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ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 Test

ABUS Bordo Combo 6100

Abus bordo combo 6100

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The Abus folding buckle Bordo Combo 6100 has a length of 75cm and is available in the colors black, white and red. This lock is recommended for the protection of good two-wheelers and has a protection against medium theft. The individual links are 5 mm thick and covered with a soft 2-component sheath, so your bike is protected against lacquer damage. You have the option of selecting your number code for the 2-component number roll individually. The number roller is protected against wear and tear, which ensures a permanent visibility of the numbers.

ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 in the test

The Bordo Combo 6100 folding lock from Abus comes entirely in a dark design. The folding arms are in a lighter gray and the locking system comes entirely in black. The big special feature of this bike lock is the opening by number combinations – at the least most significant bicycle locks such a process exists. This is, of course, particularly practical, but it also increases the theft risk of occasional dips. However, you need a while to crack a 4-digit code. The bicycle lock is available for € 60 and offers a medium theft protection.

advantages Disadvantages
Easy to transport no key
medium security level
with combination of numbers

ABUS Mobile Security –

ABUS Mobile Security –

ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 Test: Quality impressions and handling

The quality of the bicycle lock proved in our test as excellent, we found no problem spots or other defects.The omission of a lock cylinder is also the durability of the bicycle lock increases because a lock does not exist, can not begin to rust also. In the handling, it is quite simple and works with most high-quality Faltschössern compete. From the supplied bracket it is solved in seconds and a few further later also around the bike. In addition, the rods are coated with a rubber coating so that there can be no scratches on the varnish of the bike. With its length of 90cm is also the attachment to the most of all objects no problem – only very wide pillars were problem in our test.

ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 Test: break-proof

The bicycle lock of Abus can be classified with Level 9 of the possible 15 in the upper midfield in the field of security. This offers bicycle lock before most thieves a pretty good protection, which is contrary to put not too much with heavy tools and professional thieves has. However, already operates the massive execution very deterrent to potential thieves and amateur to a pro no lock has a chance anyway. Overall, the bicycle lock offers a good security for a folding lock of this price category.

Due to its high security against being broken this isFahrradschloss recommended by the ADFC!

ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 Test: Conclusion


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