Roof mounted bike carriers / Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier comparison and review

Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier comparison and review

Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier in test

Roof racks of AlpinSports enthusiasts who wanted to take the bike with the rest, failed earlier to the lack of transport facilities. After all, most cars were not designed for the carriage of bikes out.Even today’s vehicles, which have continued to evolve technically fast, are only a few cases for transportation of bikes. Therefore exist useful transport systems that can be mounted on the standard vehicles.

Some holders install a trailer, which is located at the rear of the vehicle. Other automobile owners use the roof to build a base support. There can either transport boxes or additional carriers are mounted, which often cost very little money . With a bicycle carrier, the base for transporting a wire donkey is prepared. Such devices aredifferent companies produced.

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Functional Overview

  • for the underlying transport of Fährrädern
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 2,8 kg
  • suitable for 1 bicycle

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  • Ultra-light weight
  • very low price
  • easy disassembly
  • Swift bicycle assembly
  • Installation of a person feasible


  • costly initial installation
  • no security locks
  • Pipes audible in the passenger compartment

From Austria the bike rack the coming brand Alpin who owned the cattle company is. The automotive specialist offers a wide range of which includes, lamps, lights and radios. The manufacturer also produces carriers on which sports equipment, boxes or bikes can be secured.

A recent winner of the manufacturer is responsible for the transportation of bicycles designed. The Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier intended as an aid, can be spent by the different bikes by car to the destination. We have the support in a detailed test checked.

All results, find out in this review, in which we, the disadvantages and the advantages of light that we discovered through our investigations. So we can reveal whether the purchase of the bicycle rack is worth, currently costs less than 30 euros .Bike on roof bars

Manual, packaging and commissioning

The Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier is offered in some specialty stores , which specialize in the sale of automotive accessories. In workshops, the carrier is also sold. However, consumers need to see neither a workshop nor a business, if they decide to purchase the support. Finally, the transport means of cattle is also offered on the Internet . Resourceful buyers can buy the design, for example via the shipping giant Amazon.

New owner of Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier must wait a few days , when they ordered the product. Our review unit we received a short time later, after we had clicked on the button to order.

The supplier gave a relatively robust package , which should adequately protect against bumps and shocks. In fact, our test unit had no damage on.In the box you will find not only the actual bicycle carrier which is pre-assembled, but also a guide that educates young people on how to proceed. There are start-up and the everyday use of the Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier explained well. First, some have assembly work performed. The necessary mounting hardware required are in the supply.

Using the manual and some technical skill , the individual components are quickly connected by means of screws and washers. Nevertheless passes about an hour , until the construction is assembled.

The most important data of the transport device

The support consists almost entirely of metal, which was provided with a silver coating. The material is well processed.

The protective coating provides not only for the attractive appearance of the wearer, but also for a certain protection against the weather conditions.

Rainwater should harm the transport aid hardly because they protected against corrosion is.Data and facts about bicycle racksFew parts of the massive construction made of plastic. There are two flaps that have been made of this material on the rail. They protect against injury, because the sharp edges covered are. On the bracket, which set the framework of the transportable Drahtesels is fixed, there are two screws that were provided with a simple plastic handle, so that attach the wheel or be removed. Otherwise, only find two locking loops on the construction which provide additional fixation on the guide rail.

On locking locks that lock the bicycle and the carrier, the users of the Alpine model, however, must do without . Other carriers, which we also tested, have such backups that minimize risk of theft . Thus we tested is Atera 082220 Giro AF bike rack equipped with quick locks that protect the bike and the construction, when the user locks the devices.

In this security customers have to do without that purchase the Alpine 10731 Roof bicycle carrier.However, the carrier may well with a additional lock be fitted, which complicates a theft. So we secured our carrier and thereon bikes during numerous tests by which we ourselves of the advantages and the disadvantages could convince. All results we disclose to you in the next section.

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The support in the practical test

During our tests , in which we tested the transport system of cattle, we found that the carrier is acoustically noticeable Bicycle tires from the frontdoes. Once the vehicle on which the Alpine 10731 Roof bicycle carrier is achieved a higher pace, is a whistle heard, that can be perceived in the interior. The evolving soundscape but does not interfere too much. The driving characteristics are hardly affected,when the carrier is used to transport a bicycle.

The required before the rides fixing the bike is carried out quickly .With the exciting coil can be the frame very securely fastened. But the locking clasp holds dangers. If used improperly, the danger is that the frame of the wheel scratched. However, if you carefully regulate the fixing, sets the wire donkey from any dangers.

In addition to the closure of the frame can be found on the running rail even more mounting options , which can be fixed well.

At the destination, the wire can be ass quickly lift the carrier. The previously used fixations are quickly removed. A dismantling of the system , however, requires some patience. With experience, this work is, however, always faster, because the necessary handles are internalized.

Minimalist transport aid for bikes

With the discounted Alpin 10731 Roof bicycle carrier consumer can make a small bargain buy. For this they get a functional carrier, can be covered with the even greater distances. The model scores with a good processing. However, some time passes until the first mounting is carried out.

The daily use discloses a noise generated at high speed. For this, the handling characteristics are affected only marginally, while a speed of 130 kilometers per hour is not exceeded is.

The transportable bicycles are relatively easy to fix on the construction of Schenker. Here, the danger is that the frame of the wheel damaged by scratches is. When handled this risk can be significantly reduced, however. A disadvantage is quickly noticeable. The carrier has no locks, which provide for greater protection.

Who wants to make provisions against theft, requires additional security systems. The small deficiency becomes only noticeable when the carrier is used almost every day to travel long distances. Otherwise, the acquisition of Alpine 10731 Roof bicycle carrier can be worth quite because of the occasional transportation of a bicycle is facilitated.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

6th place

Summary: For occasional use of inexpensive alpine roof carrier is thoroughly recommended.


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