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Axa Cherto Compact 95 bicycle lock tested

Axa Cherto Compact 95

Axacerto compact 95

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The Axa Cherto Compact 95 chain lock comes in the color black. It has a total length of 95 cm and a chain link diameter of 8 mm. In addition, the chain is made of hardened steel and thus withstands a cutting force of up to 73 kN. The locking system itself is treated with hardened and chromium-plated steel bolts. In addition to the Axa Cherto Compact 95, you will receive two keys.

Axa Basta Cherto Compact 95 in test

It is the winner among the chain locks at Stiftung Warentest , the Axa Cherto Compact 95. The bicycle lock comes in a length of 95cm, which is an ideal length for a chain lock. With this measure it comes already on weight of almost 2kg, still longer would mean also still heavy and 2kg reach all times. This makes it a bit heavier than many other locks, but also offers much more security. The bicycle lock is also quite cheap, it comes for about 35 € in the color black with white lettering.

advantages Disadvantages
Testieger Foundation Warentest (Kettenschlösser) Slightly heavy (2kg)
high theft protection
long durability

Axa Cherto Compact 95 Test: Quality Impression & Handling

Both the processing, as well as the material quality are exemplary, we found purely nothing to complain about. Even in the use of the bicycle lock it showed in our test, there were no problems. With the bicycle lock, the bicycle can also be attached to some thicker bars by the length. In addition, the locking cylinder is protected with a cap in front of the environment, so it can not rust and there are two wrenches. These facilitate the opening of the lock very much, because with these it is no matter how around the key is inserted.

Axa Cherto Compact 95 Test: Breaking safety

In the field of security against being broken the quality chain can score. The cutting strength of the chain links is up to 73 kN, which is quite high. A drill protection is also available. Furthermore, the chain links are made of hardened steel and can only be severed by professionals with a really heavy device. An amateur thief has no chance here, but a professional can do it already, but needs some time and as I said the right tool. We had neither the bolt cutter nor the metal saw a chance to cut the limbs.

Axa Cherto Compact 95 test: that says Stiftung Warentest

The Axa Cherto Compakt 95 course reached at Stiftung Warentest excellent values. In the overall rating, it comes in a sleek 2.0, this has to thank especially the scores of 1.3 each in the areas of durability and pollutants. However, the security against being broken almost could still very well with a cut, just reached the bicycle lock a 1.7 in terms of safety. In the handling it came only to a 3.2 — but this is rather less close to the closing mechanism or even the key, but probably mainly due to the heavy weight of just 2kg.

Axa Cherto Compact 95 Test: Conclusion

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