Bike for beginners / Bicycle Garage – Protect the bike, so it goes

Bicycle Garage – Protect the bike, so it goes

Bicycle Garage – Protect the bike against the elements

Bicycle garage - covered bicycle

Bad weather, too little space in the garage or a shed full. The reasons for the purchase of a bicycle garage can be diverse. With a bicycle garage can protect the bicycle against the elements and thus to unnecessary rust.

Pros and cons of bicycle garage

The advantage is obvious. The bicycle is protected from the weather. Rain, snow and ice can not directly to the wheel and the material. Wet Grips and a wet saddle belong to the past. The chain and the switching units to be protected from moisture. In summer, the bicycle can be protected from unnecessary UV radiation. Thus, the fatigue is delayed with plastic components or components made of rubber. Only the bicycle garage is suffering from the direct sunlight.

Packaged Bicycle Plane

Of course, there are also small disadvantages, here you have to say, however, that the benefits greatly outweigh. Snow, sleet and ice can make to create the bicycle garage. Forms on the canvas a skein, the water can freeze here. By ice-edge damage to the bicycle trailer may arise. Before removing and stowing the mobile bike garage this should always be free of ice and snow.

Use a bicycle garage

The use of the bicycle trailer is very easy. And put unfolding of the bicycle. In addition still attach to the tires and protect it from blowing away. Even the protection of the bicycle can act. Of course, one should conclude the cycle even under the garage. A tarp can cause curious glances as can a good bike lock to be a good investment again. It makes sense that the bicycle garage has grommets on the tarp. Through the eyes can pull elastics for fixing.The tarpaulin is thus protected from blowing away. If no eyelets available, you can attach the tarpaulin with a rubber band.

Note: Due to the tilt the bike has a larger attack surface. It should be placed as far as possible in front of a wall or into the wind. The bicycle is more susceptible to wind and can be overturned.

Materials and construction of a bicycle garage

Besides the classic plan, there are also bicycle garages constructed like a tent. Using fiberglass poles are built up a tent structure that can be open on one side. The bike can be placed in the garage so laterally. Following close the zipper again and the bike is protected.Disadvantages of a bicycle tent, you need the space and permission to let it stand up.

In addition to the plan garages there are also bicycle garages wooden. And one can speak of a small bike shed. Depending on the size, go here purely to more bicycles.

acquisition cost

A bicycle garage you get from 10 euros. This is a waterproof fabric which is constructed in the basic form so that you can put them on a bicycle and the wheel so protects from all sides.Price intensive models can cost up to 40 euros. Here, the processing is usually high quality.

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