling
  • the best E-bikes for men from the test in the overview of
    • different types of bicycles in the test
    • two types of electric bikes
    • buying advice to the E-bike for men from the test
    • conclusion to the E-bike for men from the test

two types of electric bicycles

with every electric bicycle for men from the test engine performance plays an important role. The term „ E-bike “ is generally used as a term for all electric bikes. But in reality, he describes only one type of. There is still the Pedelec but also usually called E-bike. The name of Pedelecs stands for „ pedal electric cycle “. These two electric bicycles, it is usually only the Pedelec, which can be driven without a licence and without insurance. This is the case when a Pedelec has a motor, maximum 250 Watt is strong and provides support, when the driver reaches a speed of 25 km/h. Thus Pedelecs are not considered because according to section 1, paragraph 3 of the road traffic Act (HCP) motor vehicle. The Pedelec for men is represented in the test. A moped test certificate and an insurance license plate are required for an E-bike, however, which has a motor, up to 500 Watts is strong. Also, the driver must meet a minimum age requirement. After 15 years, he can drive a such E-bike. Also, E-bikes on trails that are closed for engine motorcycles are approved.

Purchase advice on the E-bike for men from the test

In the following we enter on the essential aspects, which should play a role in the selection of electric bikes for men from the test.

Types of bicycles in the test

As already mentioned, the electric bike and the trekking-E-bike for men in the test are represented. Mountain bikes are designed for driving in rough terrain, so they are stable and appropriately sprung. On the road they may be not driven but usually, because they lack mostly including the necessary lighting, as defined in section 67 of the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO). It is also for the models in the test. But later, a mountain bike can be equipped with lighting equipment. Normally, a touring bike has adequate lighting for the approval of road. Thus, the trekking bikes suitable for use in the city, as well as tours in the forest. Often this type of wheel is equipped also with a luggage carrier, why even longer bike rides are possible.

Frame height of E-bikes

As men on average are slightly larger than females, each E-bike for men from the test has a s.th. as larger frame height on as E-bikes for women. The values for the frame size in the test are between 48 and 55 cm. The recommended size of the bicycle frame depends on the body height of the rider. The recommended size of the user is specified in the table to each wheel.

Range of electric bicycles

The range of E-bikes is among others dependent on the performance of the battery, which must be recharged regularly again. In the test, the maximum range of the models has a wingspan of 90 to 160 km. Whether this mileage can be achieved with a single battery charge, however depends in addition to the battery also by other factors such as the climb impossible and the tire pressure.

Number of gears

The more gears has an E-bike for men from the test, the more accurate it can be set on the various increases in a range. The e-bikes in the test, all have a derailleur system. The number of courses varies greatly. Seven to 21 gears are possible.

Position of the motor

when a Pedelec for men from the test, the motor can sit back or in the middle. The engine of E-bikes can be attached in various places. Bicycles with mid-engine and rear are represented in the test. Primary engine is also called rear wheel hub motor. Thus, the bike has a good contact with the ground. When driving, the force is transferred to the rear axle of the bicycle. However, a rear-engine can overheat if long climbs to cope with. A mid-engined or bottom bearing motor ensures a balanced focus through his position in the middle of E-bikes. In General, he is but a little louder than a hub motor.

A question of weight

An E-bike is usually heavier than a regular bike because it has among other things have a motor and a battery pack. Each E-bike for men from the test is why more than 20 kg. Also in other respects, the weight in the choice of the correct Pedelecs plays a role. Some models can be used only by drivers whose body weight does not exceed a certain limit.

Conclusion with regard to the E-bike for men from the test

We finally present the comparison winner of all wheels in the test. It is the model shark bike Sduro FullNine RC (Note 1.3). This E-mountain bike boasts a high-quality circuit with 20 gears. Its full suspension offers comfort even on uneven surfaces. The comparison winner’s hydraulic brakes for a good braking effect. With a weight of 22 kg, it is the lightest model in the test. For the 160 km range is greatest. As in many mountain bikes, a lighting, which would be necessary for the road transport capability is lacking. In addition, the weight of the rider on 100 kg is limited. But in addition to the E-bike for men, which has become comparison winner, also the wheel with the best ratio of price and performance to be lit closer. The prophets Navigator 6.5 (Note 1.6) is the winner of the test. It has a quiet motor. A fork and a suspension Seatpost provide comfort. This trekking bike has the lighting, which lacks the comparison winner. The price for the prophets Navigator 6.5 is significantly lower than for the shark bike Sduro FullNine RC. However, the prize winner with a weight of 25 kg is slightly heavier than the shark bike Sduro FullNine RC. The chaining of the prophets has only eight course Navigator 6.5. The maximum range is not quite as large as that of the winner of comparison with 120 km.


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