Bike for beginners / Bicycle Lift Test – Bicycle Pulley

Bicycle Lift Test – Bicycle Pulley

Bicycle Lift Test – This should be observed

Bicycle hanging at the Bicycle Lift Test on the hook

The bicycle lift to hang the bike easily to the ceiling and can easily screw on the wheel or stow it space saving over the winter in the garage. There are cyclists who use a bicycle lift in her apartment or WG, because there the space is limited and expensive bike is reluctant parked outside or in a shed. The bicycle lift the bike is brought in no time from the tires and lifted into the air.

All Bateile the bike ceiling lift

How does a bicycle lift

In a bicycle lift the bicycle is lifted by hoist into the air. So this is going, the bike with two hooks on two and one rope is attached. The hooks on the handlebars and optional / at the rear frame member, attached to the saddle or on the luggage rack. The cable system is attached via deflecting rollers on the ceiling and leads from there downwards again. If the bicycle is now hooked into the hook, you can pull the wheel with the rope. The rope is held via a braking device. (See picture) To retain the wheel in the air, as a hedge, the rope is still placed on a wall bracket. For Lowering dissolving the rope and are gradually a little rope free.The bicycle descends again and takes the safe route back to the ground.

Ceiling mount to wood joist ceiling

What to look for in a bike lift

As with many things, one should also pay attention to a bicycle lift sufficient good quality of the materials used. Only when quality and stable materials were used, one can expect a long life. Not infrequently bikes have a weight of more than 15 kilograms, it should be able to quarrels all Liftteile problem. The hooks should be made of metal and have a rubber coating. So you protect the paint and prevents unnecessary scratches. Ideally, these are yet to be adjusted in width, so you can add-on parts for the bicycle lamp, bicycle navigation account or a bike Radio and avoiding.

Bicycle Lift hook on the handlebar

The ceiling mount should also be of high quality material, ideally the plate with the lift is bolted metal. This is not mandatory, important when screwing is merely that the surface of the screw head is as large as possible. This area can be enlarged by means of shims, if desired. With the weight of hanging off the bicycle, the screw heads can no longer be readily pulled through the plastic or metal. Also premature material fatigue is prevented. As with all other accessories should pay attention to a GS or TÜV seal of approval.

Ensure a sufficient wire thickness

In the case of the ropes and the traction system and a reasonable thick rope must be used.Taking 15 or 20 kg of a too thin tightrope high, this can cause injuries to the hands and pain quickly. It has to be the way close attention must be to how many kilograms of bike ceiling hoist load. A heavy e-bike or pedelec you should hang on special ceiling lifts that can cope with the weight of often more than 30 kg.

Depends the bike first on the lift, can be worked easily in it. Unlike a bicycle repair stand , however, it is free to move. Depending on the performance of the work, the bike may swing start. Here, the shorter the distance to the ceiling, the more stable the bike is in the air.

When can a bike ceiling hoist be useful:

  • If one wants to have his bike for reasons of space from the bottom
  • If you often times screwed on the bicycle and has no room for a repair stand
  • If you want to have the bike for the winter from the tires

Installation of Ceiling Lift

Thus, the forces act as gently as possible on the material, you should attach the ceiling panels so that the cables run parallel. Should the lift not accompanied template, you can easily build a cardboard one. Then you just put both brackets on the box and paint on with a pen the boreholes. Following insert the bracket to the side and puncture the marked holes with a pen.

Keeping the template now under the ceiling or on a ceiling beam in the garage, one can trace the holes. Following you take a drill on hand to drill the holes. Normally all necessary plugs and screws are included. In our test we have the holes previously drilled in the wooden beams and could use a battery screw holes of the brackets. The total cultivation took about 10 minutes and hinzubekommen thanks to a good installation instructions with little technical skill.

In this test we have to us filmmakers bicycle lift closer look. Along Hertseller There is nenenswerte hoists from Kettler and Torrex.

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