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AXA Defender RL Frame Lock

AXA Defender RL test – frame lock

AXA Defender RL Frame Lock

The bicycle lock AXA Defender is a frame lock with a very special story. The AXA frame lock goes daily over the counter and is often sold together with new bikes. Not infrequently, the Axa Defender frame lock attached even when e-bikes and other high-priced bicycles.

We look at the prominent bicycle lock closely. From delivery to the cultivation we tell you our experience with the bike lock with a difference. In our application, the normal lock without extension “RLC” (Einsteckkette), more on that later. 

Supplied by AXA Defender

Delivered, the frame lock including 2 keys. With this the fastening screws and to better secure the bicycle frame, cable tie or suspenders are called. More is not even required, the delivery is enough and it’s all there, what you need for installation. Really everything? Unfortunately, no.There are several ways to fix the frame lock, we have to choose the 2nd option and have it not the appropriate add-on material supplied. The design of our test bike conditionally, we can Fahrradschloss not tighten, but more on that later more.

Haptics, processing and impression of Axa Defender

The frame lock makes a very solid and stable impression, it weighs for its size quite a bit, this suggests that this high-grade material was installed. For thin sheet metal, the frame lock does not exist.

The components are all connected well and also make a valued and solid impression. It does not rattle, and there are no sharp edges on the bike lock. If you push the bolt up and down, so nothing wobbles here. The key fits very well into the lock. It is tight and has little to no play.The key can be turned very well and the striker is likely by itself upward.

Setting Schlos AXA Defender

The key can be drawn only from the lock when it is finished, open it remains firmly anchored.This technique assures one from that the key is stolen by the open lock. Incidentally, this is a technique which is used not only in AXA Defender.

Assembly and mounting of the AXA Defender

To attach the lock to the bicycle frame, we need a few tools. To tighten the screws, we needed a spanner / wrench with a 10-size it. The bicycle lock is fastened to the rear bicycle fork. For this one uses the holes provided in the frame, these holes do not exist, you can fix it with cable ties there.

Note:  There is also the option the holes themselves to drill into the frame and into crop in connection with a tap a thread. We advise clearly depend on itself to drill holes in the bicycle frame.

We opted for cable ties. Take black cable ties and lace the AXA Defender RL on the bicycle frame fixed. It is not important that the lock is correctly attached, the frame lock is closed, it can also free to hang out and offers protection. With cable ties you mounted it firmly enough.If the lock is mounted, the caps are now put on the bare metal sites and eyelets.

Cable ties are a compromise

The solution with the cable ties in our opinion is a compromise that should not go, if you have another option. Can not the frame lock really tighten all the frame with the cable ties, the castle you should be either mounted by a professional or another castle. Our test bike was the screw to hold the retrofitted guards in the way.

We could indeed fix the AXA Defender with the cable ties firmly to the bicycle frame, however, is above now a small gap. Optimally, this solution is not.Cable ties at AXA Defender

Make sure that your bike has the necessary mounting holes on the frame. If you have, you stretch the bike in your work stand a. On the next screen you will see an old AXA frame lock that the relevant holes uses the bicycle for fixing.

Screw for fixing the frame lock

The AXA Defender one must not attach the luggage carrier directly in height. If you use the version with the cable ties can any body be used on the wheel assembly, to which one can attach the Defender of AXA.

On the opposite side of the key, there is another opening at the castle. Here you can insert the RLC Einsteckkette and attach the bike to another object. The RLC Einsteckkette there doing in different lengths, 100 cm to 140 cm range it completely. In this combination, you have a frame lock with which you can also shut off the bike to another object or the frame to the other parts of the bicycle.

Einsteckkette DefenderHere you can see the hole for Einsteckkette.

Application of the frame lock Axa Defender and Conclusion

The frame lock is ideal for those who ride a bike to the bakery, just go to the store and park your bicycle in public places clearly visible. Who are often the bike at the station, should either make use of the extension or choose a sturdy folding lock or padlock. The advantage of the frame lock, you have to not tuck and does it always.

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From this gets AXA Defender RL a test result “good”. Vulnerability of the lock combination is the addition chain. While the frame lock is itself only with difficulty to crack, the chain can be opened quickly. However, since this chain is optional, this falls in the evaluation not significant. Other good bike locks you can find in the bike lock test . If one frame lock not be the right lock, we recommend the Kryptonite Evolution 4 .

Our rating: 4.1/5


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