Roof mounted bike carriers / Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 roof rack in the practical test

Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 roof rack in the practical test

Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 roof rack in test

Aurilis roof rails for the carThe French manufacturer Aurilis produced for several decades accessories for automobiles. The extensive range includes different products, which are sold under various brand names. The company manufactures, since 1989, transport systems, which can be attached to compatible vehicles. The Green Valley support of Aurilis which are attached either on the roof or at the rear of the vehicle, are also available in Germany.

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Functional Overview

  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 5 kg
  • for up to 75 kg load weight

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  • rapid initial assembly
  • Rods made of solid steel
  • with corrosion protection
  • combined with different attachments
  • very low price
  • Lock with keys included


  • little accessories
  • no anti-theft protection
  • comparatively high air resistance

Currently, the company’s products include various roof rack, which only cost a little money . With its Green Valley carriers of type 156 512, the manufacturer offers a roof rail, for which the consumer just over 40 euros to pay. Whether the transport aid, which serves as a basis for further constructions, despite the low price is well made, it in our report . We have checked the French model extensively. We discovered strength and weaknesses that we reveal in this review. In our conclusion we tell whether the purchase of the roof rack is worth.

Delivery, packaging and commissioning

The roof rack of Aurilis belonging to the product line Green Valley can be purchased at different locations.Some repair shops for motor vehicles are on the transport systems. The base support but are offered by specialist shops which have taken up the French products in their range.

Even on the Internet , the vehicles are sold. The well-known shipping giant Amazon has added some transport aids the manufacturer in its range. There we could also Aurilis Green Valley acquire 156,512 rail, we thoroughly tested in port.

It took a few days until the carrier arrived at the destination after the order was received at the mail order company. It is located at Close the roof rail Aurilis 156,512that time in a robust package that offers good protection against damage during transport. Any vibrations and shocks that threaten during the long supply routes are likely to cause the rail no harm as long as it is within the Pappumhüllung. There you will find not only the individual components of the carrier which is assembled to a large extent, but also a guide .

The short instructions that come with the package of Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 roof carrier, explain the structure of the railing , which consists of two crossbeams. This need for vehicle matching adapters that must be purchased. The guide explains, among other things, as connected adapter and support are. Using the fine instructions required after delivery Initial installation is carried out in a short time. We needed 20 minutes before we could weigh the railing with other bodies.

Functions of the rail

The Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 roof rack consists of four feet, with the specific attachments can be connected for the respective vehicle. The feet are made of sturdy plastic, fix the two bars that are located just above the roof of the car used.

The supporting rods are formed from solid steel , which is well finished. In preparing these metal elements are provided with a double coat of paint, the front protect corrosion should. The black paint of the support is not only protected against rust, but also gets its attractive appearance.

The feet also convince by a good workmanship . The roof structure of Aurilis that arises with the help of feet and bars, is quite stable. On this rail all attachments can be mounted. Thus, for as we checked, fix the known support of renowned manufacturers on the base construction.

Different bicycle and ski racks could be easily connected to the system of Aurilis.

Bicycle standingBut on the stable basis, other transport aids can be fixed. Thus, for roof baskets and boxes very easy to install on the roof of the car when the Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 rail is used. However, the necessary accessories must be purchased separately. The barren deliveryis explained by the low price, which contributes to the attractiveness of the carrier.

Thanks to the great extent but also triggered massive transport boxes on the design. On the 112-centimeter-long steel rods , larger boxes find enough space. The thick metal elements which are 2.2 centimeters high and 3.2 centimeters wide, also carry heavier cargo.

On the metal structure that can be mounted on many vehicles, can weigh up to 75 kilograms . So are also several bikes on the rail when it is equipped with the right accessories.

The product , however, lack important features . Other carriers, which we also tested, for example, have locks , through which the respective rail is protected from theft. So the tested by us is Mont Blanc Easy Go Ready Fit 20 rail equipped with a locking lock that the Aurilis Green Valley does not have 156 512 roof rack.

Instead, scores the transport system in practice . Of this we were able to convince during an extended useful life, which we explain in the next section.

The railing in the practical test

In the practical test, the carrier excited by the simple mounting options . By the respective vehicle matching mounting kit, which are also offered by the manufacturer, the rail can be easily connected to the own automobile, if the vehicle does not have its own rail. The result is a solid compound . The fixation contributes to safety .

In practice, the carrier made on different vehicles use. We used the compact construction, among other things on a small Polo from Volkswagen. The resulting from the volume space was well used. So let boxes and roof baskets attach that could be very secure fixing.

While detailed trips we have found that with the proper mounting only a low risk of accidents exists. The boxes and baskets used were so firmly attached to the base of Aurilis that there was no danger.

Bikes and skis could also be transported safely if the Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 railing was fitted with the appropriate attachments.Bicycle tires from the frontThe resulting air resistance but had an impact on the small car, which we used.

Too fast should not be driven when bikes on the Aurilis Green Valley are 156,512 roof rack. A speed of 120 kilometers per hour should not be exceeded when fully loaded. At such speeds, the product is, however, a good alternative to taking the bikes for the route to be traveled. Skis and other sports equipment could be transported well also without the support of the railing were too heavily loaded.

Roof rail for a small price

The Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 railing can convince in our test thoroughly. The steel carrier Impressed by the good workmanship .The compact model is so massive that it can support a large weight.With the right attachments, such as roof boxes or bicycle systems, created new space. This allows, for example, luggage or tool move when the Aurilis Green Valley is 156 512 extended with boxes that can also come from other manufacturers.

Even heavy bikes that weigh up to 75 kg, can be with the French roof carrier transport. Simple plumbing a premium or a reduction is carried out quickly.

However, we wanted a captive lock. In fact, the carrier could be stolen quickly . At high speeds, the design also affects the handling characteristics.

Especially when the Aurilis Green Valley 156 512 carrier is mounted on one of the many small cars that are compatible with the rail, the pace with a corresponding load must be reduced. Nevertheless, bicycles, skis and other sports equipment can move well over long distances. Therefore, the Green Valley 156 512 railing of Aurilis is a good alternative , mainly because of their low price is attractive.

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