Bike for beginners / Bicycle computer test – Farradtacho – Very good!

Bicycle computer test – Farradtacho – Very good!

Bicycle Computer Test – Finding the right bike speedometer

Bicycle computer Sigma 1009 test bike speedometer

Measure the own performance, see a history and read about developments – all these capabilities has today a good bike computer on the cyclists who like to control themselves and thereby to their kilometers traveled by bike to quickly and easily analyze, draw.

What demands must meet such a device and what to look for when buying, find out now.Even if you only a few kilometers a day by bike to work goes, a tacho can be worthwhile.

Functions the bike speedometer

Not every bike computer is like any other. Functions functions, some models of various manufacturers differ only by a number or a letter, and can all something else. A bicycle computer test shows the most important information and gives an overview of individual models.

Various cycling computer from the test of Sigma

A bicycle speedometer is primarily there to measure the speed. This appears live on the screen and gives a continuous overview. The maximum speed, average speed, trip time, trip distance and distance traveled are standard displays a good cycling computer. The better the model, the more functions are contained.

  • A calorie display,
  • an altimeter,
  • measuring the crank revolutions
  • and vital signs (heart rate)

can also be determined. The latter is in this case through a plug, such as a waist belt or chest belt of a heart rate monitor , achieved with built-in sensor. Models should have a water resistance, so that the cycle computer mudbath must not be removed directly. Useful functions such as service interval display can be integrated. As with a car, the user is here driven by a certain number of kilometers of the Note for next inspection shown.Integrated memory chips hold data even when a battery or battery change . Because of reconfiguration in most models is not necessary.

Statistical data transfer to PC

Who subsequently wants to analyze its routes and its statistics professionally, has in some bicycle speedometers the ability to transfer them to the PC. With such a function can keep his trips and his training effect permanently in focus.

Bike computer with GPS reception

Gets the cycling computer’s route information on the GPS system, and altitude and all routes can be displayed on the display. Ascents and descents can be later analyzed and evaluated on the PC.

Equipment and results from the cycling computer test

model Technology / Function price Result provider
Sigma BC 14:12 ALTI Electric wire from 32 Euro very good Amazon
Sigma BC STS 12:12 radio from 22 Euro very good Amazon
Blackburn Atom SL 3.0 radio from 32 Euro very good Amazon
Ciclo Sport CM 4:21 Radio / PC 35 Euro very good Amazon
Sigma Rox 10.0 GPS Radio / GPS / PC from 120 euros very good Amazon
Polar Bike RCX3M Radio / GPS / PC / pulse from 135 Euro very good Amazon
Sigma 1009 Electric wire from 20 Euro very good (FM)

Battery life of bicycle speedometers

With the number of features and the scope of the indication on the display often reduces the battery life from the bicycle computer. While the battery of a bicycle speedometer keeps several weeks and months with standard functions, the battery at very comprehensively equipped bike computers can be empty after 10 to 15 hours. Also as with the bicycle lamps with battery should always keep an extensive bicycle tour. It is always advisable a spare battery in the drawer to have in stock, so you can replace them immediately if necessary.Small models are primarily powered by button batteries and flat cells.

screwed Barraterie in bicycle speedometer

Set cycling computer properly

Thus, the cycle computer also displays the correct values, you have to configure it. This requires the tire circumference. This measured, it is entered into the computer. On the number of revolutions of how many meters can now be calculated, are supplied.

Front tire with rule off

If one has no flexible tape at hand, the extent across the radius can be determined. The formula for this is: circumference = 2 x pi x radius. The whole thing is calculated in the unit centimeter (cm) and for “pi” you replace the value 3.14159. The radius, we determine from an outer side of the tire to the center of the hub. What values have to be entered, one reads in the corresponding operation display of the bicycle speedometer.

Example calculation: 2 x 3.14159 x 33 = 207.3449 cm circumference.

Bike Computer with cable or radio

Bicycle computer with a wireless connection are quickly mounted to the bicycle and require no costly laying a cable. A disadvantage often the wireless connection and data transfer even be enumerated. Interference of the environment can have a negative effect on the correct transfer of data. Who wants to put on a radio link, should choose high-quality bicycle computer, and who is traveling a lot in the field and outside urban influences, should in itself fewer problems with noise have. A radio tachometer requires two batteries, one for the sender and one for the receiver.

Bicycle speedometer sensor on the front wheel

A Wired data transmission is more stable and is displayed without delay directly on the display. The transmitter on the bicycle fork or front wheel does not require a battery and is supplied as a rule, from the power source of the bicycle computer. Is often the cable under tension, it can be over-stressed in the course of time. So can fatigue the material and break.In purchasing a bicycle speedometer cable is slightly cheaper.

Bike Computer with Heart Rate Monitor

Anyone wishing to use the above-mentioned function to monitor the heart rate, which has to decide on a model that offers an additional module. Usually this is a waist belt to which a sensor is mounted for the measurement. This belt strapped to while driving around the chest, the heart rate and the heart rate can be determined and recorded.

Fixing the bike computer

Bicycle speedometer bracket

The brackets for bike computers are usually with a stronger rubber (O-ring) mounted on the handlebars, for their installation, no tools are needed. Also, the pulse generator on the bicycle fork we attached by rubber bands. Alternatively, you can also use cable ties or straps for attachment. It is important that all brackets stuck on the bike, vibrations solve so no falling off of parts.

Mounting bracket and bike computer on the handlebars

Conclusion to bike computer

Those who want to have a reliable bike computers for its averages, a trip meter and monitoring its far is it Old, should not save in the wrong spot on the acquisition. Cheap wireless computer can be quickly susceptible. The processing of the material is crucial for a long service life. Priced should not choose the cheapest model you.

Soft factors such as the usability and appearance may well be involved in the buying process.When cycling computer test occurs mainly on the Battery Run Time, the price and the range of functions on. Priced should not cause abdominal pain one of the purchase, in terms of function, all models are usually enough. To save sleepless nights during the configuration, it is advisable to take a look at the manual.


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