Roof mounted bike carriers / Atera 082220 Giro AF bike rack in test

Atera 082220 Giro AF bike rack in test

Atera 082220 Giro AF bike rack in test

Atera Bike CarriersAlthough offer yourself today compact cars plenty of storage space, but can be in such automobiles neither skis nor bicycles transport. Such cargo can be moved with only a few vehicles. When the roof of the automobile, however, with a base plate and additional accessories is provided, bicycles, skis and other sports equipment can be very safely transported to their destination.

Many manufacturers offer in addition to the base units, which are the basis of the transport device, further accessories. So consumers may include Transport boxestrack where luggage or even tool can be moved. The manufacturer, mostly from Europe, also offer bike carrier through which a transporting device for the bike is produced.

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Functional Overview

  • for upright transport of bicycles
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 2.9 kg
  • suitable for 1 bicycle

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  • simple and fast assembly
  • barely audible sound
  • safe to 130 km / h
  • Delivery includes all accessories
  • lightness
  • Double Burglar


  • unsuitable for very large / very small wheels

Bicycle carriers from different manufacturers produced. Besides well-known companies such as Thule orMenabo , which offer a wide range of carriers, are also smaller manufacturers, which also transport systems offer. A small business that sells for motor vehicles since 1978 Accessories is located in Regensburg. In the Bavarian city of Regensburg, the company Auto Parts Headquartered that their thence among other Atera Bike carrier sells.

At present can the consumer among others Atera 082220 Giro AF bicycle carrier track which is to offer a wide range of functions. We have this support in a detailed test checked. We were able advantages and disadvantages reveal, which we explain in this review. We tell it whether the purchase of the carrier pays, which is also sold over the Internet.

Delivery, packaging and commissioning

The Atera products of auto parts Regensburg are commercially available items . In some regional workshops and in smaller specialty stores the manufacturer’s support offered.

The consumer, the transport aids in online stores buy. So the Atera sold 082,220 Giro AF bicycle carrier via the Internet. There is the construction which is assembled to a large extent, at low prices offered.

Roof rack for bicyclesAfter ordering at a known store passed a few days, to us a relatively lightweight package was passed, the 3.8 kgheavy. A portion of the weight is created by the robust packaging that protects the components of the bicycle rack from shocks and bumps. More weight is caused by additional packing material that the danger of transport damage reduced.

Inside you’ll find all the components that are required for the first to be carried out final assembly. The delivery includes, bolts and brackets , with which the individual elements of the carrier can be brought together. The handles required are carried out quickly. They are in the manual explains, which is also located in the packaging of 082 220 Atera Giro AF bicycle carrier. Thus, it only takes little time before the structure is being required at the base of the roof. We needed about 30 minutes , have the carrier could use.

Facts about the bike rack

The multilingual instructions explain with detailed text and large graphics not only the first assembly, but also the everyday use of the vehicle.

The exemplary instruction can convince. It is considerably more extensive than the instructions that come with most other carriers.

To coat the instructions of the also we tested Menabo 932,833 IRON bicycle carrier , which is only three pages long, much shorter than the instructions that belong to Atera carrier.Bicycle standing

The largely consists of aluminum , which was well finished. The silver material is very light, which facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the carrier. The transport aid may even by a single person are appropriate because all steps require little power.

Other components of the Atera 082220 Giro AF bicycle carrier with which the wheel is fixed, are made of plasticmanufactured, the lid is very sturdy. For this black material is not just the clip for the bike. The fastening elements, by which the support is connected to the base, can also be created from plastic. The black elements provide an optical contrast to the rest of the construction, which in noble silver is held.

The carrier has compact dimensions on. Nevertheless, look for bigger wheels in the running rail space, which is about a meter long. There you will find additional tension lever , are fixed by the front and rear.

After the wheel was lifted onto the rail, the frame is automatically backed up. However, this requires a little practice , because the locking clip is not always on the frame when the lock is activated.

After some time, but can be moved very quickly to rail, different wheels. Of this we could during various tests convince through which we the Atera 082220 Giro AF tested bicycle carrier thoroughly. Whether we could score the transport aid for these trips, we explain in the next section.


The transport aid in the practical test

If the Atera carrier is mounted on the base, it can be used comfortably. The bike, which is available on the system space is fixed very safe. The clamp that holds the circular frame is, however, only for adiameter of 20 to 80 millimeters suitable.

Unusual bike that a particularly thick frames have, therefore, with this carrier does not move to. If in doubt, consumers should ensure by measuring whether your bike fits on the transport system.

Basically, the carrier, so we could during our practical tests find bicycles of different sizesaccommodate. The wire donkeys 20-29 inches are large be fixed easily. Only small and very large bikes can not be transported.

For trips, the carrier developed a certain sound . Excessive speed is also an effect on the safety , because the resulting wind substantially stronger impact on the construction and the vehicle.

During our tests, the automobile was even with stocked carrier easily controlled if not faster than 130 kilometers per hour was run.

The Atera 082220 Giro AF bike carrier makes locks for added security. This allows not only the bike, but also the carrier lock. The theft of the transport system and the wheel located thereon is much more difficult.Benefits of online shopping

Carrier with many features

The Atera 082220 Giro AF bike carrier ensures the safe transport of bikes . Previously, the transport aid, which simplifies life, spent in a sturdy carton to the desired location when they ordered over the Internet is. There is little risk that the product is damaged by improper moving.

In the package of mostly pre-assembled bike carrier, there is an exemplary guide. The initial assembly of the support is carried out in a short time . After that, different wheels can be fixed. However, the automatic safety mechanism requires a little practice.

During the trips, the carrier does not make them very noticeable. Even at higher speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour is constant control of the vehicle . However, it creates a noise which, however, still remains in the ballpark.

For these reasons, we can recommend 082 220 Atera Giro AF bicycle carrier for transporting bikes. Thesolid construction facilitated with safety and comfort the lives of consumers who opt for this carrier.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

3rd place

Summary: The Atera carrier provides the ideal solution for mid-sized bikes.


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