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ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 bicycle lock test

ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880

Abus steel o chain 880

ABUS Accessories-Steel-O-Chain-88085-Black-7-mm85-cm-43306-0ABUS Accessories-Steel-O-Chain-88085-Black-7-mm85-cm-43306-0-0

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Here you can see the Steel-O-Chain 880 from Abus. It is optionally available in black and red as well as in the sizes 85 cm and 110 cm and has a safety level of 7. It offers you a good protection with medium risk of theft and is recommended to secure a good bike. The chain of the Steel-O-Chain consists of a 7 mm thick square chain made of specially hardened steel. Furthermore, an Abus quality cylinder is fitted with a tapping protection and an automatic locking system for easy attachment and removal.

ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 test

With the ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 the bike can be connected almost anywhere thanks to a length of 110cm – wider poles or the like are not a problem in most cases. The chain lock is also quite low, only 30 € will cost a good piece. It can be purchased either in the color red or in the standard design in black. Within the scope of delivery are two keys, unfortunately none of them with lighting function.

advantages Disadvantages
medium security quite difficult
good quality
several colors

ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 Test: Quality impressions and handling

The bicycle lock makes a very solid and tidy processed first impression, by our tests, we can confirm this . A great advantage in handling is the beautifully mentioned length of 110cm, so there is hardly anything where the bicycle can not be attached. It is also particularly good that the individual chain links are surrounded by a textile hose – as a result, lacquer damage to the bicycle frame can not occur. The only downside we could find handling, was the high weight of the bicycle lock , it is definitely one of the heavier locks. The closing mechanism closes very easily and is protected by a plastic cap from the effects of the weather.

ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 Test: break-proof

According to the data of Abus comes the bicycle lock with a medium theft risk, more precisely a safety level of 8. This is quite quite and even with a bit more expensive bikes recommended. However, this is Abus Bike Lock course not unbreakable and very expensive bicycles, a bicycle lock should rather be taken with a higher security level (eg a padlock ). It is always the question how much one is willing to invest in the safety of the bike. The 7mm thick chain protects against most of the hand tools, but it can be opened quickly with electronic tools.

ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 Test: Conclusion



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