Bicycle Lights and Reflectors / Bicycle lights Test – Choosing the right bike light

Bicycle lights Test – Choosing the right bike light

Bicycle lights Test – Finding the right bike light

Bicycle lamp bicycle lights Test - Trelock LS 450 Battery

When the summer is gradually tends to end and the days get shorter, then the season in which they again frequently is necessarily at dusk or even in total darkness by bike starts. To avoid having to make no compromises in their own security, you should be careful to equip his bike with proper bike lights.

That one with different bikes in different situations may well also use various bicycle lamps, is one or the other may have heard before. Whether urban or tours through the woods, the brightness of the bicycle lamp may vary. About a test for bicycle lights anyone can quickly and easily find for a custom fitting lamp.

Repealing Dynamo duty for the bike light

By lifting the Dynamo duty in 2013 cyclists have new and more flexible options in their choice of lighting. Earlier in the Road Traffic was strictly regulated that each bicycle had to be operated with light by a dynamo. A functioning bike lights belongs with mandatory on to a bike roadworthy to make.

Bottle dynamo of Axa

External Dynamo or hub dynamo for bicycle lights

If one operates his bicycle light with a dynamo or a small generator, you can choose between the classic Seitenläufer- and the hub dynamo.

The traditional Dynamo runs clamped to the tire and throws off a voltage of about 6 volts. It is operated via the direct contact to the cloak. In rainy weather or heavily soiled tires but the External Dynamo comes to its limits.

Opposite him is the hub dynamo, which sits inside the wheel hub and causes no mechanical friction. He can drop up to about 40 volts and should only be used with the right bicycle lamps. The name Dynamo solves the side runners successively as standard Dynamo from: not only by its higher efficiency, and is the hub dynamo significantly less maintenance.

Results from bicycle lights Test with FR approvals

image Bicycle lamp LUX With original maturity. test result price provider
Busch & Müller front light Lumotec IQ2 LUXOS B, 179B-04R B & MLumotec IQ2 Luxos 90/70 Dyn. very good € 69.90
€ 119.00
Busch & Müller LED taillight IXXI, 383 Busch & Müller IXXI RL to 5h very good € 14.10
€ 19.90
Sigma Sport Hiro Rear Light Lighting, 19100 Sigma Hiro RL to 60h very good € 14.99
€ 18.91
Busch & Müller bicycle light IXON Core plus IXXI 50 Lux silver anodized, 180L / 383 Busch & Müller IXON Core 50/12 to 4.5 hours Good € 54.90
€ 82.90
Trelock LS 950 Control Ion 70 FB ZL 800 battery front headlights, Black, 8002095 Trelock LS 950 ION 10-70 to 6h Good € 74.90
€ 109.99
Trelock bicycle Beleuchtungset LS 450/320 front headlight and taillight Trelock LS 320/450 15 to 30h Good € 26.40
€ 44.99
Bicycle Dynamo B & M LED light Lumotec Lyt N Plus B + M LED Lumotec Lyt Plus 15 N.Dyn. very good € 24.04
Trelock LS 750 I-Go, black with battery, LED headlights, 8003299 Trelock LS 750 ION 30 to 16h very good € 27.90
€ 41.99
Sigma lighting Lightster / Cuberider Ii Complete Set Nat., 18440 Sigma LightsterCuberider 2 20 to 20h very good € 25.00
€ 62.50
Büchel Batterieleuchtenset 40LUX LED Vancouver Li-ion battery USB charger STVZO Approved, Silver / Black, 51225460 Büchel Vancouver SET 40 to 20h very good € 32.95
€ 44.95
Trelock Led lighting LS 360 I Go Eco, 8004335 Trelock LS 360 I-GO®s 15 to 8h very good € 26.49
€ 32.99

Bicycle lamp with LED or light bulb

A longer life, brighter light and less power consumption – advantages that one appeals to the LED bicycle lamp for usual. As already mentioned, the hub dynamo provides more than 6 volts and is therefore not suitable for conventional bicycle lamp. Only when in the bicycle lamp, a small circuit is implemented, the surge can be downloaded transforms and a normal and conventional 3 Watt and 6 volt bulb are used. A bicycle lamp with LED needs this transformation also. The slightly smaller type of lamps, this is not a problem from the space of the bicycle lamps. Frequently they use the light function is directly implemented.

New Trend in bicycle headlamps, Daytime Running Lights. More and more often we see dynamo end bicycle headlights with daytime running lights FUnction. Here radiate small, a few LEDs just so bright that you can see the light.

LED bicycle light Busch & Müller Lumotec

Bicycle lamps with light function

Who does not want to do without a bicycle lighting even with a short stop at traffic lights or crossing a road, should opt for a light function. Here, a built-in bike light battery while driving is charged and can then release its stored energy during a stop on, so that the bicycle light continues to burn and the cyclist can be seen if this the Dynamo just does not drive. To keep the battery or capacitor need not be equipped with too large capacity, primarily LEDs are installed at the bicycle lamps with light function. They require much less power. This feature is available for both the front light and the rear light. In battery lamps, this problem is of course not only.

Bicycle lamps test - rear light with parking light function and reflectors

Reflectors in the headlights of bike lights

Also required by law are white and red reflectors, these can be integrated into the lamps and must not be mounted separately on the bicycle.

Bicycle lamp with battery

since the abolition of duty dynamo who will be without on his bike for sporting reasons or due to type on a Dynamo or wants, has the ability to draw on bike lights with battery operation. The advantages are close: Due to the complete lack of a dynamo can just be saved in sport weight.

The battery lamps are attached by mounting the bicycle and can easily be switched on and dismounted. The front light is usually attached to the handlebar, the rear light has its place, especially at the seat post. It is important that you always recharges the batteries before driving. Their maturity is crucial because in under four hours should refrain from buying.Here comes a benefit a bicycle lamps test . Especially with longer distances nobody would suddenly be left without lighting.

note charging time

In addition to the battery life and charging time is critical. Especially when the lamp as a permanently installed lithium ion battery has the you can not change, this should be quickly loaded. Since most battery bicycle lamps have a MINI-USB charging plug, can for example be conveniently charged with Smartphone Charger here.

Mounting and use of bicycle lights

The bicycle lighting has to be mounted on every ride on the bike. Also detachable lamps shall be applied, unless you are traveling on public roads. Only in racing bikes, there are exceptions. These are in the regulated §67 para. 11, 12 of the Road Traffic.

Maintenance of bicycle lamps and handling batteries

When using battery-powered lamps you should also make sure that this promise longest possible shelf life. To avoid a premature discharge of the batteries, it is advisable to remove them after each hand from the bicycle lamp. It may be quite sufficient to remove the contact closing the battery cover. Thus, the voltage does not remain a permanent nature and to protect the bicycle lamps in addition also against the danger of expiring batteries.

Bicycle lights Trelock for front and rear 450 ls and ls 320

If you opt for bicycle lamps with battery power, you should pay attention also to the fact that selecting models that can if necessary also run on regular batteries. So you do not depend on special batteries and may have recourse in case of failure on standard batteries from retailers or from the gas station. Replacement battery or batteries should always be carried for longer trips.

How much LUX should have a bicycle lamp?

The bicycle headlights must be fitted to legal requirements with a minimum of 10 Lux.This value it is at a distance of 10 Metetern reach before the air. This road is at the center of Lichkegels, perpendicular to the road / measured. For this purpose, both normal lamps, and LED bulbs are used. But if you really want to see something and the lamp not only uses to be seen, which should be based from 15-30 Lux.

E-Lux bicycle lamp - Bicycle Spotlight front

The indication in LUX indicates how much light to a specific area falls. Normally, this is only the middle Lichkegelbereich the air. This does not specify the scattering effect is how big around it. Who often travels at night or in dark forests, should choose a bicycle lamp with a lot of Lux, making sure that the reflector or the mirror shines the light on the way.

Conclusion for bicycle lights – What is also important in 2016

It does not matter what lamps are used, their own security is enhanced by the use of bicycle lamps, as you can see cyclists much faster and better lighting. As cyclists, however, one should also be able to see well the bike path. Too small power can be quickly “swallowed” by dark backgrounds, the cyclist sees obstacles may be too late, thus increasing his risk of accident. Those who would like to establish bicycle lamps with Battery Operation, which should pay attention to the duration of use. In general it is to pay attention that the mechanical components have an FR approvals.


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