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ABUS Citychain 1010 bicycle lock test

ABUS Citychain 1010

Abus citychain 1010


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Here you see the Abus bicycle lock Citychain 1010 in the length of 140 cm. The 9 mm hexagonal chain is covered with a textile hose for the protection of your bike lacquer. The housing of the locking cylinder, the chain and supporting parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel. The integrated Abus Plus cylinder has a high degree of protection against manipulation and offers very good protection with a high risk of theft. Abus recommends this lock for the protection of high-quality two-wheelers, since it has a safety level of 12. With this Abus Citychain 1010 lock you have the possibility to choose between different lengths.

ABUS Citychain 1010 in the test

The ABUS bicycle lock CityChain 1010 is a chain lock and can with a length of 140 cm in addition to thinner masts also thicker objects, are as connected as lanterns. The ABUS chain lock can be purchased at Amazon from approx. 57 Euro and comes in the color black. The manufacturer makes it possible to choose between the lengths of 110 cm and 140 cm for the chain lock. Thus, with the longer version also connected for scooters and motorcycles are.

advantages Disadvantages
Quite high safety level of 12 Very heavy chain lock
high quality Difficulties with opening and closing
Even professional thieves scare back

ABUS Citychain 1010 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The ABUS City Chain 1010 is characterized by a robust Quality of. Despite the severity of the chain lock, the security of the chain lock can be counted with a medium risk of theft. At first, the opening of the castle seemed to be difficult and difficult to handle, but this had been relativized after less time. The scope of delivery includes two keys, one of which is an LED light-emitting key, so that it can be easily closed and closed in the dark. In addition, the 9 mm thick hexagonal chain with textile hose ensures adequate paint protection.

ABUS Citychain 1010 Test: break-proof

The Abus City Chain 1010 has a relatively high level of security of 12 . Large parts of the ABUS bicycle lock like the chain, the housing and parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel. Our large bolt cutters could bike lock harm. In addition, the integrated Abus carries Plus cylinder help that manipulations are virtually excluded and therefore offers a high level of protection at high risk of theft. Consequently, the Abus City Chain 1010 suitable quality Bikes hedge.

ABUS Citychain 1010 Test: Conclusion


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