Bike for beginners / Abus Bordo Big – Folding – Models at a glance – Very Good

Abus Bordo Big – Folding – Models at a glance – Very Good

Abus Bordo Big – Folding in different sizes

mounted Folding the bicycle frame - Abus Bordo

Today in focus: the Abus Bordo Big with 120 cm in length and weighing about 1400 g The foldable has already decorated several test items and so far always can make a very good impression.. Critics who complain about the folding lock of Abus, while no security flaws point to, rather they call trouble dealing with the castle.We look at the Abus folding lock Bordo comparison:

  • processing
  • Function and fastening
  • practicality
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Processing ABUS Folding

The feel of the castle is undoubtedly a very good. The processed material feels good in the hand and the weight can be a feel a sense of security. The metal bars are covered with rubber or plastic. This protection the castle, but also the bike from scratches is protected on one side. The material is correctly attached and allows in its movement only notwenidgen leeway.

Abus Bordo Big expanded

The processing makes a very good impression, despite the joint construction, which allows a comfortable folding. When level of safety all models are classified from an average risk of theft. The Granit X-Plus versions in contrast, have a very good protection to at high risk of theft.

Faltschlosshalterung and folding lock Abus Bordo

Weight and differences of ABUS Bordo Models

The weight of the lock may be at first glance high, it considered but the function, this assumption into perspective. The bicycle lock to prevent theft. The stronger the material is so, the more difficult it will be made available to the thief. With a length of 120 cm, the lock weighs a little more than a liter of milk. Who is on weight optimization of which should look for another castle. The Abus Bordo in different lengths, wherein the non BIG version is just 100 grams lighter than the ABUS Bordo Big from our test. The Lite version however, saves thereby a proud 750 g and weighs just 650 grams and has a length of 85 cm. True to personal requirements, you can select the right one for yourself model. The weight differences arising from the use of others and less materials.

Folding expanded next ruler

In everyday life, the 120 cm long version of the castle is of good use. It is long enough the bike to also connect to a fixed object or another bike. By folding technique lost the length over a cable lock minimal one. For models in the 85 cm range, it may under certain circumstances a little more difficult the bike will join somewhere. The bar diameter varies between 5 and 5.5 mm. The granite-X Plus models, the key for the lock has also integrated an LED lamp, with which one can find the keyhole quickly in the dark.

Bicycle connected to the bridle with Faltschloss

Various ABUS Bordo Folding Overview

model variant weight length price
ABUS Folding Lock Bordo 6000/120 Big key 1.400 g 120 cm 60 Euro
ABUS Folding Lock Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85 key 1.580 g 85 cm from 86 Euro
ABUS foldable lock Bordo Lite 6050/85 key 650 g 85 cm from 48 Euro
ABUS Folding Lock Bordo Combo 6100/90 (Black) numbers 1.250 g 90 cm 60 Euro
ABUS Folding Lock Bordo 6000/75 key 1.030 g 75 cm from 48 Euro
ABUS Folding Lock Bordo Combo 6100/75 numbers 1.000 g 75 cm from 59 Euro

Weight and length are manufacturer information, price is a daily rate on the date of publication of the article.

Abus Bordo Big and matchbox

Abus Bordo Big

Closing and opening from ABUS Bordo Big

It’s your choice, known to be spoiled. The Abus Bordo Faltschlössern can choose between two types, because it is also available as a combination lock with kassischer 4-digit number combination. The numbers on the scroll wheel should be coated with a special, protected against the wear layer.

Benefit from the combination lock Combo

The advantage of a combination of numbers is obvious. Multiple people can share one lock.By individually programmable number combination, these can be assigned and adjusted always new. Loosening or cancel the key can not happen and it also comes close to the bicycle when one has forgotten the covenant once. Whether combination lock or key lock is at the end, as so often, a matter of taste.

The classic design by bike Key

The other variant is the key lock. Here Are Two keys included. The pity is that the lock can be closed only if the bicycle Key is in lock. Pleasant would, if you could just pull out the key and run then engage the lock. For safety reasons, this is not possible, because the function could conclude the castle inadvertently when the key is already lost.

Bicycle keys Abus

A provided key card, a new bicycle key can be obtained from the Granit X-Plus models.

Transport and mounting from ABUS Folding Lock Bordo BIG

Included is a transport bag in which you can store the bicycle lock while driving. Simply throw as in the backpack or in the bag should not the folding lock. It should not be dispensed with the bag, because by the use of the lock can be this dirty and impurities of other items in a backpack or hand luggage would not be excluded. The holder is made of a rubber and will not scratch the paint or bicycle frame.

Velcro holder from Abus Bordo Big on the bicycle frame

The bracket is optionally also tightened cable tie with Velcro. The folding lock can now be flux stowed in the holder. To fasten the seat post or the vertical frame bar offer.

Note: Let in the assembly enough space to insert and remove the lock can.

Bracket Abus folding lock Bordo

Conclusion on Bordo models

All Bordo folding locks are consistently well made, yet there are differences in quality. The Plus models have thicker rods and offer even better protection against theft, here you get offered something for his money. Overall, the folding lock is a very good, space-saving, even if sometimes a bit heavy solution for the protection of the beloved Drahtesels. One does not necessarily drive a high-quality bicycle, so that the castle is worthwhile. In cities with a high bicycle theft rate is also appropriate for the middle class bicycle. Those looking for a good compromise between the Lite and granite-X models, we recommend the Abus Bordo Big 120. The castle has Fahrradschloss test performed very well with a score. With such lock your bike is well protected.

Our review of the castle:


weight  3.5/5
handling  4.5/5
price  4.5/5
attachment  3.5/5
Average: 4/5


Bordo ™ is a registered trademark.


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