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Bike for beginners / Aldi folding bicycle – The folding bike from discounters in focus and test

Aldi folding bicycle – The folding bike from discounters in focus and test

The Aldi folding bike with 20 inch in focus and test


Aldi Folding Test 20 inch aluminum

As well, a folding bike for 189 Euro to be? This question we want to get to the bottom. The discounter Aldi has repeatedly Bicycles & Bicycle Accessories in his offer. We have the aluminum folding bike brought in 20 inches, to test it. In our test, we go to the treatment of the individual components and the stability of the folding bicycle.

What is all this when buying / delivery

Purchased and delivered is the folding bike in a large box. The deal seems to be quite simple, you are Aldi € 189 and in return you get a pre-assembled aluminum folding bike. The indication that the bike is assembled, is important. A direct assembling and drive is not possible. Included is next to the folding bike a cultivation or Montieranleitung and a bag (cover) in order to transport the bike when folded properly and without any problems. Also present are battery LED lamps .

The bike itself is according to current requirements of the Road Traffic Act authorizations for the German road traffic. It therefore meets all the requirements necessary highway legislation. With this in mind, we already know that the folding bike with a functioning light system is delivered. Here Aldi puts on a battery lights with roadworthiness approval.

Battery Lights is, reflectors mounted

The lamps are included separately and can be fitted without tools on the bicycle. The front lamp holder is fixed with a clamp and a screw with turret. The rear light finds it’s place on the seat post. The brackets can remain permanently mounted on the bicycle, because the battery bicycle lamps can be removed by clicking function. Only the rear light, one should keep a closer eye.

Battery Led Headlights

In the tail lamp bracket but one should look that you can not retract into the seat post up to the maximum. Optionally, you have to remove the bracket here. In addition, the indication that the bike only has a street legal when both lighting units are mounted. A hub dynamo or External Dynamo we look for in vain.

Battery taillight mounted on seat post

All prescribed reflectors and reflectors are also located on the 20-inch folding bicycle. The pedals have yellow reflectors and the coats of tires have a light strip, or reflective strips.Anyone who wants can optionally spokes nor spoke reflectors equip. In addition to the prescribed minimum legal requirements, the small bike comes with a 7-speed derailleur around the corner.

The technical details at a glance by the manufacturer:

  • 7 speed derailleur by Shimano
  • Battery lights / LED lighting plug incl. Batteries according STVZO
  • 20-inch aluminum wheels with reflective tires
  • Aluminum folding frame with quick release
  • Folding pedals with reflectors
  • Frame with 33 cm frame height
  • V-Brake front and rear
  • Sprung aluminum seatpost
  • centrestand

The pedals are provided next to the frame and the handlebar stem with a folding mechanism.Therefore one must at the outer region on both sides of the press existing metal buttons (see picture).

Fast snap pedals

If you fold the Aldi folding bicycle together, you can also Tretpedalen fold, thus saving again important when stowing centimeters.

The frame and the folding mechanism

The frame next to the folding mechanism and the quick release a snap. However, this lock keeps the frame together by no means, this function is only used for stabilization and better fitting by the quick release.

Klappschanier Aldi folding bike 20 inch aluminum

If you want to unfold the bike, you have to solve this lock by lifting the quick release lever.Only now, the frame can be folded and the bicycle can be reduced. This locking is also available at the handle bar. If the screw once solved unexpectedly, the locking function is a second fuse.

Folding mechanism handlebar

The brakes on Aldi folding bike

The brakes are employed here on V-brakes, grab very well and the bike good, but with a screech to a halt. The brake handles are a little shorter than you would expect with a normal touring bike or hybrid bike.

V brake folding bicycle on Front

Ergonomic handles are nowhere, given the fact that you usually travels no long distances with a folding bike, this is ok. The seat post is long, just as it is part of a 20 inch bike for adults.Here it is important that you can not continue extracts the seatpost with suspension as the mark with the maximum extension length. If one does it but, breakage!

Transporting bags and goods

The porter just offers enough space to carry a jacket or smaller items. On Porter is still a Mini Pump SKS . Although we have in our Aldi folding bike test our MSX Pannier get attached to the rack, however, is not enough space between the bag and the bicycle pedals. In Step one encounters again and again against the bicycle bag.

Porter and Air Pump of SKS

Transport from the folding bicycle in the carrying bag and handling

The included carrying bag is just big enough to stow away to the Aldi folding bicycle. Closed is this with a zipper and supported at two well-made handles.

The whole bike can be folded in a few simple steps and make roadworthy. In our test we used from unpacking to starting out under a minute.

7 speed derailleur Shimano

The gearshift switches cleanly and smoothly through all the gears, a 7 speed derailleur by Shimano adorns the rear here. Front there is only one pinion, a derailleur, there is thus no.Even with a folding bike should the gearshift always adjust his.

Switching lifting gear shift the folding bike

The solid components that are not equipped with a folding or folding mechanism are, all without rattling and shaking mounted. The hinged joints must be found with the quick release the right stop. Once set, this may remain so and the screws do not pretend thanks to self-locking nuts. When mounting is essential to ensure that all bolts are tight. The quick release must close tightly and no folding mechanism may wobble or have more game.

For whom the Aldi folding bicycle is suitable – Our conclusion

At just 14.9 kg, the folding bike can be quite impressive. It is true, however, important to note the maximum weight. In the instruction manual is a maximum weight of 100 kg written.There, a sample calculation is performed, which looks like this: 100kg – 14.5 kg = 85.5 kg for the driver. This means nothing other than that the driver should bring no more than 85.5 kg of body weight.

Folding Folded 20 inches

Who it every day from the train ride to work will, should decide to take a little more money in the hand. In folding bike test we have already informed in detail about what to look for everything in the purchase. Anyone looking to get the Aldi folding bike just on vacation rolls which does not make much wrong with the purchase.

On the boat in the harbor or camping, no problem. Even if you take occasionally would thus hold a bike for visiting the folding bike can certainly establish. With the 7 courses you do not get directly problems even at a slight incline. The bike is a 10-year warranty on the frame and 3-year warranty on all other, except wear parts , sold.

Video from Aldi folding bike 20 inches – Fahrbereit in 50 seconds

Please note that the rating

What we must not forget in a test, the ratio of price to performance. Let us look at this ratio at Aldi folding bike, we arrive at a good result. The initial question: “What can you expect for 189 euros”, we can with a: “a decent folding bike for the price”. No more, no less. A comparison with a Pegasus, Tern or Brombton you can not draw, of course, these wheels run in an entirely different class.

The use the supplied air pump SKS should not bring used better, we are on the road not done so to get some air in the tires. At the end he was so flat that we had to push. The air not walked out purely however. Here SKS should again think about whether the label is placed there richtg.

Aldi folding bike test result

From this Aldi folding bike gets a score of 3.8 out of 5 points in the test. Point deduction is available for the simple saddle and the battery lamps. A permanently built lighting system gives more comfort and the bike is ready for immediate use. One or two additional rubber linings to protect the paint and material in the folded state would be desirable.

Unfortunately, there is Aldi folding bike is not always available at the moment so we have picked out a folding bicycle in a similar price range.

Other folding bicycles and folding bikes in a similar price range

Our rating: 3.8/5


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