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Bike for beginners / AXA Faltschloss 800 Tests — Satisfactory

AXA Faltschloss 800 Tests — Satisfactory

AXA Faltschloss 800 Test — 100 cm long and 8 mm thick

Axa Folding 800 Test - FLC

Whenever we talked about Folding, brands such as Abus or Trelock were mentioned in the same breath. Lately Also AXA may be called the topic Folding. Attracted we are on the new AXA Faltschloss series by the members Heft ADFC. On the back of the display has us smiled and invited to order one of the AXA Folding. Said and done! The AXA Faltschloss 800 was only two days later with us.


Delivery and feel from Axa Folding 800

Delivered were the folding lock itself, a bracket for mounting to the bicycle frame, including the necessary mounting hardware. Choosing one can thereby screwing the frame or the fixation by means of Velcro straps. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Included are two bicycle key and an installation manual.

Axa Folding on kitchen scales - Weight

The castle itself feels valuable and has a weight of approximately 1121 g, no lightweight. The other Faltschlössern rigid but movable members, are not rigid at AXA 800 and can not be only in two axes move special in three axes. Encased are the members with a neoprene cover. This to avoid scratches on the paint. The holder also makes a solid impression. Here plastic was mainly processed.

Holder Axa FLC 800

Specifications from AXA FLC 800

The castle is 100 cm (1 meter) long and weighs about 1.100 kg. With a diameter of 8 mm (0.8 cm) when it gets AXA internal Safety Index has a value of 9 of 15 possible points, so on the packaging. In comparison, the AXA Cherto Compact 95, one of the top locks from the currentbicycle lock test by Stiftung Warentest, has a safety index. 4

axa unfolded Faltschloss

The key can only deduct if you have closed the lock. This protects, as well as other models before, that it closes off accidentally and the key has not present. protected from contamination, is the lock cylinder with a dust and sand protection. This one has before to one side and can then insert the key into the lock.

Cylinder Dust

AXA Faltschloss 800 — On the bicycle

Coming a bottle holder mounted and no second pair of holes there, one has to fall back on the Velcro strips. No matter which type you opt during installation, both are possible within minutes. With a little technical skill it takes about 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to fix the bracket with the screws you need in an Allen key size 4 (4mm).

Axa Folding 800 Test - FLC

The folding lock is actually folded into the holder, this may be a bit more complicated at the first time, however, it has made the process 3-4 times, this is faster. It is important to ensure that one intercalates two of the members in the appropriate grooves or notches.

Conclusion and everyday use

The foldable AXA is about 15 cm longer than the Trelock FS 455 , this 15 cm make when connected to other objects noticeable. While a connection to a foreign object is almost impossible with the FS 455, the AXA FLC 800 can definitely close the bicycle on a road sign or a fence. We have the bike can be connected to a bank without any problems.

Bicycle connected with Axa Folding 800

As an intermediate length between the model and the Trelock Abus Bordo Big (120 cm) is the AXA Faltschloss with its 49 euro (purchase price for our test) quite affordable and can be used in everyday life. Another disadvantage is the neoprene cover, it rains heavily, then sucks this full with water.

Positive characteristics:

+ Length of 100 cm

+ Joints flexible not only in two axes, dadruch flexibility

+ No rattling while driving

Negative characteristics:

— Neoprene reference soaks in the rain with water. Transport in a handbag, for example by rain, only conditionally possible

From this AXA Faltschloss 800 receives an overall rating of 3.0 out of 5 points. To point deduction of neoprene jacket screamed through rain and somewhat difficult insertion into the holder. Here it takes a little practice and the knowledge that you should introduce two of the folding members in the pusher. The members should not be too much above the other to push it into the holder bachige. For this, the lock has been opened in a Test at with a simple bolt cutters.

AXA Faltschloss 800 View on Amazon

Our rating: 3/5

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