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ABUS Ivy Chain 9100 bicycle lock on test

ABUS Ivy Chain 9100

Abus ivy chain 9100

ABUS chain lock IVY-9100110-Black-110-cm-52544-0ABUS chain lock IVY-9100110-Black-110-cm-52544-0-1ABUS chain lock IVY-9100110-Black-110-cm-52544-0-2

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The Ivy 9100 bicycle lock comes in the colors black and red and has a security level 13. Abus guarantees good protection with high risk of theft and recommends using this lock to secure high-quality two-wheelers. It has a 10 mm thick square chain with a durable and flexible synthetic fiber insulation to protect against lacquer damage. The chain and the housing are made of specially hardened steel and are closed with a high-quality locking cylinder.

ABUS Ivy Chain 9100 review

The chain lock Ivy Chain 9100 of Abus is a bicycle lock for securing higher quality wheels. It comes in a black, with red, slant striped design. With a minimum length of 60cm it is enough for most attachments, but not for all – in this variant it is for 45 €. In our test we refer to the smallest variant, whereby there should be no technical differences to the other lengths. The following lengths are possible: 110cm, 140cm and 170cm – with these variants the right thing for everyone.

advantages Disadvantages
very sure pretty hard
High security level of 13 Problems with durability
different lengths

ABUS Ivy Chain 9100 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The Abus Bicycle lock secures the bike by its 10mm thick square chain and is encased in a flexible plastic fiber – this can not paint damage to the bicycle arise. In our tests, the bike lock had all the quality test criteria and could do with very good results. The unlocking, is by the enclosed Wendschlüssel easy and also the mechanism is easy. A disadvantage in the handling is in any case the enormous weight, in the smallest variant, whole 2400g – but this must unfortunately be so for such a low price to these safety conditions.

ABUS Ivy Chain 9100 Test: break-proof

With a fairly high level of security that I’ve come Chain 9100, according to the manufacturer it reaches the value 13 of the possible 15 In Stiftung Warentest it achieved a 2.8, making it one of the good quality locks on the market. Unfortunately, however, this is not yet enough to get on the list of ADFC full insurance coverage – from 2500 € bicycle value is just such duty. In our tests and the evaluation of Stiftung Warentest’s results, however, we can say that some time and heavy equipment is needed to break this lock.

ABUS Ivy Chain 9100 Test: That says Stiftung Warentest

With the Note 2.6 may almost with well in point breaking safety are valued – so it is therefore quite even for expensive wheels.In terms of handling, it is unfortunately only a sufficient, which is mainly due to the high weight. Pollutants could hardly be found, with 1.3 it reached here one of the best possible values. Unfortunately, the durability was only rated at 2.9, which we consider to be quite low for this price.

ABUS Ivy Chain 9100 Test: Conclusion


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