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ABUS Catena 685 bicycle lock test

ABUS Catena 685

Abus catena 685

ABUS Accessories-Catena-68575-Shadow-Black-75-cm-43308-0ABUS Accessories-Catena-68575-Shadow-Black-75-cm-43308-0-0

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Here you can see the Abus bicycle lock, named Catena 685, with a length of 75 cm. You have the choice between the colors black, aqua, coral and brown. Abus promises you theft protection for wheels with a low theft risk. The individual square members of the chain lock have a thickness of 6 mm, are specially hardened and covered with a durable textile hose. The lock body itself is protected by a impact-resistant material against brutal attacks and consists of an Abus standard cylinder including a wrench. The Abus Catena 685 is classified with a security level of 6.

ABUS Catena 685 in the test

The Abus Catena 685 is a chain lock and can easily be connected to thinner bars. Because of its length of 75 cm, the Catena 685 is not suitable for connecting thicker objects like lanterns. The bicycle lock can be purchased for cheap about 20 euros and is available in black, aqua, coral or lyria-brown.

advantages Disadvantages
Simple, practical and flexible Only safety level 6
good price Short length (75 cm)
Easy transport

ABUS Catena 685 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The chain lock from Abus comes in a good quality, which is especially evident in the smooth running of the castle. The handling proves to be quite simple and practical, as long as the connection possibility is not too thick. For many consumers, the Catena 685 proves to be very flexible, since it also allows quick and easy setup and completion under time pressure. The ABUS automatic cylinder of the Catena 685 chain lock with easy-to-use reversible key also contributes to this. Furthermore, the transport is simplified by its length of 75 cm, in which one can wind the bicycle lock practically and space-saving around the seat post.

ABUS Catena 685 Test: Breaking safety

The quality of a bicycle lock is of course always justified by the aspect of safety. Here, ABUS offers at the Catena 685 chain lock a six millimeter thick and 75 centimeters long square chain consisting of specially hardened steel is made. To ensure that the chain does not scratch the frame when the bike is being placed, an additional PVC hose is located above the chain. The Abus Catena 685 is classified with a security level of 6, which makes it suitable only for to bicycles at low theft risk to join. Expensive bikes should be connected with a hoherwertigem product. Because, the more expensive is the two-wheeler, the more money should be applied for its protection.

ABUS Catena 685 Test: Conclusion


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