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ABUS Ugrip Plus 501 bicycle lock on test

ABUS Ugrip Plus 501

Abus ugrip 0

ABUS Accessories Ugrip-Plus-501160-HB-230-USH-Black-58487-0ABUS Accessories Ugrip-Plus-501160-HB-230-USH-Black-58487-0-1ABUS Accessories Ugrip-Plus-501160-HB-230-USH-Black-58487-0-2

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Here you can see the Abus Ugrip Plus 501. It is available in black, white or yellow. Abus guarantees you a good protection in case of a high risk of theft and distinguishes this lock with the security level 13. In addition, the Ugrip Plus 501 has 13 mm thick square bars as well as a soft «Elastogrip» plastic sheathing. You will receive two keys including a code card for the security of your lock. The castle weighs almost 2 Kg.

ABUS Ugrip Plus 501 in the test

The padlock UGrip Plus 501 of Abus belongs guarantees the best in its category, because it is the test winner at Stiftung Warentest in the padlock. The bicycle lock measures a length of 30cm and comes in either black, white or money to its buyer’s home. Since it is the best of its kind, the price of the bicycle lock may be slightly higher, but it is not so expensive, for around the 70 € it is to acquire

advantages Disadvantages
Testieger Stiftung Warentest (iron locks) quite difficult
high theft protection quite short
Easy to close

ABUS Ugrip Plus 501 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

The quality of the bicycle lock is excellent and we found in our test no errors or material defects. The materials do not only have a long-lasting effect, but they are also real. The UGrip Plus 501 is very light and reliable. In a few seconds, the expensive bike is securely connected to it, only the circumference of the fastening objects has the disadvantage of a bracket lock. Otherwise, we found no further criticisms in terms of processing or handling — everything is and ran friction-free.

ABUS Ugrip Plus 501 Test: break-proof

When it comes to breakthrough security, the Abus UGrip Plus 501 is at the forefront. It comes with the security level 13 of the possible 15 , and thus it is the best of its kind. This bike lock hardly an amateur thief has a chance only right professionals with the right plants can wake this castle still crack. In addition, the sturdy exterior with its thick gumming quickly frustrates it from wanting to open it. Of course, in the castle all sorts of security techniques Abus are installed, but it mainly protects the 13mm thick square bracket . During our break-in attempt with the bolt cutters and the metal saw we could only damage the rubber coat.
This ABUS bicycle lock also quality bicycles can be well secured so who needs more security, the Solte on an additional chain lockset.

ABUS Ugrip Plus 501 test: that says Stiftung Warentest

The test winner at Stiftung Warentest among padlocks reached there of course very good value. Overall it comes to good marks, more precisely to the total score of 1.9. When security against being broken it reaches a score of 1.7 — almost a very good. Also in the handling it concludes with the possible top grade, there comes on 3.1 — reason: locks are unfelxibel. Otherwise, the handling is wonderful, as was shown in our test. In the range of durability and pollutants, both are very good with both 1.3 and 1.1.

ABUS Ugrip Plus 501 Test: Conclusion

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