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ABUS Granit Plus 470 bicycle lock tested

ABUS Granite Plus 470

Abus granite plus 470

ABUS bicycle lock-470300-granite-plus-KF-holder-black-11194-0

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Here you see the Abus bicycle lock Granit Plus 470 in the color black. The manufacturer hereby insures a good protection in case of high theft risk and recommends it to the protection of high-quality two-wheelers. The lock is classified with an Abus Safety Level of 12. The ironing height is 300 mm, the ironing width is 109 mm and the ironing diameter is 12 mm. In addition to the GranitPlus 470, you will also receive two keys, one of which is an LED light key.

ABUS Granit Plus 470 in the test

The Abus GRANIT Plus 470 bicycle lock in a U-lock and can very well utilize the frame of the bicycle to connect with thinner rods.Since this lock is not one of the broader of its kind, it can become problematic with too thick connection possibilities. It can be purchased for 55 € and comes in the color black, with a silver area at the center of the cross bar.

advantages Disadvantages
Break-proof “good” Partly difficult to connect
high quality
Good protection against corrosion

ABUS Granit Plus 470 Test: Quality impressions and handling

The bicycle lock of Abus is characterized by a solid quality of what is particularly evident in the smooth running of the castle. In handling, it is quite easy, as long as the connection possibility is not too thick. Easy of the holder contained delivery slimming, open and put back in the appropriate place together. It is particularly advantageous here that one of the two keys supplied has a luminous function and thus no longer has to be searched for the keyhole even in the dark. In addition, this is protected by an automatic protection against dirt.

ABUS Granit Plus 470 Test: Breaking Safety

The bike lock has a relatively high level of safety of 12 and cuts in Stiftung Warentest with a rating of 2.1 from. Unfortunately, it is not certified ADFC , but this is not necessarily hot for the bike lock that it is bad. In VSF test could neither saw, hit, bend, pinch nor cut break the bike lock – on the contrary, it was still functional. After that should It can meet all the requirements of most insurance companies for bicycles under 2500 €.

ABUS Granit Plus 470 Test: That says Stiftung Warentest

In the test of Stiftung Warentest, the average security against being broken with a score of “good” and the handling of the “satisfactory” from – the latter is, however, mainly because it is a U-lock. Furthermore, when it cut key stability and protecting very well against corrosion , from the protection of the cylinder from contamination reached the score well. In addition, the test showed that it one of the lightest padlock is.

ABUS Granit Plus 470 Test: Conclusion


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